Skyrim has several different types of Soul Gems that players need to enchant their equipment. But among them, there is one that stands out for ease of use, namely the Black Soul Gem. In addition to having one of the biggest max capacities, it will also be useful for you to cure vampirism. But for this, it must be filled. Therefore, next, we will tell you how to fill the Black Soul Gem in Skyrim.

Black Soul Gem is a special Gem because it can hold both white and black Souls. And finding a victim to get a black one is much easier than a white one. Nonetheless, let’s talk about everything in order.


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How to Fill a Black Soul Gem in Skyrim

Scroll of Soul Trap in Skyrim

Unlike other Soul Gems, the Black Soul Gem can hold the Souls of sentient humanoids, also called black Souls. This is indeed a useful ability, since any black Soul has a grand level. But to fill the Black Soul Gem in Skyrim, you must use a Soul Trap spell or weapon enchantment on the victim and then kill them.

All you need is to have at least one Black Soul Gem in your inventory. Luckily, you can find it in dozens of different places in Skyrim. Players also need something with the Soul Trap effect:

  • Soul Trap Spell – This Spell Tome can be purchased from various NPCs, such as Court Wizards, Falion, and Nelacar. Also, you can find it as random loot.
  • Scroll of Soul Trap – Found only in Tel Mithryn.
  • Soul Stealer Perk – Can be unlocked by reaching Conjuration 30 and Mystic Binding.
  • Unique Weapons – Some weapons can have a Soul Trap effect. (Staff of Soul Trapping, Bloodthorn, Mace of Molag Bal, Halldir’s Staff)
  • Soul Trap Enchantment – You can enchant a weapon with Soul Trap to make it easier to fill the Black Soul Gem in Skyrim.

When the preparations are complete, it’s time to find your target. This could be any bandit, farmer, merchant, etc. Use the Soul Trap spell on them and kill them before the Spell time expires. After this, you will see that their soul flows to you, which means that you have finally filled the Black Soul Gem in Skyrim. You no longer have to hunt powerful creatures, such as mammoths, for the sake of the grand level of souls.


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How to Use Filled Black Soul Gem in Skyrim

Enemy in Skyrim

Despite the ability to hold both types of Souls, Black Soul Gem is no different from other Soul Gems in use. You can still use it to enchant weapons and armor or recharge enchanted ones. Also, in addition to this, you will need one filled Black Soul Gem for the Rising at Dawn quest. If you don’t bring it to Falion in Morthal, you won’t be able to cure your vampirism.

That’s all you need to know about how to fill a Black Soul Gem in Skyrim. Although this process requires some preparation, you can get the hang of it quickly. Plus, this is the best way to get Grand Soul Gems in the game.

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November 11, 2011


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