Remember the PlayStation Portal? Its big claim to fame is being a remote player-only device for using your PS5 over Wi-Fi. However, any phone or PC can also act as your PlayStation remote player without much fuss.

You’ll first need to enable it on the PlayStation to set up remote play. First, go to settings, then System, and find the toggle under Remote Play.

You can download the app from PlayStation’s website on a Mac or PC. You need to download the PS Remote Play app from either the Play Store or the Apple App Store for mobile devices. You can also find this easily if you’re using the regular PlayStation app. After that, you’ll need to sign into your PSN account and link your PS5 to your device.

This will give you a direct stream of your PS5. It also brings up mobile controls on phones if you really want to use your PlayStation with a touchscreen. The better option is pairing your phone or device to a DualSense controller or looking for other mobile controller options like the Backbone One.


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