• Jin Sakai could find love in Ghost of Tsushima 2, adding emotional depth and character development to the sequel.
  • His strong bond with Yuna hints at a potential romance, creating a solid foundation for a deeper relationship.
  • Sucker Punch shouldn’t miss the chance to explore this romantic storyline, enhancing Jin’s journey and the narrative of the game.

Ghost of Tsushima was one of 2020’s biggest games, so the prospect of a sequel on the horizon is almost no surprise. After how Ghost of Tsushima‘s story ended, Ghost of Tsushima 2 has a lot of potential, both in its narrative and Jin Sakai’s character. In fact, if Sucker Punch was interested in making a radical move with Ghost of Tsushima‘s protagonist, it could write Jin Sakai into a romantic relationship.

There are plenty of benefits to characters falling in love — especially protagonists — as it can create character development and narrative opportunities that wouldn’t be present otherwise. As such, a strong case remains for Ghost of Tsushima‘s Jin Sakai to find love in Ghost of Tsushima 2. While the first game primarily focused on Jin’s internal conflict and his journey toward self-discovery, a love interest would allow his character to be developed even further in a sequel, especially if it were with one particular character he grew close to in Ghost of Tsushima.


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Why Jin Should Find Love in Ghost of Tsushima 2

A Love Interest Would Further Develop Jin’s Character

Love interests are often used in stories to develop characters beyond where they could have been originally, as romance tends to feed on one’s insecurities, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities. The same could be done for Jin Sakai if he were to find love in Ghost of Tsushima 2. Whereas the first game centered around Jin’s internal conflict established by his upbringing as a Samurai, a love interest would promote his emotional growth even further in a sequel, adding layers to his character and, as a result, the narrative.

Jin and Yuna’s Friendship Is Already Set Up for Romance

One of the best arguments for why Jin should find romance in Ghost of Tsushima 2 is already present in the friendship he built with one of Ghost of Tsushima‘s best characters: Yuna. Whether their relationship is romantic has proven to be a fairly divisive topic, but this just shows how ambiguous it is. As friendships have often been deemed strong foundations for romantic relationships, Jin and Yuna’s friendship would likely serve their romance well if their current relationship developed beyond just friendship.

Over the course of Ghost of Tsushima, Jin and Yuna built a very strong bond, primarily based on mutual interest and respect. However, they also shared some very intimate moments, with one particular scene near the end of the game seeming to reveal some romantic connection between them. Until this point in the game, perhaps it was only assumed that Jin and Yuna would eventually fall in love with one another, but this scene is largely what started the debate surrounding it.

As friendships have often been deemed strong foundations for romantic relationships, Jin and Yuna’s friendship would likely serve their romance well if their current relationship developed beyond just friendship.

In the scene during the “Eternal Blue Sky” mission, Yuna says to Jin, “I need to tell you something…I want us to be together. Let’s just leave.” After some resistance from Jin, as he expresses his commitment to beating Khotun Khan, she further argues that they could “sail somewhere quiet.” Jin once again refuses, leading Yuna to surrender, but he then promises her that they will be together after he fights the Khan. The mood, music, and emotion in this scene seem to indicate a budding romance between them, but it is left up to interpretation. Nevertheless, Jin and Yuna are all but set up for a romance in Ghost of Tsushima 2, should Sucker Punch choose to go that route.

Since Ghost of Tsushima greeted the gaming community in 2020, it has been debated whether Jin should ever fall in love. Still, Ghost of Tsushima 2 would be an appropriate time for Jin to find romance, since his initial personal journey largely ended in the first game.

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