• A Wuthering Waves leak revealed the combat animations of Jinhsi and Changli, upcoming five-star characters confirmed by Kuro Games.
  • Wuthering Waves hit over 30 million downloads in just one month, promising frequent updates and new playable characters.
  • Jinhsi and Changli to join Wuthering Waves with update 1.1, bringing unique skills, Spectro and Fusion damage abilities.

A Wuthering Waves gameplay leak has revealed the combat animations of two upcoming five-star characters, Jinhsi and Changli. These characters have been officially confirmed by Kuro Games in one of its blog posts. Both are expected to join the live servers with the Wuthering Waves update 1.1.

Even though less than a month has passed since Wuthering Waves‘ official release, the game’s social media accounts have revealed that it has reached over 30 million downloads. Like most gacha games, players can expect Wuthering Waves to have a tight update schedule, meaning new content should be introduced every couple of weeks.


Wuthering Waves: 6 Confirmed & Speculated Upcoming Playable Characters

Besides the two Resonators confirmed for Wuthering Waves 1.1 update, four characters (including two villains) are speculated to become playable soon.

A new post on the Wuthering Waves Leaks subreddit has revealed a new set of combat animations featuring Jinhsi and Changli. Jinhsi has already appeared in the game’s main storyline, where she was introduced as the magistrate of Jinzhou, one of the Wuthering Wave‘s main cities. She has a connection with the sentinel Jue, who appears in the shape of a dragon. Many fans in the comments section praise Kuro’s decision to include the dragon in many of Jinhsi’s animations. The gameplay leak confirms previous Wuthering Waves rumors claiming that Jinhsi is a five-star Spectro character who uses the Broadblade as her main weapon.

Wuthering Waves: Jinhsi and Changli Kits Explained

Jinhsi’s skill makes her dash forward and perform a couple of consecutive attacks that deal Spectro damage. The skill can be cast mid-air, and players will have the ability to shorten its cooldown significantly. Jinhsi’s ultimate is much simpler, as it makes her deal large amounts of AoE Spectro damage. Jihnsi will be the second five-star Spectro character in Wuthering Waves after the popular healer Verina.

Her two Passive Talents increase Jinhsi’s Spectro damage bonuses as well as her Intro Skill damage. Changli is a DPS Fusion character in Wuthering Waves who uses a sword as her weapon of choice. According to recent leaks, using Changli’s skill makes her rapidly attack a nearby enemy and enter a special state called True Sight. During this state, Changli’s next Basic Attack will make her dash to an enemy and deal Fusion damage.

Regarding their exact release dates, Jinhsi is expected to appear on the first Wuthering Waves banner cycle in update 1.1, which should drop around June 27. Changli will most likely be part of the second banner cycle, meaning she will probably join the playable roster approximately three weeks after Jinhsi. The leaked footage was taken from the game’s beta servers, meaning that Kuro could still make some adjustments to Jinhsi and Changli before their official release.


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