• Dammon offers valuable weapons and goods that improve with each Act if players keep him alive, making him a top choice for traders.
  • Blurg and Omeluum in Act One’s Underdark provide essential items like Boots of Genial Striding and Pearl of Power Amulet.
  • Araj Oblodra offers unique items like Blood-Draw Elixirs and Potion of Everlasting Vigour, with choices that can impact the game’s story.

There are numerous merchants throughout the rich world of Baldur’s Gate 3, but some are especially worth seeking out. Whether they’re in the wilderness of Act One or found within the streets of the Gate in Act 3, some of these merchants are even important enough to impact the game’s story.


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In this list, we’ll cover ten of the best merchants Baldur’s Gate 3 throughout each Act, including merchants who sell more than just weapons and merchants who might appear several times throughout the game, offering better items each time.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Baldur’s Gate 3.


Specializes in Selling Weapons, Equipment, Dyes, & Arrows

Baldur's Gate 3, Dammon Forging, Karlach In Background

  • In Act One, Dammon is found within The Hollow inside the Emerald Grove.
  • In Act Two, he is found in a barn at the Last Light Inn.
  • In Act Three, Dammon is working at the Forge of the Nine within Baldur’s Gate’s Lower City.

One of the earliest encountered merchants, the friendly blacksmith Dammon is first encountered as a refugee in Act One’s Druid Grove. Dammon is an extremely useful merchant throughout the game – if players manage to keep him alive through each act, he will appear in the next act offering even better items each time. Plus, he’s also one of the most consistently wealthy traders, making him a great choice for players who need to sell off some items.


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Some of Dammon’s best Act One offerings include the Safeguarding Shield, thanks to the extra Saving Throw +1 it gives whoever holds it.

In Act Two, he offers the Harmonium Halberd, which is a great option for any physical damage dealers, like Karlach. Similarly, he also sells the Thorn Blade, which can be a great choice for any user with a range of concentration spells who also deal decent weapon damage, as it deals extra Poison damage when the user is concentrating on a spell. Sword of Clutching Umbra is also a great idea for rogues like Astarion or Trickster Clerics like Shadowheart. The Darkfire Shortbow is also great thanks to it granting Haste. In Act Two, Dammon can also make use of the Infernal Iron and Devilfoil Masks the player will find by crafting Infernal Armor and Orthon Explosives.

Finally, in Act Three, some of Dammon’s best offerings include the Legacy of the Masters gloves, which will enhance weapon attacks. Another great choice is the Boots of Persistence, which are massively useful for their Longstrider and Freedom of Movement effects.

Blurg & Omeluum

Both Sell Scrolls & Equipment

Baldur's Gate 3 Blurg And Omeluum

  • Both Blurg and Omeluum are found in Act One’s Underdark, located within the Myoconid Colony at Ebonlake Grotto.

Upon entering the Underdark, players can head straight for the Myconid Colony. Not only is the Colony home to an intriguing quest that spans its way across the Underdark, weaving its plot line with several other quests – it’s also home to a friendly Bugbear, Blurg, and his rather unusual illithid companion, Omeluum. That being said, Omeluum in particular can only be traded with if the player agrees to help him complete a certain quest.

Both of these Act One merchants offer some great items that can last even through much of Act Two. Some of Blurg’s highlights include the Boots of Genial Striding, the Circlet of Blasting, and The Psychic Spark, all of which offer helpful casts or movement buffs. Melf’s First Staff is also a great idea for magic users. Omeluum also has some useful items, including the Pearl of Power Amulet – a great item for any last-minute spell restorations. Similarly, The Shadespell Circlet is a great item for Astarion or anyone who hides a lot, and the Ring of Salving is a useful option for Clerics and healers.

Roah Moonglow

A Mystery Who Sells A Large Range Of Suspicious Goods, Like Thieve Tools & Weapons

roah moonglow

  • In Act One, Roah is in the Shattered Sanctum inside of the Goblin Camp.
  • In Act Two, Roah moves to the left side of the entry hall of Moonrise Towers.
  • Roah appears in several places within Act Three: first in the Lower City Sewers, and – if she lives – again in the Guildhall.

Roah Moonglow is another character who will make her way throughout the acts of Baldur’s Gate 3 alongside the player. Though she’s a rather morally dubious trader working for the Zhentarim – and allying with whoever she must as she travels in tandem with the player – she has some great items to offer to the player.

Some highlights of her Act One inventory include the Rare Gold Wyrmling Staff for players interested in combining magic with brute strength; the Monster Slayer Glaive which will come in very handy throughout both Act One and Act Two; and a Potion of Invisibility, which can come in clutch throughout the entirety of the game, especially if a player doesn’t have Astarion on hand to sneak around.

In Act Two, some useful stock includes niche items for players using a certain build, such as the Gloves of Crushing for any players interested in unarmed classes or the famous Tavern Brawler build; the Armor of Devotion is similarly helpful for those classed into Paladin; and the Drakethroat Glaive is a great choice for Dragonborn. She also has two items that allows the player to cast extra spells: Ne’er Misser is a bow that allows the user to cast Magic Missile, and the Poisoner’s Ring gives the option of casting Virulent Venom.

While Roah appears in Act Three, she will only trade with the player for a short amount of time. However, all of her equipment from earlier acts can be pickpocketed from her, so if players have exceptionally sticky fingers, there are still opportunities to use any of the previous items that they please!


A Support Merchant Who Can Provide Potions & A Helpful Ring

Volo in Baldur's Gate 3

  • Volo is first found in Act One‘s Goblin Camp, trapped in a cage at the entrance.

Though Volo may seem irritatingly clueless to some players, he’s a very useful ally to have around. Initially found trapped in the Goblin Camp in Act One, he’s a great merchant – one that’s made even better by the fact that he’ll always be in the player’s camp… up until he finds himself in trouble once again in Act Three. Once he appears in the players’ camp in Act One, though, he has several useful items to offer to the player, including TheWhispering Promise, a ring that will give any creature healed by the wearer a bonus to Attack Rolls and Saving Throws – very good for Clerics and any other support-focused play style. He also has access to many great scrolls, including scrolls like Scroll of Featherfall and, for higher-level players, Scrolls of Otto’s Irresistible Dance.


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Another great thing about Volo is that if he’s traveling with the player, he can be stolen from essentially every time the player goes to camp (as long as the player’s Tav is good enough at stealing things, that is). This means players can gain repeated access to extremely useful Scrolls with spells that will grow alongside the party’s level.

Lady Esther

An Intellect Who Sells A Cloak & Useful Potions

lady esther bg3

  • Lady Esther appears in Act One, on a smaller offshoot of the main Rosymorn Monastery Trail path.

Set close to the entrance of the Rosymorn Monastery Trail, Lady Esther is a great late Act One merchant. She sells a plethora of items, including The Graceful Cloth, great for Monks and Rogues; Gloves of Cinder and Sizzle, which comes with the ability to cast Scorching Ray as well as being another great option for Monks; and Boots of Elemental Momentum, which is a great option for Sorcerers and Wizards, as well as any other elemental damage-focused play style.

Players should be aware that though Lady Esther can be found again in Act Three, she will not be a trader and the previous items cannot be pickpocketed from her. As such, be sure to purchase – or steal – from her in Act One, as the opportunity won’t appear again, even if Lady Esther will.

Quartermaster Talli

A Harper Quartermaster Who Will Aid In The Cursed Shadow Lands

Talli in BG3
Quartermaster Talli in BG3.

  • Quartermaster Talli is found in Act Two at the Last Light Inn, standing in the courtyard.

Talli can be found with her fellow Harpers in the courtyard of the Last Light in in Act Two. She sells a huge range of useful items, including the Shield of Devotion, which is amazing for spellcasters; the Incandescent Staff which offers both Fire Bolt as a cantrip and Fireball as a spell; the Mighty Cloth, which is great for characters like Karlach; Yuan-Ti Scale Mail for rangers and other Dex-focused players; and Shadeclinger Armor for players who need a little more stealth.

Lann Tarv

Moonrise Towers’ Rude Quartermaster With Great Items For Aggressive Players

Lann Tarv in Baldur's Gate 3

  • Lann Tarv is found in Act Two on the ground floor of Moonrise Towers, standing inside by the main doors to the tower.

Lann Tarv is one of the very best merchants Baldur’s Gate 3 has to offer, if only because players can gain a large, quick and relatively easy discount almost as soon as they meet him in Act Two. That being said, every item Lann Tarv sells is amazing for at least one character in the party, including Karlach, Gale, Shadowheart, and Lae’zel.

As such, it’s recommended that the player definitely visit Lann Tarv to purchase as much as they can from him. Players can also gain a few extra items if they can convince Z’rell to aid them in their hunt for Ketheric’s relic. However, players should do this as quickly as they can; it’s likely that Lann Tarv will be made permanently hostile at some point, and not all of his stock can be looted from him.

Araj Oblodra

A Truly Unique Potion & Bomb Seller

Araj Oblodra from Baldur's Gate 3

  • In Act Two, Araj is found in a room to the left of the entrance to Moonrise Towers, close to where Roah is found.
  • In Act Three, Araj has a shop in the Lower City to the east of the Blushing Mermaid.

Araj is a slightly unsettling Drow who first appears in Act Two, though – depending on the player’s actions – she can also be found later in Act Three’s Lower City. She can first be found in Act Two, though she can be slightly difficult to find. Upon locating her in Moonrise Towers, she tells the player that she has an interest in studying the blood of True Souls, and she requests a sample of the player’s blood to study. If the player agrees, they’ll receive useful Blood-Draw Elixirs that will provide buffs that change depending on the race of who gives the blood. Alongside this, she may also pay the player for the blood they provide, as long as they can pass a DC14 History check first.

In Moonrise Towers, she also offers the player a difficult choice to make: she can give the player a Potion of Everlasting Vigour, permanently increasing the Strength of whoever drinks it. However, it comes at the cost of forcing an unwilling Astarion to drink her blood. If players aren’t currently romancing Astarion, this is well worth the cost; however, those romancing Astarion may want to be careful, as it’s likely that this decision will end a romantic relationship with Astarion on the spot.


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Araj can also be found again in Act Three, but only if players donated blood in Act Two. Here, players can take a few risks to gain certain things from Araj: if they agree to drink a Mysterious Potion to help Araj with her blood experiments, they’ll gain a permanent feature called Unstable Blood. While some may argue whether or not this feature is a buff, it certainly allows for more exciting playthroughs. Similarly, if players then choose to donate more blood (which may be the best option for some; refusing turns Araj permanently hostile), they will gain access to Sanguine Explosives.


A Great Magical Vendor, Despite His Rudeness

Baldur's Gate 3 Lorroakan Boss Fight

  • Lorroakan is found within Act Three, located within the Lower City in the large round Sorcerous Sundries building.

Players should be well aware of Lorroakan and his shop, Sorcerous Sundries, by the time they reach Act Three; he’s been mentioned by name in a certain story quest for a while by the time they meet him. While Rolan may be the merchant for players who make certain choices in earlier parts of the story, a projection of Lorroakan will likely replace him at some point.

He carries several great items, including Armour of Landfall as a particularly good choice for druids; Quickspell Gloves that allow spellcasters the option to cast a cantrip as a bonus action once per Short Rest; Birthright to help raise Charisma; and several other fantastic items that are especially versatile and well worth the gold. If the player manages to find Lorroakan himself, they should also pickpocket from him if they can; he carries a few other items that are worth grabbing.

Figaro Pennygood

A Specialist For Aesthetic Items, Like Clothing & Dyes

figaro pennygood bg3

  • Figaro is found in Act Three. He is also found in the Lower City, with his shop being found south of the Baldur’s Gate waypoint.

Though Figaro may not have items as useful as many other merchants in the Gate, especially as an Act Three merchant, he is an absolute must for players obsessed with dyeing their gear. He has a huge range of dyes to choose from, but that’s not all – if players can manage to save him from a certain Bhaal-obsessed serial killer creeping around the Gate, they’ll receive a huge discount on his stock.

He also carries expensive, rare, and aesthetically pleasing pieces of camp clothing that many players will be glad to put their favorite companion in, so players should be sure to keep their eye out for Facemaker’s Boutique in the Lower City.



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