• The new mobs in the 1.21 update provide a great challenge for players in Trial Chambers and biomes, adding an exciting flair.
  • The Vault block is a game-changer for multiplayer, supplying loot continuously and making exploration valuable on servers.
  • The Crafter is an automatic crafting table that revolutionizes Redstone contraptions, making farming and crafting more efficient in

With a new Minecraft update around the corner, all the content in the upcoming 1.21 version is on almost every player’s mind. While things like the Armadillo and Wolf updates will come before then, everything else that’s been in snapshots has certainly captured the community’s attention.


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Between a new structure, new mobs, and new blocks, there are several new things in the 1.21 update for any player of any play style. With so many aspects to a new update, there’s a clear group of changes that rises above the rest. While all the upcoming features may not be popular with every single player, the five best parts of the update are clear.

5 The Bogged And Breeze

New Mobs In The Mix


Always an exciting part of an update, the new mobs add to the challenges within the Trial Chambers and biomes throughout the world, and are a great challenge for players to go up against. The Bogged adds another variant for the skeleton alongside the Stray, now adding a poisonous touch to the swamps, and the Breeze, a surprise Blaze variant that adds some elevated danger to the Trial Chambers.

Found in both Swamps and the new Trial Chambers, the Bogged adds something that even well-armored players need to watch out for. The real star mob of the update, however, is the Breeze. Between adding wind charges and the Mace to the game, along with an environmental threat with its own wind powers, the Breeze provides a perfect challenge for the puzzle-inclined Trial Chambers.

4 Vault

A Perfect Answer To Multiplayer Loot

Minecraft 1.21 Trial Chamber Vault

An oddly important new block, the Vault is the current answer to a problem with servers for many players. While for players who usually focus on the single-player side of Minecraft, the Vault may seem handy, but on multiplayer servers, the changes it brings are immense.


Minecraft’s New Wolf Variants are a Bittersweet Addition

Minecraft’s new biome-specific wolf variants are a great addition, but the snapshot comes with some caveats that are more unfortunate.

As the Vault constantly supplies loot so long as the player unlocks it with a Trial Key, it accomplishes what the standard chest filled with loot cannot: it makes exploring an already-traversed structure still valuable in multiplayer settings. Usually, the worst thing a player can find on a server is a rare structure that’s already been fully looted, but with the Vault, a Trial Chamber can always be useful to anyone who finds it.

3 Crafter

Automatic Age Of Crafting


Something that has been neglected with how many other things have been announced for 1.21, the Crafter is a revolutionary block that will change Redstone contraptions and automation completely. A block that feels straight out of a mod, the Crafter is an automatic crafting table with automatic item output.

For players that build material farms, whether for Gold or Sugar Cane, or anything in between, the ability to automatically craft those gains into blocks, items, or food is tremendously valuable. The value of instantly and constantly having access to Golden Carrots or Firework Rockets, or truly any farmable item, cannot be understated. This, coupled with allays, hoppers, and waterways for items, is practically guaranteed to revolutionize how farming and crafting work in Minecraft forever.

2 The Mace

A Long Awaited Addition


An exciting addition for players focused on PvP, or simply players interested in new weapons to collect and use, the Mace is a fascinating and skill-based addition to the game’s arsenal. Adding an element of risk-reward gameplay for a weapon with uncapped damage potential, the Mace is a great weapon that is hard to get and harder to use well.


The Pros and Cons of Minecraft 1.21’s Mace for Future Weapons

Minecraft’s new mace is a fantastic step for the game’s combat, one that future weapons will have a great deal to learn from.

Since the Mace is a crafted weapon, and is currently not found on mobs or in loot chests, the only way to actually obtain one is by looting the new Trial Chambers. With half of the Mace requiring slaying a Breeze for a Breeze Rod, and the main hammer of the Mace being made from a Heavy Core, found rarely in Vaults, only players willing to explore the world thoroughly will obtain this legendary weapon. Given that the Mace can one-shot the Ender Dragon, the Wither, the Warden, and plenty of mobs in between, crafting one is certainly worth the trek.

1 The Trial Chambers

A New And Truly Challenging Structure

Minecraft Combat Against Mobs In A Trial Chamber

The most important part of 1.21, the Trial Chamber is the epicenter of practically every other major feature in this Minecraft update. Home to the Breeze and Bogged, the only place to find the Mace and Wind Charges, and the only structure with loot containers that will always offer more loot, the Trial Chambers are a definite must-see for well-equipped players.

Now that maps will be added to locate the Trial Chambers, much like Woodland Mansions and Ocean Monuments, actually finding all the treasure hidden within these underground structures won’t be as tedious as snapshots previously suggested. Beyond the new items and mobs, the plethora of Copper blocks and Bulbs within the Trial Chambers is another solid reason to seek one out, resulting in hundreds of Copper Ingots within minutes. The new structure also adds a great level of challenge, making it perfect for late-game players wanting valuable items and an increased challenge.

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November 18, 2011


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