The June 2024 update for Starfield has brought with it several new and useful changes. Along with the general fixes and improvements, Bethesda has introduced a variety of new gameplay features. There are two new types of side mission, and the long-awaited Creation Kit for Starfield on Steam. But one of the most exciting announcements may seem mundane, but it has long been requested: the ability to craft ammo in Starfield.


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How to Craft Ammo in Starfield

Complete Ammunition Projects at the Research Station


The first step to ammo crafting in Starfield, is researching the various Ammunition Projects available at the Research Lab. There is a lab found on the Frontier, in the basement of the Lodge, and in multiple buildings throughout the game. There are three tiers of Ammunition projects, and each tier unlocks a variety of ammo crafting at any Industrial Workbench. Completing one tier will unlock the next. The three levels of Ammunition Projects are:

Ammunition Project

Required Materials

Ammo Unlocked

Ammunition 1

  • Copper x7
  • Lead x7
  • Small Primer x5
  • .27 Caliber (14)
  • .45 Caliber ACP (12)
  • 12G Shotgun Shell (6)
  • 3KV LZR Cartridge (11)
  • 6.5MM CT (10)
  • 7.62x39MM (20)
  • 7.77MM Caseless (11)
  • 9x39MM (20)

Ammunition 2

  • Cooper x1-
  • Lead x10
  • Large Primer x8
  • Zero Wire x8
  • .43 MI Array (12)
  • .43 Ultramag (9)
  • 1.5KV LZR Cartridge (18)
  • 11MM Caseless (10)
  • 12.5MM ST Rivet (6)
  • Caseless Shotgun Shell (10)
  • Light Particle Fuse (16)

Ammunition 3

  • Charged Diodes x10
  • Magnetic Diodes x10
  • Isocentered Magnets x20
  • Positron Battery x20
  • .50 Caiber Caseless (12)
  • .50 MI Array (40)
  • 15×25 CLL Shotgun Shell (12)
  • 40MM XPL (1)
  • 6.5MM MI Array (12)
  • 7.5MM Whitehot (7)
  • Heavy Particle Fuse (16)

Craft Ammo at the Industrial Workbench

Once you have even a single Ammunition Project completed, you can visit any Industrial Workbench to craft ammo in Starfield. Each type of ammo requires several unique materials for crafting, most of which will be familiar to you by now. However, there are four new materials that are used both in the Research Projects, and in crafting the ammo itself:

  • Small Primers
  • Large Primers
  • Charged Diodes

Skill Points into the Science
Special Projects
skill will allow you to manufacture many of the required items at the Industrial Workbench. This includes items like Zero Wire, Positron Battery, and Isocentered Magnets. The more you invest in Special Projects, the more items will become available for crafting.

Where to Find Primers and Diodes in Starfield

Small Round Primers, Large Round Primers, Charged Diodes, and Magnetic Diodes can be found throughout Starfield‘s various systems, but the easiest way to pick them up fast is to simply purchase them. If you are looking to find them in bulk, you will have to make trips to several planets. Rarely will you find one merchant who carries all four types, but visiting a mix of weapon dealers and sellers of general goods will usually net you what you need.


For example, in New Atlantis, head to UC Distribution and the Trade Authority, as well as Centurion Arsenal. Neon is a great place to go as well, with Neon Tactical and Kore Kinetics very close to the Trade Authority and Newill’s Goods. They are not expensive, with each pack rarely costing over 100 credits. Look for the main cities in Starfield, as that is where you will find the most resources.

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