• Xbox may soon make major titles, including Starfield, multiplatform, potentially shifting its focus away from console exclusives.
  • The possibility of all Xbox titles eventually being made available on other platforms has surprised many fans, but several industry insiders have suggested that this shift could be announced as soon as this month.
  • The move towards multiplatform releases could be due to the lack of profitability for exclusives on the Xbox console and a desire to focus on game development and distribution.

A number of industry insiders have revealed to multiple outlets that Xbox is planning to make major titles like Starfield multiplatform, with some rumors suggesting that Microsoft will aim to make all Xbox titles available across platforms. PlayStation exclusive video games have helped boost that console’s popularity, while Xbox has lagged behind in hardware sales, and now insiders are starting to hint that Microsoft may redirect its focus toward multiplatform profitability.

While Xbox continues to see massive spikes in activity, due in large part to Xbox Game Pass, the platform has struggled to keep up with PlayStation and Nintendo in terms of console sales. Even though Xbox had previously offered console exclusives to drive interest in the platform, industry rumors suggest that the company is seeking profits from other markets.


Game Pass is Losing at Least 2 Games on February 15

Unfortunately for subscribers to the Game Pass service, at least two games are leaving the lineup after February 15.

Gaming industry analyst JezCorden shared a tweet claiming that Xbox will be focusing on multiplatform releases to earn greater “cash flow” from competitors. Shortly after the tweet, multiple media outlets began breaking the news of other confirmations regarding the new Xbox multiplatform strategy. A source speaking to XboxEra claims that Starfield will be coming to PS5 after the “Shattered Space” expansion lands on Xbox and PC. Another insider from Microsoft revealed to The Verge that Bethesda is considering releasing its upcoming game Indiana Jones and The Great Circle on PS5, likely a few months after the Xbox release. Bethesda is not the only studio whose titles have been rumored to go multiplatform, as recent weeks have seen insiders saying that both Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves are likely to jump ship and expand to other platforms.

Xbox Exclusives Rumored to Be Going Multiplatform


  • Starfield
  • Hi-Fi Rush
  • Sea of Thieves
  • Indiana Jones and The Great Circle
  • Doom Year Zero
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Halo Infinite
  • Pentiment
  • Grounded

Along with the rumored Bethesda titles going multiplatform, Xbox games including Halo Infinite and Microsoft Flight Simulator are also expected to be made available on other consoles. Perhaps most surprising is the suggestion that all Xbox titles will eventually be made multiplatform. While rumors have fluctuated between “some games” and “all games” for Microsoft’s multiplatform vision – Jez stated that he has heard both – the possibility of Xbox redirecting focus away from its own console has come as a shock to many fans. Some believe that the practice of Xbox Game Pass Day 1 releases led to a lack of profitability for exclusives on the console, while others are guessing that Microsoft may want to cut its hardware losses and focus solely on making and distributing games, regardless of platform. While these rumors remain unconfirmed by Xbox, the possibility of its own exclusives appearing on other consoles has peaked the interest of audiences.

Platform exclusivity remains a hotly debated topic among gaming fans, particularly those who have witnessed the long-standing “console wars” between Xbox and PlayStation. Xbox games have moved to PlayStation in the past, and vice versa, leading to generally favorable reception from players. Whether this battle between giants is coming to an end or simply changing direction remains to be seen, but fans may want to keep an eye out for official word from Xbox on the matter.


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