• Team 0% beats all Super Mario Maker levels before Wii U services shut down, showcasing dedication to the game.
  • Some levels excluded for TAS use, but Team 0% still perseveres with The Last Dance level cleared before deadline.
  • Super Mario Maker 2 levels now in Team 0%’s sights on Nintendo Switch, fans can keep up through official Discord server.

A dedicated group of Super Mario Maker players have beaten all the levels uploaded to the game before the Wii U’s services go offline. As Nintendo has been focused on the Nintendo Switch ever since its release in 2017, the Japanese gaming giant has also been phasing out the services of its previous consoles, the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. This closure would affect several games released on the console, including the first Super Mario Maker, a Wii U exclusive.

The first Super Mario Maker allowed players to create their own levels using assets and obstacles from a variety of classic and modern Super Mario Bros. games. Any levels created could be shared online for other people to play, making for almost an endless number of levels to clear. With the Wii U’s online services being shut down on April 8, this gave the fan group Team 0%, who were already dedicated to clearing every single Super Mario Maker level, a deadline. With less than a month before its shutdown, the team had managed to clear every single level made in the game.


Super Mario Maker 2 Gets New Update

Super Mario Maker 2 receives its first new update in over a year, which implements minor changes to improve the overall player experience.

This announcement was posted to Team 0%’s official Twitter account, with their website also being updated to show the statistics. The last Super Mario Maker level cleared by Team 0% was appropriately titled The Last Dance, beaten by the team’s @Yamada_SMM2. This level was beaten 24 days ahead of the Wii U’s services shutting down. The Twitter account thanked the many people who supported the team in their endeavor of beating every single Super Mario Maker level.

Excluded Super Mario Maker Levels

One of the levels uploaded to Mario Maker, Trimming the Hedges, was disqualified from the count, due to the level being uploaded through illegitimate means and using a Tool-Assisted Speedrun (TAS). There were apparently a number of other levels that were also excluded from the count due to being only beatable using a TAS and not through legitimate means. The uploader of this particular illegal Mario Maker level, Ahoyo, congratulated Team 0% on their years of effort, stating that it was well-earned. Team 0% similarly asked fans not to harass anyone over the illegally uploaded levels.

While Trimming the Hedges has been beaten via TAS, there are still some players who are attempting to beat the level legitimately. This also isn’t the end of Team 0%, as Super Mario Maker 2 on Nintendo Switch also has a number of older levels that have yet to be cleared. If fans want to keep up with Team 0%, there is an official Discord server that contains accurate numbers and information on the team’s efforts.

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September 11, 2015

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