Apple introduced the ability to sideload iPhone apps in the European Union (EU) last month, in order to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulations, and users who have updated to iOS 17.4 will soon be able to install apps backed by Patreon via AltStore, an alternative app store designed to enable sideloading on iOS. As a result, developers will have an alternate method of monetising their apps in the EU, while skirting Apple’s commission on apps distributed via its App Store.

In a post on Threads, AltStore developer Riley Testut stated that the popular sideloading tool will soon be made available in the EU as an alternative App Marketplace, which would be fully compliant with Apple’s policies for third-party app stores in the region. Testut also shared a screen recording of the process of installing an app via the AltStore App Marketplace, which doesn’t appear to take more than a couple of taps.

It’s worth remembering that even developers who distribute free applications will have to pay Apple a Core Technology Fee of EUR 0.5 (roughly Rs. 45) for each user after the app has been downloaded more than one million times. As the download count also includes app updates, the CTF could be applicable to several apps that become wildly popular on third party app stores.

Testut informed TechCrunch that the AltStore App Marketplace in the EU will allow developers to offer Patreon-backed apps, offering the equivalent of an in-app purchase or subscription available in Apple’s App Store. The proceeds of these Patreon memberships could enable access to specific apps or features, while also allowing developers to monetise their applications or games.

iPhone owners in the EU who are running the AltStore App Marketplace will soon be able to install beta versions of clipboard manager Clip and Nintendo emulator Delta after becoming Patreon members — this costs $3 (roughly Rs. 250) per month, the developer told the publication. Users will be able to download the standard version of Delta for free, while a $1 Patreon membership will grant access to the stable version of the clipboard manager. 


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