• Both Resident Evil 4 and Alan Wake 2 were highly regarded and nominated for Game of the Year at The Game Awards in 2023.
  • Alan Wake 3 could learn from its successful peer to incorporate the merchant request mechanic from Resident Evil 4.
  • If implemented, the merchant requests could enhance the dual protagonist gameplay of Alan Wake 3, allowing one character to assist the other and unlock rewards for them.

2023 was a truly massive year for the survival horror genre. Not only did EA Motive’s phenomenal remake of Dead Space kick things off in a big way, but Resident Evil 4‘s remake and Alan Wake 2 both met – and arguably surpassed – fan expectations. Both games found themselves nominated for Game of the Year at The Game Awards, and though Baldur’s Gate 3 ultimately brought home that reward, it was surely an honor to be nominated for both Remedy and Capcom. Since both games were so well received, either franchise pulling from the other would not be shocking, and there is one particular mechanic that could make the jump from RE4 to the next Alan Wake.

Admittedly, Alan Wake 3 is not guaranteed, even if the latest game has been a major success. Alan Wake 2 is set to feature two expansions that could wrap up some loose ends, with one set to focus on Alan’s Twilight Zone-inspired Night Springs television show and the other set to feature the Federal Bureau of Control. The Final Draft new game plus content also gave the game a more definitive ending, so much so that Alan could just be a crossover character in Control 2 and other Remedy projects going forward. Still, if another game were to happen, it could make great use of Resident Evil 4’s Merchant Requests.


Alan Wake’s Arrival in Dead by Daylight Makes a Lot of Sense Lore-Wise

Alan Wake is joining Dead by Daylight, and there’s a great in-universe explanation for the author’s arrival into its world.

Resident Evil 4’s Merchant Requests Would Fit Alan Wake 3 Perfectly

Resident Evil 4 remake merchant

What Are Resident Evil 4’s Merchant Requests?

Resident Evil 4’s Merchant Requests are relatively straightforward side activities that reward players with an in-game currency called Spinel that they can use to acquire powerful upgrades from the Merchant. These tasks range from simple objectives like shooting rats and medallions that are scattered around specific areas of the map, to fighting strong mini-bosses or defacing a photo by tossing an egg at it. Ultimately, all are easy to find and fun to do, and players can quickly complete the requests before continuing on with Resident Evil 4’s main story.

While Alan Wake 3 would likely not feature a proper merchant to buy and sell upgrades, if it wanted to, Remedy already has the perfect candidate. Perhaps Ahti could sell Alan, Saga, or another Champion of Light parts he has found during his janitorial work, requesting some kind of fun tongue-in-cheek currency like thermoses in exchange for the gear.

How Alan Wake 3 Could Use Merchant Requests

If Alan Wake 3 were to incorporate this feature, and go the dual protagonists route again, it could really shine. Fans have already pointed out a small missed opportunity with Alan Wake 2’s shoeboxes, as they could have been used to transfer items between worlds, letting Saga give extra loot to Alan and vice versa. This idea could be realized by adding merchant requests in Alan Wake 3, as whichever protagonist players are not controlling at the time could ask for help from the one that they are playing as.

For instance, if Alan Wake 3 is about Alan rescuing Alice from the Dark Place, perhaps players would play as both Alan and Alice. While controlling Alan in the real world, he could spot a photograph Alice took while inside the Dark Place of an item that she needs, or something that she wants Alan to do in the real world. After completing this activity, a reward could be unlocked for Alice that players access when they take control of her later on, allowing players to make the different segments of the game easier for themselves by being thorough. Players could strategize around these requests, as if they are low on resources with Alice, they may not want to risk completing one of Alan’s optional tasks for her. Whether players are spotting a manuscript page from Alan on a wall in the dark place or a photo pinned to a tree in the real world, picking up these side objectives while exploring – just like in RE4 Remake – could work very well.


Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 debuted in October 2023, nearly fifteen years after its predecessor first hit stores. Remedy’s survival-horror game tells a dual-protagonist story, with one part following the eponymous writer while the other revolving around an agent named Saga Anderson.


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