• – Charms in Ghost of Tsushima provide boosts in combat, stealth, and accuracy for Jin.
  • – Some of the best charms require completing specific tasks or side quests.
  • – Upgrading Jin with charms can make him a formidable opponent against the Mongol invasion.

Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima has many artifacts that one can obtain to help on the journey. Some of these artifacts are Ghost of Tsushima’s charms that one can equip on Jin to give boosts in combat, exploration, or stealth. Found throughout the island of Tsushima from missions and shrines, Charms provide Jin with stat boosts and more in combat situations.

Some of the best, however, require a little work to get in Ghost of Tsushima. This list is here to help players make Jin an absolute monster to his enemies and fight back against the Mongol invasion in Ghost of Tsushima.

Updated April 11, 2024, by Michael Llewellyn: Upgrading Jin with Charms provides the protagonist with physical boosts in combat, stealth, and accuracy. Ghost of Tsushima has a vast range of Charms that allow players to make Jin into the Samurai and the Ghost they want. This article has been updated to include more charms and where players can find them.


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14 Charm Of Concentration

Increases Jin’s Aiming By Slowing Down Time

Ghost of Tsushima - Jin taking on an archery challenge on Iki Island

Some items help Jin’s concentration and make time appear as if it’s slowing down. However, the Charm of Concentration is the best for aiming with the bow. It allows Jin more time to hit his targets and makes scoring silver and gold in the archery challenges more doable. The charm’s effectiveness increases every time Jin gets a higher score. There are eight challenges to complete, and if Jin scores gold with each one, his concentration will improve.

13 Charm Of Incineration

Black Bombs Damage Nearby Enemies

Ghost of Tsushima - Jin with the Charm of Incineration in his inventory

  • One Black Bomb can damage nearby enemies of the main target.
  • The Charm of Incineration is obtained by completing The Traitor, the fourth Masako Tale.

The Charm of Incineration is a good defensive item that allows Jin to damage multiple enemies with one Black Bomb. It’s not a weapon used for stealth, but it’s useful for crowd control, escaping large groups of enemies, and taking down dangerous foes.

Jin will obtain the Charm of Incineration after completing Masako’s side quest, The Traitor. It will also become available when Jin reaches the Raging Storm legend rank.

12 Charm of Canine Recruitment

Recruit Canines For Stealth Takedowns

Jin recruiting a Canine

  • Jin can charm dogs in Ghost of Tsushima to make them his ally.
  • The Charm of Canine Recruitment is available to purchase from the merchant Baku the Voiceless after starting a new game plus mode.

Petting cats and dogs has become a popular mechanic in open-world adventure games, and thanks to an update and the new game plus mode in Ghost of Tsushima, that’s now possible for Jin too. With this charm equipped, Jin needs to sneak up on a dog and pet them, making them his ally and stealthily taking down enemies.


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The Charm of Canine recruitment is only available to buy from Baku the Voiceless once a new game plus mode has begun. Baku the Voiceless is a merchant who only appears in the new game+. The merchant Baku is waiting in the middle of the lake in the Izuhara region.

11 Heavenly Rebuke

Strike Down Multiple Enemies With Lightning Attacks

Stealth Finishers

  • When hitting enemies with the Heavenly Rebuke strike, there’s a chance that lightning will strike and instantly kill a nearby enemy.
  • The Charm of Heavenly Rebuke is available to purchase from the merchant Baku the Voiceless in the new game plus mode.

The Charm of Heavenly Rebuke is an effective heavy strike in battle. However, there’s a chance that it will instantly kill a nearby enemy with a lightning strike. The odds are that it only happens once per battle, but the strike is capable of slicing through all enemies.

As with the Charm of Canine Recruitment, the Charm of Heavenly Rebuke is only available in the new game+. Jin needs to purchase it from the merchant Baku after the New Game + has started. Baku is waiting on a small island in the middle of Izuhara Lake.

10 Charm Of Amaterasu

Restore Health With Every Kill

The Charm of Amaterasu in Jin's inventory

  • Killing enemies restores a moderate amount of health.
  • The Charm Amaterasu is obtained by completing the Golden Summit Shrine.

The Charm of Amaterasu can be found early in the game during Act One at the Golden Summit Shrine. It is arguably one of the best charms in Ghost of Tsushima. It restores a moderate amount of health to Jin each time he defeats an enemy.

Jin must go up against large groups of enemies throughout Ghost of Tsushima, whether out on the plains or inside a Mongol war camp. This charm is the biggest lifesaver and helps conserve that resolve when attacked by multiple enemies.

9 Charm Of Izanami

Resolve Recovers 50 Percent Of Jin’s Health

Marsh Rock location on the map

  • Iron Will revives Jin with 50 percent health.
  • The Charm of Izanami is obtained by completing Marsh Rock Shrine.

The Charm of Izanami is another amazing charm to help with those larger battles that may end up knocking Jin down. This charm can be found during Act Two by praying at the Marsh Rock Shrine and boosts Jin’s Iron Will ability.

Normally, Iron Will allows Jin to revive himself by spending resolve to recover from a mortal wound. With this charm equipped, one can spend that resolve to get revived at fifty percent health. If Jin is hurt in large fights and duels, this will help him recover and take down swarms of enemies.

8 Charm Of Mizu-No-Kami

Increases The Window For Parrying

Spring Falls location on Jin's map

  • Increases parry and perfect parry window.
  • The Charm Of Mizu-No-Kami is obtained by completing the Spring Falls Shrine.

This charm is one of the best for its ability to help with parry timing. Parries, perfect parries, and perfect dodges are already hard to get down for new players to the game. It takes time to learn the counters for each enemy, but Ghost of Tsushima is empowering when mastered.


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Luckily, this charm makes it easier to perform these maneuvers allowing Jin to get the timing down much faster. This charm can be retrieved from praying at the Spring Falls Shrine in Act One and is highly recommended.

7 Charm Of Hoori-No-Mikoto

A Stealth Charm That Maintain Jin’s Cover In Tall Grass

Turtle Rock Shrine location on Jin's map

  • Remain hidden when assassinating a target in tall grass.
  • The Charm Of Hoori-No-Mikoto is obtained by completing the Turtle Rock Shrine.

The Charm Of Hoori-No-Mikoto is an amazing charm for anyone who loves the stealth aspect of the game. It has happened to many players, Jin will be hiding in tall grass, enemies will come by, and he will assassinate one of them just to be spotted by all of his friends.

With this charm, that is no longer a worry because it makes all of Jin’s assassinations in tall grass completely silent. This is one of the most useful charms for Ghost of Tsushima when stealth-focused. It can be found during Act Two by praying at the Turtle Rock Shrine.

6 Charm Of Toxic Demise

Turns Wind Chimes Into A Poisonous Trap

Toxic Demise charm in Jin's inventory

  • Releases a poison cloud when an enemy picks up a wind chime.
  • The Charm Of Toxic Demise is obtained by reaching the Phantom Samurai legend ranking.

This charm is especially useful for stealthy players. It takes normal wind chimes and turns them into a deadly tool for anyone foolish enough to pick them up. Typically, players use wind chimes to lure enemies away by throwing them.

This chime adds a special little surprise for those enemies, poison. That’s right, now whenever an enemy walks over and picks up the wind chime, they will be met with an untimely fate courtesy of the Charm of Toxic Demise. This charm can be found by reaching the ‘Phantom Samurai’ legend ranking.

5 Charm Of Inari

Increases The Number Of Items For Collection

Charm of Inari in Jin's Inventory

  • Increases all items from collecting.
  • The Charm Of Inari is obtained by completing the Arrow Peak Shrine.

The Charm Of Inari is charm is most useful at the beginning of the game, which is good because it can be found during Act One by praying at the Arrow Peak Shrine. It has no use in combat but can help one upgrade one’s gear faster. This charm allows Jin to obtain more supplies, predator hides, bamboo, and yew wood.

Think about how much work one will have to do in the game to obtain all of Jin’s gear upgraded and how much of those materials will be lost without this charm. Try to get this one as soon as possible and Jin can spend less time on upgrades and more time killing the Mongol hordes.

4 Charm Of Tsukuyomi

Enemies Drop More Supplies

Charm of Tsukuyomi location in Ghost of Tsushima on Jin's map

  • Enemies drop more supplies and ammo
  • The Charm Of Tsukuyomi is obtained by completing the Scarlet Rock Shrine

This has surely happened to many players out there. They are killing off Mongols left and right when they run out of ammo. This can be for Kunai, Sticky Bombs, or even Arrows. The Charm of Tsukuyomi awards players additional ammo and supplies each time they kill an enemy.

This is one of the most useful methods for farming in the game whenever supplies are needed. Additional ammo is something that any player who uses a lot of ghost weapons can appreciate as well. Players can pick this charm up by completing the Scarlet Rock Shrine.

3 Charm Of Shinatsuhiko

Jin’s Melee Attacks Can’t Be Interrupted After Staggering Enemies

Charm of Shinatsuhiko location on Jin's map

  • Staggering an enemy prevents interrupted melee attacks for 6 seconds.
  • The Charm Of Shinatsuhiko is Obtained by completing the Lush Peak Shrine.

The Charm of Shinatsuhiko gives the player 6 seconds of uninterrupted melee attacks every time they stagger an enemy. This ability is used in many builds that players have created for the game. It pairs extremely well with Gosaku’s Armor because of the stagger bonuses it gives.


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This armor gives the player additional stagger damage. It also restores the player’s health whenever they kill a staggered enemy. Thanks to its effect, this charm will help increase the chance of killing a staggered enemy. Players can grab this shrine after they complete the Lush Peak Shrine.

2 Charm Of Nigihayahi-No-Mikoto

Increases Damage When Jin Is At Full Health

Frost Cliff Shrine on Jin's map

  • Applies a damage buff while at full health.
  • The Charm Of Nigihayahi-No-Mikoto is obtained by completing the Frost Cliff Shrine.

This charm is useful for any player but may take some practice to make it effective against the Mongol hordes. It gives a damage buff to Jin whenever he is in full health. Be the first to strike and Jin can easily tear through an enemy’s health bar.

Players should practice the dodging mechanic, as it is only useful while Jin’s health is at the max. This charm can’t be obtained until Act Three, but the wait is worthwhile. It is found by praying at the Frost Cliff Shrine.

1 Charm Of Takemikazuchi

Increases Damage After A Kill

Jin unlocks the Charm of Takemikazuchi

  • Killing an enemy grants a small damage buff for a few seconds.
  • The Charm Of Takemikazuchi is obtained by completing the Snowlit Peak Shrine.

This charm is one of the best in the game. Unfortunately, it can’t be obtained until Act Three. This charm adds a damage buff to Jin’s attacks each time he kills an enemy.

This buff only lasts for a few seconds, but it is useful for damaging and beating enemy health bars. Think about the lightly armored foes like archers. Tear into these enemies to get an attack buff for the stronger enemies, and killing enemies is much easier. This charm can be found by praying at the Snowlit Peak Shrine.

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