• A community manager could be teasing that Palworld may come to PS5.
  • A tweet from the Palworld community manager contained bule hearts, potentially a reference to PlayStation.
  • A major update is coming to Palworld on June 27, with new content and dedicated servers for Xbox players.

A community manager at Pocketpair, the publisher/developer behind the smash hit Palworld, seems to be hinting that the monster-catching game could be making its way to PlayStation 5. With a major update on the way and extra attention given to Xbox users, bringing Palworld to PlayStation could serve to increase the popularity of the smash indie success story even further.

Palworld‘s Early Access launch hit Steam and Xbox consoles in tandem on January 19, with the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S being the only consoles hosting the game. At that time, Microsoft leaned hard into its console exclusivity with Palworld, adding the open-world game as a day-one Game Pass release.


Palworld’s Sanity System Could Get Even More Immersive With One Pokemon Feature

Palworld’s sanity system can benefit from borrowing a particular feature that has become a staple in the mainline Pokemon games.

The rumor that Palworld may be headed to PlayStation 5 is being pushed forward by Bucky, the global community manager at Pocketpair. Posting a fun but cryptic message to Twitter on June 22, Bucky showed love for Palworld by typing the name of the game surrounded by green, black, and white hearts, the colors most commonly associated with the Xbox brand. Stating that the post needed another color, the post continues with the game’s title again surrounded by hearts, but with a fourth pair of hearts in blue, the signature color of PlayStation. While nothing official has been announced yet, Palworld is a major indie success story, and letting it reach a new batch of players seems to be on the mind of one of its more prominent figures.

The rumor being pushed forward by such a prominent member of its team comes at an opportune time. Buzz around the game is seeing a wave of resurgence ahead of a massive Palworld update confirmed for June 27, which will add a lot of content to the game. While Pocketpair had been hinting at big changes on the way for about a month ahead of the official announcement, Summer Game Fest featured a trailer for the game’s Sakurajima Update, which will add a new island, Pals, Pal subspecies, buildings, a faction, a stronghold, and a raid to Palworld‘s already impressive list of features.

One additional item of note is that the update will finally add dedicated servers for Xbox players, which had been a concern since launch, as the massive initial player count caused a lot of problems for players on Xbox that didn’t seem to affect PC versions of the game. The extra attention added for Xbox users didn’t stop there, though, as members of the Xbox Insider program have been allowed to play the Palworld update early, granting them access to a preview build about two weeks ahead of the planned launch.



Pocket Pair’s Palworld is a creature-collection game set in an open-world. Entering early access on January 19, 2024, the project blends survival, building, farming, monster breeding, and shooter elements.

January 19, 2024

Pocket Pair, Inc.

Pocket Pair, Inc.

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