• Diablo 4’s expansion, Vessel of Hatred, introduces the Spiritborn class, offering new skills and gameplay to explore in Nahantu.
  • Datamined leaks hint at Spiritborn skills like Bat Swarm and Viper Pit, showcasing a natural magic approach distinct from Witch Doctors.
  • Blizzard could be drawing inspiration from history with Azteccan Jaguar Warriors, suggesting a unique armor motif for the Spiritborn class.

Diablo 4‘s first paid expansion, Vessel of Hatred, is bringing a feast of new content to the game when it launches in October, none more anticipated than the Spiritborn class. With this being the Spiritborn’s first appearance as a class in the franchise, speculation on what new and exciting skills it will add to Diablo 4 has run rampant, but there is plenty of inference to help narrow it down.

Among a positively stacked Xbox Games Showcase, noted by many as one of the most hype-inducing conferences in recent memory, Blizzard still managed to make waves with its trailers for two flagship franchise expansions. While World of Warcraft’s The War Within leaned hard on nostalgia to curry a positive reception, Diablo 4‘s release date trailer for Vessel of Hatred was a spectacle in itself. Gorgeous, eye-popping fidelity and sound design set up the impressively grotesque, doomed relationship between Neyrelle and Mephisto’s Soulstone, as she flees across Nahantu to find a way to destroy the imprisoned demon.


Blizzard Entertainment reveals the Diablo 4 update 1.4.3 patch notes, focusing on balancing certain aspects of the game and introducing bug fixes.

Diablo 4’s Newest Class, Born of the Jungle

Vessel of Hatred will introduce Nahantu as a new playable zone in Diablo 4, home to the Spiritborn. Accompanying the player across this foreign and hostile terrain are recruitable mercenaries, a welcome returning feature, in addition to the new gear, abilities, PvE mode, and much more. While the Spiritborn class remains the marquee feature, the complete package is an expansive one, which gives some insight into how the Spiritborn will play.

The Spiritborn’s Skills May Have Been Leaked Via Datamine

Of course, the largest source of information on the Spiritborn’s skills comes from an internal database leak that inquisitive Diablo 4 fans dug up toward the end of 2023. Given the mercurial nature of game design and that the information was datamined over half a year ago, none of it is set in stone, but the predictive accuracy of the other features being added with Vessel of Hatred does lend credence. The leak outlines four schools of magic that the Spiritborn employs: Sky, Soil, Forest, and Plains. Some of the notable standout skills include:

  • Bat Swarm
  • Spore Pod
  • Dreadful Spiders
  • Vine Hook
  • Razor Wing
  • Viper Pit

At first glance, many of the leaked Spiritborn skills seem almost Witch Doctor-esque, which tracks canonically as both classes hail from the Torajan Jungles of Nahantu. The Witch Doctors, however, are of the Umbaru, while the Spiritborn appear from a different sect of the region. Expect the distinction between the two classes to come from the source of their power. While Witch Doctors employ powerful soul magic, more akin to necromancy, the description of the Spiritborn has them more attuned to natural magic, abilities almost druidic in application.

Blizzard Might Be Taking Notes From History

Diablo 4 Necromancer Class

The concept artwork for the Spiritborn also gives a vital clue into the class’s identity. With bestial armor, body inked in rosettes, wielding a rough-hewn glaive, many have likened the Spiritborn’s imagery to the legendary Azteccan Jaguar Warriors. It is hard to say how much inspiration Blizzard will extract from history for its newest class, but it would not be a surprise if much of Spiritborn’s armor motif seems plucked straight from Central America during the 14th century. With two pet classes in the game already, it is doubtful that the Spiritborn will rely on it as a primary mechanic, but a big cat or eagle companion would make a natural fit for Diablo 4.

It is a fantastic time to be a Diablo fan. Between Season 4 knocking it out of the park, Vessel of Hatred’s alluring preview, and the recent resurgence of the ARPG genre spurring Blizzard with strong competition, the series’ future is bright. Diablo 4 may have had a rocky start, but much like Diablo 3‘s massive turnaround, Blizzard has proven again, that it has a masterful knack for addressing player feedback and getting games back on track following missteps.


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