• Shapeshifter’s Boon Ring grants +1 to shapeshifting checks, obtainable by defeating Strange Ox in Act 3.
  • Djinni Ring allows casting Mage Hand, pickpocket it from Akabi in The Circus of Last Days.
  • Ring of Regeneration restores 1d4 hit points each turn, available for purchase at Sorcerous Sundries.

One of the joys of Baldur’s Gate 3 is the ability to tailor gameplay to a very specific play style. The multitude of enchanted rings that players can find and equip throughout the three acts are a particularly versatile piece of equipment to collect. This is, in part, due to the fact that players get two ring slots on each character, as opposed to most equipment pieces that only have one.


Baldur’s Gate 3: 13 Best Rings You Can Get In Act 1, Ranked

Enchanted rings in Baldur’s Gate 3 can provide players with handy perks, and there are plenty to pick up, even in Act 1.

This means a total of eight rings can be equipped between the current party of four characters. But players don’t have to accept quantity at the expense of quality. Baldur’s Gate 3 has some very powerful rings, and these are the best ones to find in the final act in preparation for the party’s final battles.

Updated March 27, 2024, by Nyah Payne: The best Baldur’s Gate 3 rings don’t just end in the first act, and Act Three has plenty of amazing rings that players must discover if they are to finally take down the Absolute. With the new Honour Mode, and the addition of Xbox Series X|S players joining the Baldur’s Gate 3 party, it’s as good time as ever to look at BG3’s best rings in Act Three, and showcase the power that could be within players hands.

11 Shapeshifter’s Boon Ring

+1 Bonus To All Checks While Shapeshifting Or Disguised

What is the Strange Ox in Baldur's Gate 3

  • Location: Requisitioned Barn, Rivington
  • Related Quests: Help The Devilish Ox
  • Use: +1 bonus to all checks while shapeshifting or disguised

This ring is a slightly sneaky entry, as it can be obtained in any of the game’s three acts. Obtaining it requires killing its current quite interesting owner, so it can be worth holding off until the final act to acquire it. This ring is a drop from the character known as ‘Strange Ox’. Originally met in the Druid Grove, it seems there is more than meets the eye to this ox. In The Last Light Inn, it is revealed that it has some rather sinister thoughts for a bovine.

It can be encountered in Act 3 in Rivington, where it requests the player’s help to sneak it into the city proper, but players will ultimately need to kill it if they want the ring. This ring grants its wearer a +1 bonus to all checks while shape-shifting or disguised. It is worth weighing up whether this ring would benefit players enough to warrant killing the Strange Ox, as helping it complete its quest will allow players to summon it in the final few battles, where the Strange Ox demonstrates that it can shift into some much more powerful creatures, such as a minotaur, shadow mastiff, dire wolf, or phase spider.

10 Djinni Ring

Allows The Wearer To Cast ‘Mage Hand’ Cantrip

Baldur's Gate 3, Akabi The Djinni

  • Location: The Circus Of The Last Days
  • Related Quests: Find Dribbles The Clown
  • Use: Mage Hand, Conjuration Cantrip, Conjures a spectral hand that can manipulate objects

The Djinni Ring may sound a little more powerful than it actually is. Its name comes from the fact that it is owned by a djinni, Akabi, who can be found at the Circus of the Last Days, but all it does is allow its wearer to cast the Mage Hand cantrip. This power is not to be frowned on, though, as Akabi proves by using it to rig a ‘spin the wheel’ game.

While the ring itself may not be the most powerful of the Act 3 options, stealing it can lead to the player finding a much more powerful ring, as discussed further down the list. Mage Hand is still a useful cantrip, so worth picking up if players are willing to tangle with a djinni. Unfortunately, it can only be pickpocketed or looted from Akabi.

9 Ring Of Truthfulness

Grants Advantage On Insight Checks

Baldur's Gate 3, Rivington Windmill Newborn Mindflayer

  • Location: Abandoned Windmill, Rivington
  • Related Quests: Feed The Mind Flayer
  • Use: Advantage on insight checks

This can be a challenging ring to find but is worth picking up. It is a rare ring dropped upon death by the newborn mindflayer who has hidden within a windmill in Rivington. Since the mindflayer is newly born and starving for brains, it shouldn’t be a particularly challenging fight for players.

The windmill is slightly out of the way, however, and the door is locked, making it a little obscure to find. True to its name, the rare ring gives its wearer an Advantage on insight checks, useful in a roleplay sense to find out what those more secretive characters are really thinking.

8 Til Death Do Us Part

Allows The Wearer To Cast ‘Beacon Of Hope’

Baldur's Gate 3, Lady Jannath In Estate

  • Location: Lady Jannath’s Estate
  • Related Quests: Free The Artist
  • Use: Beacon Of Hope, Level Three Abjuration Spell, Allies regain maximum health when healed, and gain advantage on Wisdom saving throws and death saving throws

Players are more likely to naturally encounter this ring if they are trying to complete the ‘Free The Artist’ quest, but it can be obtained by anyone with sticky fingers. This rare ring belongs to Lady Jannath, who can be found in her estate. If Oskar the artist has been rescued, players should explore it with caution, as the house is aggressively haunted.

The ring can be pickpocketed from Lady Jannath but, perhaps sadly, can’t be bought. It is also a reward for completing the quest by saving Oskar from the ghost of his ex-lover and telling Lady Jannath the truth about him or, if he wasn’t rescued in Act One, telling Lady Jannath why he fled their wedding. The ring lets its wearer cast the third-level abjuration spell, Beacon Of Hope.

7 After Death Do Us Part

Returns The Downed Wearer At Half Health But Leaves Them Possessed

Baldur's Gate 3, Possessed Oskar Fevras

  • Location: Lady Jannath’s Estate
  • Related Quests: Free The Artist
  • Use: When the wearer is downed, returns them to life with half their hit point maximum, but inflicts them with Shadow Possession

Related to the ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ ring, ‘After Death Do Us Part’ can also be obtained during the ‘Free the Artist’ questline from Lady Jannath. As with ‘Til Death Do Us Part’, this ring is dropped by Lady Jannath if Oskar wasn’t saved in Act One and players tell her why he ran from their wedding.

If Oskar was rescued, it can also be obtained by letting the ghost of his ex-lover, Kerri, kill him, or dropped by Oskar after saving Oskar from Kerri and telling Lady Jannath the truth about him. This rare ring has the very powerful effect of returning a downed character with half of their hit point maximum, with the main drawback being that they will be possessed and will attack the closest character to them, dealing some extra necrotic damage, even if that character is an ally.


  • Location: The Open Hand Temple
  • Related Quests: Find The Missing Letters
  • Use: Blink, Level Three Transmutation Spell, Caster can blink between the material plane and the ethereal plane, where they can move but can’t interact/be interacted with

This rare ring can be found in the paws of a loyal friend, Gale’s tressym, Tara. Players are most likely to find her and the ring by completing the ‘Find The Missing Letters’ side quest, initiated by the couriers. For those who aren’t interested in gaining the intel from the amusing carrier pigeons, or perhaps don’t have any ability to speak to animals, Tara can be found on the roof of The Open Hand Temple, easily accessed by climbing up the bell tower.


Baldur’s Gate 3: 12 Best Rings You Can Get In Act 2, Ranked

There are plenty more enchanted rings to pick up in act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3 that are sure to give players an edge following on from the first act.

Should players talk amiably with Tara, or bring her old friend, Gale, along to smooth things over, she will agree to leave the pigeons alone and also allow players to take the Ring Of Blink. This ring allows its wearer to cast Blink, a powerful level 3 transmutation spell.

5 Ring Of Feywild Sparks

Triggers A Wild Magic Surge Every Time The Wearer Casts A Spell

Baldur's Gate 3, Auntie Ethel True Green Hag Form

  • Location: The Blushing Mermaid Basement
  • Related Quests: Find Vanra, Avenge The Hag Survivors
  • Use: When the wearer has the sorcerer’s Tides Of Chaos feature active, they will always trigger a wild magic surge when they cast a spell

Players are likely to get their hands on this very rare ring if they are investigating the ‘Find Vanra’ or ‘Avenge The Hag Survivors’ side quests, but obtaining it is going to require defeating a familiar foe. This ring can be looted from the body of Auntie Ethel after battling her in the basement of The Blushing Mermaid.

While it has a very niche effect, it is a very fun ring for wild magic sorcerers. When its wearer has their Tides of Chaos feature active, they will always trigger a wild magic surge when they cast a spell. Bring on the chaos!

4 Burnished Ring

Allows The Wearer To Cast ‘Paralyzing Ray’

baldurs gate 3 house of hope hope

  • Location: The House Of Hope
  • Related Quests: Acquire The Gauntlets For Helsik, Save Hope, Free Orpheus, Help Kith’rak Voss
  • Use: Paralyzing Ray, Level Three Necromancy Spell, Paralyzes a target

The Burnished Ring can be found in one of the most challenging places in Act 3, Raphael’s House Of Hope. Luckily for the players, this very rare ring is one of the many powerful artifacts that can be obtained there. While most of these items can be found displayed in Raphael’s collection, the Burnished Ring is in a slightly more obscure location. One of Raphael’s many tortured souls, Hope, has her own prison down a trapdoor in the House Of Hope.

Hope is guarded by many horrors, including a few spectators, essentially mini beholders, for those familiar with the more infamous Dungeons and Dragons monsters. One of these spectators will drop the Burnished Ring, which allows the wearer to cast Paralyzing Ray. Paralysis is a powerful ability to wield against a player’s opponents, making this a ring well worth the risk to obtain.

3 Orphic Ring

Allows The Wearer To Cast ‘Confusion’ At Level Five

Orpheus locked in the Astral Prism in Baldur's Gate 3

  • Location: The Astral Prism
  • Related Quests: Help Your Protector
  • Use: Confusion, Level Five Enchantment Spell, Confuse a group of creatures so they wander and attack randomly, sometimes skipping turns

The Orphic Ring is a tough ring to obtain, both morally and tangibly, as it requires killing its owner, Orpheus. Orpheus is the Githyanki prince trapped in the astral prism. He is also the source of the party’s protection against the Absolute. While killing him under certain circumstances, namely the end of Act 2, will result in a unique game over, players can kill Orpheus under some specific circumstances.

This is typically the case if players are teaming up with The Emperor towards the climax of Act Three. Looting Orpheus’s body will allow players to obtain the Orphic Ring. This very rare ring allows its wearer to cast the very powerful enchantment spell, Confusion, at level 5. Worth having, if players are willing to sacrifice the Githyanki prince.

2 Band Of The Mystic Scoundrel

Wearer Can Cast A Spell After A Weapon Attack

Baldur's Gate 3, Chult Camp With Skeleton And Backpack

  • Location: Jungle Of Chult
  • Related Quests: N/A
  • Use: Wearer can cast an enchantment or illusion spell as a bonus action after a weapon attack

Remember the Djinni Ring? It can come in handy to obtain the Band Of The Mystic Scoundrel. Players can beat Akabi the djinni at his own game, either by distracting him and changing the wheel or by stealing the Djinni Ring that he uses to cheat. Like most djinni, though, Akabi does not take kindly to trickery at his expense.

He banishes the offender to the jungle of Chult, a unique area in the game that can’t be accessed any other way. Here, players are going to have to avoid the dinosaurs that roam around but, in the hidden camp far above the dinosaur cave, players can find a skeleton next to a backpack. Within the backpack, players will find this rare ring that lets players cast an enchantment or illusion spell as a bonus action after a weapon attack—a very powerful ring for characters that combine martial and arcane abilities.

1 Ring Of Regeneration

Wearer Regenerates 1d4 Hit Points Each Turn

Baldurs Gate 3 Rolan Quest Walkthrough Act 3 Lorroakan Dead

  • Location: Sorcerous Sundries
  • Related Quests: Gather Your Allies
  • Use: Regenerate 1d4 hit points each turn

This very rare ring is available for purchase in Sorcerous Sundries, the wizard tower in the center of Baldur’s gate, for 360 gold. The vendor will either be a projection of Lorroakan, the wizard who lives in the tower, or Rolan the tiefling, if he made it to Baldur’s Gate.

As its name suggests, it allows its wearer to regenerate 1d4 hit points each turn. This ability is not to be understated, as a single hit point can be the difference between life and death. A definite must-have Act 3 ring and it can be obtained very simply, so long as players have some spare gold or are willing to risk theft.



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