Get your hands on these lovely Valentine’s gifts, whether you’re looking for something decorative or something cute to wear out on a date!

It’s the season of love, so there’s no better time to get your hands on some love-filled memorabilia from your favorite movies and TV shows! Our picks here are all either specifically Valentine’s Day-themed or showcase some iconic couples from pop culture and they’re perfect for displaying as Valentine’s decorations, or even year-round as special-edition collectible items.


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There are even some wearable accessories, so you can take some romance with you out on the town! From Peanuts to I Love Lucy and a pile of popular franchises and characters in between, you might find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life this Valentine’s Day!

  • Peanuts I Hate Valentine's Day Charlie Brown

    Peanuts I Hate Valentine’s Day Charlie Brown 3 3/4-Inch ReAction Figure

    $21 $25 Save $4

    Sometimes you might feel a little like Charlie Brown on Valentine’s Day, so why not represent that energy with this adorably grumpy-looking Charlie Brown figurine? The figure comes in beautiful packaging that resembles a vintage Valentine, so it’s perfect to display (both during the holidays or otherwise) while still keeping Charlie Brown safe in the box!

  • Peanuts Snoopy Mini Love by Jim Shore Statue

    Peanuts Snoopy Mini Love by Jim Shore Statue

    Snoopy is prepared to make some love matches in his cupid outfit, complete with the quintessential bow and arrow. This statue, designed by Jim Shore, is made of polyresin and is perfect for Peanuts fans who are looking for some super cute Valentine’s Day decor – or just some well-made Snoopy memorabilia in general!

  • I love Lucy Little People Collector Figure Set

    I Love Lucy Little People Collector Figure Set

    Perfect for fans of the classic sitcom, this Little People set includes two figures modeled after Lucy and Ethel from the iconic chocolate factory episode. With their pink outfits and chocolate, these two are perfect for Valentine’s Day, but the carefully designed box that features the black-and-white of the actual set makes it perfect to display all year round as well!

  • Universal Monsters Frankenstein And Bride Of Frankenstein

    Frankenstein And Bride Of Frankenstein Valetine’s Day 3 3/4-Inch ReAction Figure 2-Pack

    Bring love back to life with these adorable figures of Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein, all decked out in their Valentine’s best! This set is perfect for fans of the classic Universal monsters and comes in a heart-shaped box. Their pink clothes glow in the dark as well!

  • Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Funko Pops

    Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Wedding Funko Pop! Two-Pack

    Celebrate the love of one of DC’s most beloved couples with this Funko Pop! set. The iconic episode of HBO’s Harley Quinn where Harley Quinn crashes Poison Ivy’s wedding to admit her true feelings is now memorialized in this set. The figures are incredibly detailed and feature Ivy in her wedding dress with a bouquet and Harley in a (very fitting) sneakers and dress combo.

  • Monster High Howliday Love Edition Draculaura and Clawd Wolf

    Monster High Howliday Love Edition Draculaura and Clawd Wolf

    Gear up for Valentine’s Day (which also happens to be Draculaura’s birthday) by celebrating the boo-tiful love of your favorite Monster High characters! This set comes with Draculaura and Clawd Wolf, who are all ready for a romantic night out on the town. They’re decked out in scarily stylish outfits, and the set also comes with accessories like a parasol and the roses Clawd is going to surprise Draculaura with!

  • Fashionista Barbie Hearts

    Barbie Fashionista Doll #207 with Candy Hearts

    $6 $11 Save $5

    This Barbie is all set for the most lovely day of the year in her heart-patterned dress, shoes, and sunglasses! Barbie Fashionista dolls are known for celebrating diversity of all types, so that everyone can see themselves represented in a Barbie. This fabulous gal is certainly no exception!

  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit_ Roger Rabbit in Love

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Roger Rabbit in Love 3 3/4-Inch ReAction Figure

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is a classic for all animation fans, with its blend of live action scenes and animated characters. Commemorate your love for this pillar of filmmaking while also celebrating Valentine’s Day with this action figure that features a head-over-heels, heart-eyed (and eared) Roger Rabbit.

  • Lilo & Stitch Angel and Stitch Heart Kiss Crossbody Purse

    Lilo & Stitch Angel and Stitch Heart Kiss Crossbody Purse

    For fans of Lilo and Stitch, this purse – featuring a very cute illustration of Stitch and Angel – is the perfect accessory for a Valentine’s date! The heart-shaped bag is styled to look like a chocolate box, complete with a front flap that opens and reveals a chocolate pattern inside. This is a great pick for the Disney fan in your life…or even just as a treat for yourself!

  • Disney Traditions Lilo & Stitch Stitch Hugging Heart by Jim Shore Statue

    Disney Traditions Lilo & Stitch Stitch Hugging Heart by Jim Shore Statue

    $53 $58 Save $5

    Jim Shore has a range of figurines that feature your favorite Disney characters celebrating Valentine’s Day. This Stitch figure features the adorable alien snuggling with a big heart. These incredibly detailed statuettes are perfect decor pieces, and are also great gifts for Disney fans!

  • Star Wars Valentines Darth Vader with Heart Funko Pop!

    Star Wars Valentines Darth Vader with Heart Funko Pop!

    Funko has designed a whole line of Pop! figures that are festively painted for Valentine’s Day! This Darth Vader Pop! features a pink and red design of the iconic character, and has him holding a heart-shaped box of chocolates while he makes a force choke gesture…which might be his love language, so we’ll let it slide.

  • Disney Traditions Dumbo with Heart by Jim Shore Statue

    Disney Traditions Dumbo with Heart by Jim Shore Statue

    $46 $53 Save $7

    This adorable statue features everyone’s favorite flying elephant holding a heart with his trunk, ready to give you his love! This Jim Shore design features a ton of fantastic details, including texture like a patchwork pattern on Dumbo’s ears and a rosemaled decorative design on his body.

  • Disney Showcase Mickey and Minnie Mouse Botanica Collection Statue

    Disney Showcase Mickey and Minnie Mouse Botanica Collection Statue

    There’s no better way to celebrate the season of love than with Disney’s most famous couple. This statue set features Mickey and Minnie among beautiful flowers, with Mickey looking on adoringly as Minnie picks one to sniff. Their vintage-inspired outfits also feature floral details. This set is a fantastic gift idea for your own special someone!

  • Disney Up Carl and Ellie MEA-032 Mini-Figure 2-Pack

    Disney Up Carl and Ellie Mini-Figure 2-Pack

    The opening sequence of Up is one of the most romantic (and most tragic) in Disney history, so there’s no better way to showcase your love than with these Carl and Ellie figures. The set features the couple sitting in their iconic armchairs during their younger years, celebrating a long-lasting true love.

  • Star Wars Valentines Rey Funko Pop!

    Star Wars Valentines Rey Funko Pop!

    $5 $7 Save $2

    Funko has designed a whole line of Pop! figures that are festively decorated for Valentine’s Day! This Rey figure looks adorable with a red and pink paint job, and is holding a big heart-shaped box of chocolates. And who said a Jedi can’t be romantic?

  • Shrek and Fiona Keychains

    Shrek and Fiona Bestie Key Chain Set

    This keychain set is the perfect accessory to wear or display on a bag to match with your loved one – whether they’re a romantic partner or just a bestie! The enamel keychains feature designs of Shrek and Fiona, a very memorable pop culture couple, and say “True Love” when put together. Time for you to find your happy ending!


How Many Valentines Funko Pop! Figures Are There?

Funko’s collection of Valentine’s-themed Pop! Figures is ever-increasing, but there are currently 15 in the Valentine’s list (FunkyPriceGuide). Almost all of them (other than a Minnie Mouse Figure) are Star Wars characters.

What Is The Disney Traditions Collection?

The Disney Traditions Collection by Jim Shore are collectible figurines designed by artist Jim Shore that combine Disney’s iconography with the style of traditional folk art, including quilt-pattern textures. These figurines are made from high-quality stone resin and often include new interpretations of Disney characters.

Love Is In The Air

These Valentine’s Day goodies are the perfect gifts for your special someone who loves pop culture, and they’re sure to warm their heart. They’re also great for treating yourself, and work perfectly as Valentine’s decorations or accessories – or for all year round!

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