The Frieren anime series aired in the fall of 2023 and easily established itself as a staple in the anime community. Despite being an anime series with tropes of fantasy and adventure, the battles portrayed in the series are not many. However, precisely because the battles portrayed are not many, each one leaves a mark in the minds of fans.


Frieren: Most Popular Characters, Ranked

Among all the characters in the magical world of Frieren, these are the ones that connect with audiences the most.

Scenes that particularly show Frieren’s abilities with respect to other characters are well received by fans, as many wonder just how powerful the elven mage is. From Stark facing a solar dragon to Frieren battling Qual, each battle has been well received; however, the best fights of the Frieren anime series stand above many others.

10 Ubel Vs. Wirbel

An Unpredictable Battle

The battle between Ubel and Wirbel is when fans first see Ubel’s abilities displayed. As the duo fought, Ubel seemed to overpower Wirbel until the latter launched Sorganeil, binding her. With this ability, Wirbel proved himself the better mage, and Ubel only got away because he hesitated before killing her, granting Fern enough time to come to Ubel’s rescue.

During Ubel and Wirbel’s battle, Wirbel was undoubtedly the stronger mage; however, at the end of the battle, Ubel became able to use Wirbel’s Sorganeil, meaning that if they fought again, the victor would be harder to predict.

9 Frieren Vs. Aura

A Great Mage Versus A Sage Of Destruction

Aura was the first relatively powerful adversary that Frieren fought. Their battle didn’t contain awe-inspiring or earth-shattering spells, but at that moment, Frieren showed that she was vastly more powerful than other mages. Aura’s trademark spell, the Spell of Obedience (Auserlese), made mages who didn’t have as much mana as hers submit to her.

As Frieren is always restricting her mana, Aura miscalculated and activated the spell Spell of Obedience, expecting Frieren to submit to her. However, Frieren then released the restriction on her mana, which turned out to be more than double that of Aura’s. Because of Frieren’s deception and Aura’s misconception, Aura was forced to behead herself.

8 Stark Vs. Solar Dragon

Eisen’s Apprentice Is Stronger Than He Knows

The first time Frieren came across Stark, Stark was unsure of himself and his abilities as he came across a town that had been plagued by a solar dragon. Frieren proposed a plan to get rid of the solar dragon so that Stark could leave the town and go on an adventure with her and Fern.


Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End – The Irony of a “Fake” Hero

When Stark discovers that a famous story about Himmel is a lie, it inspires an interrogation as to what it means to be a hero.

This plan included Stark distracting the dragon while she and Fern finish it off. Interestingly, before Frieren and Fern had to do anything, Stark quickly disposed of the dragon, but even he was unaware, believing the dragon to be much more powerful.

7 Ubel Vs. Ubel’s Clone

Ubel’s Battle Boils Down To Luck

In her own right, Ubel is a powerful mage. She specializes in cleaving magic, which makes her a powerful opponent, especially against things that are naturally supposed to be cut such as hair and fabric.

While powerful, Ubel was evenly matched against her clone, making their battle one of luck. Ultimately, Ubel’s battle against her clone boiled down to who miscalculated the distance between them first, and Ubel turned out to be the unlucky one. While Ubel was saved by Land, her battle against her clone showed that her invisible slashes could be re-directed or diverted.

6 Ubel Vs. Sense

Ubel Defeats A First Class Mage

The battle between Sense and Ubel took place in the Ruins of the King’s Tomb as Denken and the rest of the mages in the second part of the first class mage exam fought off each other’s clones. Despite being a first-class mage, Ubel and the actual Sense felt Sense’s clown was no match for Ubel.

Even after Denken and Land told Ubel just how many defensive spells were on each strand of Sense’s hair, Ubel declared that such logic doesn’t govern her magic. By using her cleaving magic, Ubel showed how much visualization affects a battle between mages.

5 Frieren And Sein Vs. Subspecies Of A Chaos Flower

Even Priests Are Capable Of Offensive Spells

During the relatively brief period in which Sein traveled with Frieren’s party, the healer showcased that he did have some offensive skills. On their way to Auberst in a forest, Fern, Stark, and eventually Freiren fell into a deep sleep.

As a priest, Sein was the only one immune to the effects and eventually discovered the cause of his party’s predicament—a subspecies of a chaos flower. Apart from being able to make others fall asleep, this flower could also deflect attacks. Thankfully, Sein was able to figure out the flower’s weakness and stall it long enough until he could wake Frieren.

4 Denken’s Party Vs. Gargoyles

A Group Battle Serves As A Great Sight

After teaming up with other mages and entering the dungeon, Denken and his new party started going through the traps and eventually came across gargoyles. The gargoyles could fly and shoot red laser beams from their mouths, granting them a threatening offensive power.


Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End – The Might of a Coward

This week, as Frieren confronts Aura, she remembers her first meeting with Flamme and reveals the secret behind her incredible power.

Moreover, with their bodies made from stone, only powerful and experienced mages could easily break their bodies. While this battle was short-lived, the animation and progression made it one of the better fights of the series. Moreover; it was a group battle, allowing viewers to see the skills of various mages.

3 Fern And Stark Vs. Lugner And Linie

Frieren’s Apprentices Battle Demons

While Frieren was battling Aura, Fern and Stark faced Lugner and Linie, respectively. As a demon and underling of Aura’s, Lugner was powerful; however, Fern managed to overwhelm him with the sheer number of attacks and how fast she could cast them. While she did suffer injuries, she ultimately came out on top.

Stark, on the other hand, faced Linie, who was copying the skills of Stark’s master, Eisen the warrior. With her skills, Stark could not compete and went for a battle of attrition instead, as the force behind Linie’s attacks was lackluster.

2 Frieren Vs. Denken

Frieren Shatters Serie’s Barrier Right After Defeating Denken

During the first part of the first class mage exam, Frieren and Denken came in stark opposition to each other. While Denken is known to have the abilities of a first-class mage, he was schooled by Frieren, who used basic offensive spells throughout their short-lived battle.

As the battle ended so quickly, the main attraction of this battle came after Frieren conjured a spell to break through Serie’s barrier. With an earth-shattering spell with great animation and graphics, Frieren’s spell looked like it could cut across dimensions and, in a jaw-dropping way, broke through Serie’s barrier, shocking even Denken.

1 Frieren And Fern Vs. Frieren’s Clone

Frieren Shows That She Has Reached The Pinnacle Of Magic

Frieren is known to be a powerful mage; however, the extent of her abilities has always been unknown until she had to face a clone of herself. When facing her clone, Frieren showed that she was more than capable of using basic offense spells.

With devastating hell flame spells and lightning, Frieren’s clone showed just how destructive her spells can get. Fighting with Fern at her side, Frieren managed to push her clone into a corner. However, the clone responded with an attack that Fern couldn’t recognize as magic, showing just how skilled the elf mage truly is.

Frieren Beyond Journey's End

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Kanehito Yamada

Number of Episodes
28 (Currently Airing)


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