The Cataclysm expansion has torn Azeroth asunder once again, and with a new World of Warcraft expansion comes a higher level cap. That refers to the new level 85 cap for characters, but it also applies to the professions, which include Fishing, First Aid, and Cooking.

The new Illustrious Grand Master level for Cooking starts at level 425, the maximum available in Wrath of the Lich King expansion, and caps at 525. That also means a new set of daily cooking quests and a new currency to spend.

There are more than 30 new recipes to learn in Cataclysm for those with refined culinary tastes. Even those without will eventually need the skill and the buffs. However, those Chef’s Awards take a long time to pile up, and it’s better to prioritize some recipes over others. Here are some of the most useful recipes for Illustrious Grand Master cooks as they grind through the new zones.


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Best Recipes For Illustrious Cooks

Learning, Finding, &Unlocking Recipes

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Each major city, including neutral cities such as Dalaran and Shattrath, has a Cooking trainer who can teach Illustrious Cooking Mastery. After the player has visited a trainer and has obtained the Illustrious Cooking Mastery skill, they can start making the new Cataclysm recipes.

There are five different Daily Quests in each major city for both factions, and there are Achievements for completing them all. These can be learned from trainers or purchased from vendors with a special currency, Chef’s Awards. Other rare and magical recipes are obtained through Achievements or purchased after grinding rep with certain factions.

For those just starting, it’s a question of what Cooking materials are the easiest to find in the new zones. Hyjal and Vash’jr are usually the first places players visit, so make sure your character’s Fishing gear is in order before getting started. All the following recipes cost 3 Chef’s Awards and are sold by the Sous Chef or Cooking Supplies vendor next to the Cooking Trainer.

Although their item levels might be 80 or higher, recipes don’t have level requirements. A character can grind their Cooking from 425 to 525 without ever leveling past 80, as long as they don’t mind taking some chances while farming materials. It’s still possible to explore new areas and go fishing or hunting even if the quests or flight paths have yet to be unlocked.


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Illustrious Cooking At 450

The Best Recipes For Low-Level Chefs

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Use these food buffs for grinding, PvE, and non-Heroic dungeons. Don’t forget to invest in the Imported Supplies to find materials like coca beans.

Feathered Lure

Oddly, this is listed as a recipe, but since Fishing and Cooking are connected in so many ways, it makes sense. This handy item will help level both professions.

  • Regents: Delicate Wing
  • Buffs: +100 Fishing skill for 10 minutes
  • How To Unlock: Reach 450 Cooking

Broiled Mountain Trout

Stamina and Haste are great for any class, but especially good for Rogues, DPS Warriors, Pally tanks, and Warlocks.

  • Regents: Mountain Trout
  • Buffs: +60 Stamina and Haste rating for 1 hour
  • How To Unlock: Reach 450 Cooking

Whitecrest Gumbo

Priests, Shamans, and Druids, especially those who are often in close combat, would benefit the most from this recipe.

  • Regents: Blood Shrimp
  • Buffs: +60 Stamina and Spirit for 1 hour
  • How To Unlock: Reach 450 Cooking

Lightly Fried Lurker

Critical Strike applies to spellcasting as well these days, so this tasty dish is great for any DPS class.

  • Regents: Striped Lurker
  • Buffs: +60 Stamina and Critical Strike rating for 1 hour
  • How To Unlock: Reach 450 Cooking


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Illustrious Cooking From 475 to 500

Higher Level Recipes For More Dangerous Adventures

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After exploring some of the new regions in Azeroth, the player will have some valuable experience regarding the best places to farm regeants.

Pickled Guppy

Tailored for Shamans, Warlocks, and Paladins can also use this recipe to get an edge in combat.

  • Regents: Highland Guppy
  • Buffs: +60 Stamina and Intellect for 1 hour
  • How To Unlock: Reach 475 Cooking

Hearty Seafood Soup

Best for Warriors, Paladins, and any kind of tank class for the extra HP and damage-dealing ability.

  • Regents: Blood Shrimp
  • Buffs: +90 Stamina and Strength for 1 hour
  • How To Unlock: Reach 475 Cooking

Scalding Murglesnout

It’s handy to have a food that restores both health and mana, but won’t cancel any food buffs your character already has.

  • Regents: Deepsea Sagefish
  • Buffs: Not Applicable
  • How To Unlock: Reach 500 Cooking

Delicious Sagefish Tail

Ideal for any casting class that also needs some extra HP.

  • Regents: Deepsea Sagefish
  • Buffs: +90 Stamina and Spirit for 1 hour
  • How To Unlock: Reach 500 Cooking


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Illustrious Cooking From 505 To 525

Includes Guild Rep Rewards & Feasts For The Whole Family

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Cook for raids and dungeon parties with high level Feasts while also making snacks and desserts.

Required for the Achievement “You’ll Feel Right As Rain.”

  • Regeants: Simple flour and cocoa beans
  • Buffs: The description says, “Makes you feel a little better.”
  • How To Unlock: Reach 505 Cooking

South Island Ice Tea

A happy hour cocktail means faster mana regeneration, but know your limits.

  • Regeants: Tropical sunfruit and refreshing spring water
  • Buffs: Gets you tipsy and restores mana
  • How To Unlock: Reach 525 Cooking

Seafood Magnifique Feast

This meal is designed to feed and buff the whole raiding party, which is why it’s connected to Guild membership.

  • Regeants: Highland Guppy, Lavascale Catfish and Fathom Eel
  • Buffs: +90 Stamina and one other important stat for one hour
  • How To Unlock: Reach 525 Cooking and get Honored reputation with your Guild to purchase this recipe from a vendor.

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