• Isekai princesses bring a fresh twist to the fantasy genre by facing unique challenges and intriguing adventures.
  • Titles like “I’ll Never Be Your Crown Princess” explore unconventional love stories in a royal setting, adding depth to the narrative.
  • “Yakuza Reincarnation” stands out through its blend of Yakuza elements with fantasy, offering a unique tale in the isekai world.

The isekai theme is all about relinquishing one’s past existence for another go at life, one brimming with adventure and excitement. While reincarnation is always hit-or-miss, some protagonists are fortunate enough to be reborn into nobility. However, being a princess in a fantasy setting comes with its own set of qualms, leading to some truly amusing narratives.


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From escaping grim fates to defying the status quo, these princess protagonists are in for a ride, with their isekai adventure straying from the usual escapist fantasies of this genre. Several isekai anime and manga have taken up the princess protagonist theme, and each one adds its novel touch to this popular premise.

7 I’ll Never Be Your Crown Princess

MyAnimeList Rating: 6.53/10

I’ll Never Be Your Crown Princess Manga

Alternative Title

Outaishihi ni nante Naritakunai!!

Release Date

Oct 18, 2019

No. Of Chapters



Saki Tsukigami

A modern-day Japanese woman is thrown into a fantasy-like world, and that too, as a daughter of a Duke. Averse to the notion of marrying a prince, Lidiana plans an unchaste encounter, in-turn making herself ineligible to be one of the prince’s consorts.

Despite being successful in her scandalous plan, Lidiana is taken by surprise after finding out her chance encounter was actually the prince himself. With the prince now wanting her more than ever, Lidiana is in for a royal adventure. I’ll Never Be Your Crown Princess isn’t some ordinary love affair, as this isekai manga is laden with romantic twists.

6 The Villiainess Is Adored By The Crown Prince Of The Neighboring Kingdom

MyAnimeList Rating: 6.80/10

The Villiainess Is Adored by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Kingdom Manga

Alternative Title

Akuyaku Reijou wa Ringoku no Outaishi ni Dekiai sareru

Release Date

Dec 5, 2017

No. Of Chapters




With the villainess trope at its core, the manga follows a Japanese woman who gets reincarnated as Lady Tiararose Lapis Clementille, the villainess of her favorite otome game. However, she regains her memories too late, with no time to retract the game’s preset course. Condemned for her crimes and banished from her kingdom, Lady Tiararose has no choice but to accept her punishment.

However, a mysterious figure appears, one that was never part of the original otome game. Aquasteed, a prince of a neighboring kingdom, saves Tiararose from her banishment by asking for her hand in marriage. The Villiainess Is Adored by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Kingdom does exactly what its title states, coupled with a ton of romantic twists and turns.

5 My Lady Just Wants To Relax

MyAnimeList Rating: 7.0/10

My Lady Just Wants to Relax cover

Alternative Title

Reijou wa Mattari wo Goshomou.

Release Date

Mar 5, 2019

No. Of Chapters



Beni Mitsuki

With another take on the villainess princess trope, My Lady Just Wants to Relax stays true to its namesake with its laid-back premise. After being reincarnated into a novel, Ronia remains aware of the banishment that awaits her.


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Instead of trying to fight for her place within the kingdom, Ronia accepts her decreed punishment and goes on to open a café out in the countryside. Thus begins the laid-back life of a princess who, quite literally, just wants to relax.

4 Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady With The Lamp

MyAnimeList Rating: 7.33/10

Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp Anime

Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp
Release Date
January 10, 2024

Maho Film

Japanese Title
Gekai Elise

As one of the few manhwa-adapted anime out there, Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady With The Lamp’s isekai premise is unique, as it doubles as a reverse isekai of sorts. Dr. Aoi Takamoto is a truly selfless person, but her former life as villainess Elise de Clorance was everything but selfless. However, Elise’s second chance at life is cut short by a tragic plane crash.

By some stroke of luck, Elise wakes up in her original body, with her memories of her two past lives intact. Recognizing her mistakes, Elise vows to right her wrongs, forgoing her villainess past. Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady With The Lamp is a profound story of redemption, and the unconventional nature of its isekai lets the anime stand out among its villainess counterparts.

3 The Magical Revolution Of The Reincarnated Princess And The Genius Young Lady

MyAnimeList Rating: 7.48/10

The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady anisphia and euphyllia

The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady
Release Date
January 4, 2023


Japanese Title
Tensei Oujo to Tensai Reijou no Mahou Kakumei

Number of Episodes

With a princess protagonist at its forefront, The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady doubles as one of the few isekai anime to incorporate LGBT subtexts into its narrative. After a noblewoman named Euphyllia is denounced as the Kingdom’s next ruler, Princess Anisphia takes it upon herself to mend this grave injustice.


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Using her knowledge from her past life on Earth, Anisphia quickly becomes a magic genius, with her goal being to restore Euphyllia’s honor. However, their chance encounter leads to a few unwanted events to unravel, coupled with a blossoming affair between the two.

2 Yakuza Reincarnation

MyAnimeList Rating: 7.50/10

Yakuza Reincarnation: Yazuka Princess Of Another World

Alternative Title

Ninkyou Tensei: Isekai no Yakuza Hime

Release Date

Jul 19, 2019

No. Of Chapters



Takeshi Natsuhara, Hiroki Miyashita

Yakuza Reincarnation is an amusing isekai manga with its gender-bender antics, as the story follows a Yakuza boss who finds himself reincarnated as a young princess. With the wisdom of an entire lifetime, the new princess sets off on an action-filled journey in a fantasy world.

Being a mesh of Yakuza thematics and a fantasy setting, the manga offers a narrative that is truly unique within the isekai landscape. Despite its comical premise, Yakuza Reincarnation is laced with action and nuance, coupled with some grim undertones.

1 Who Made Me A Princess

MyAnimeList Rating: 8.45/10

Athanasia and Claude in Who Made Me a Princess

Release Date

Dec 20, 2017

No. Of Chapters




Athanasia de Alger Obelia is merely a fictional character from the novel “The Lovely Princess,” though her fate is laced with tragedy. In the novel, Athanasia is slain by her tyrannical father, despite her constant efforts to obtain his parental love and affection.

One day, a woman from modern-day Korea finds herself reincarnated as Athanasia, with the same doom-ridden fate awaiting her. Knowing the storyline of the novel, Athanasia works up a plan to avoid her father’s eventual wrath, though all of her tactics seem to fail one by one. Who Made Me a Princess offers a promising narrative within the doomed protagonist trope, and its popularity testifies to this fact.


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