• New Seasonal Artifact Perks make now the best time to use Solar and Stasis Subclasses in Destiny 2.
  • Arbalest, Divinity, and Eriana’s Vow are highly recommended weapons for countering Champions in endgame content.
  • The Piercing Sidearms Perk is a standout choice for stunning Barrier champions, and using Solar Radiant buffs and the Verglas Curve bow can be effective strategies as well.

Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish is well underway, and with it are a few new ways to stun Champions. There are still universally reliable methods that players can use for stunning Champions in Destiny 2, but a few of the new methods are arguably worth checking out.

Because of these new Seasonal Artifact Perks, now is arguably the best time to use Solar and Stasis Subclasses in Destiny 2. Otherwise, some of the new weaponry added throughout Season of the Wish also provides great options for countering Champion enemies throughout any endgame content.


Destiny 2 Exotics Bungie Should Overhaul in a Mid-Season Patch

As Bungie continues to show its dedication to reworking Destiny 2 exotics, there are still some that could use some love in a mid-Season 23 patch.

Champion Counters to Use in Season of the Wish


Even though this activity doesn’t have Champions, there’s a reason this weapon is so highly requested for LFG fireteams attempting Destiny 2’s Ghost of the Deep Dungeon. This weapon has an impressively high damage output on top of its ability to stun Barrier Champions, so overall, it’s a reliable weapon to have on hand for any activity.


The Divinity can be a difficult weapon to collect, but it’s arguably well worth the effort for players who regularly play endgame activities in Destiny 2. Not only does this weapon consistently stun Overload Champions, but it also provides a period of increased damage to any enemy that it strikes, which makes it a great support weapon for co-op activities.

Eriana’s Vow

This Exotic weapon is arguably one of the best anti-Champion Exotics in Destiny 2, regardless of the current meta and Seasonal Artifact Perks. Overall, this weapon is a great option for DPS in any endgame content so long as players can consistently land critical hits.

Seasonal Artifact Perks

As always, any of the current Perks from the current Seasonal Artifact are solid choices for players to give their favorite legendary and Exotic weapons the ability to stun Champions. However, the Piercing Sidearms Perk this season is a cut above the rest. This perk gives sidearms the unconditional ability to stun Barrier champions, as opposed to the Perks for other weapons that require a certain gimmick to prime their Champion-counter ammunition. Not to mention, using this Perk is the perfect excuse to use the new Rocket-Assisted Frame sidearm from the Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon.

Solar Radiant

Given how many ways there are to activate Solar Radiant buffs in Season of the Wish, using any weapon while Radiant is a solid way to stun Barrier champions this Season. While this isn’t always reliable in high-difficulty content, it’s quite easy to utilize in low-difficulty Dares of Eternity and Nightfall Strikes.

Verglas Curve

Shattering Stasis Crystals does significantly increased damage for this Season, and this bow is fully capable of spawning its own Stasis Crystals. Like the Wish-Keeper, this weapon provides players with a Subclass-specific Champion counter method without requiring players to equip the related Subclass. At the same time though, players should strongly consider using Stasis Subclass builds in Season of the Wish anyway, since the Seasonal Artifact Perks make these Subclasses quite powerful for the time being.

Void Suppressor Grenades

When paired with the Echo of Undermining Void Fragment, this grenade can stun Overload Champions and almost replicate the effects of the Tractor Canon Exotic’s debuff, all while allowing players to still have a free Exotic weapon slot. Since every character class has access to this grenade, players who are already running a Void Subclass should strongly consider using this grenade with this particular Void Fragment.


The best part about this weapon from the new Exotic Mission in Destiny 2 is that it consistently Suspends targets regardless of whether players are running a Strand Subclass. Suspending targets is relatively overpowered in both PvE and PvP, so naturally, this weapon provides an amazing utility against any enemy that can be Suspended.

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