• Fighting Anders, the leader of Zariel’s servants, in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a tough challenge that often catches players off-guard, causing instant death and leaving the party at a disadvantage in the early stages of the game.
  • Disrespecting Vlaakith, the God-leader of the Githyanki, by waving at her during a meeting results in instant death for the entire party in Baldur’s Gate 3, but the option is too funny to resist.
  • Taking a daring leap into the Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3 is risky, as players can experience instant death if they happen to get pushed or knocked back in the wrong place. The danger is unpredictable, adding thrill and suspense to the game.

Playing an RPG with a leveling system usually means that adventurers are intended to get incremental challenges to strengthen their abilities as opposed to getting them killed, but that’s a guideline as opposed to a rule. Even the most benevolent Dungeon Master would agree that every adventurer needs a bigger challenge with higher and possibly even permanent stakes.


Baldur’s Gate 3: Most Important Characters, Ranked

Some characters in Baldur’s Gate 3 hold greater importance over others, whether that’s their vast knowledge or destructive power.

Characters often die in Dungeons & Dragons games when they take a bad step or fail a dice roll, and this carries over into video games like Baldur’s Gate 3, which relies on D&D rules, lore, and settings. The developers and writers of BG3 really did think of everything, so contrary to what Astarion says, go ahead and do something hilarious. Just make sure to quicksave first.

1 Losing An Initiative Role To Anders

This Paladin Packs A Wallop

Baldur's Gate 3 Karlach Or Anders Collage

Fighting the Paladins of Tyr rather than killing Karlach is an easy choice, but fighting Anders, the leader of Zariel’s servants, is a surprisingly tough fight. What makes it even worse is that most players are unprepared for it and it takes place early in Act 1, before players have a variety of choices between potions or buffs.

Paladins have a special ability that allows them to make a devastating attack with a two-handed weapon, along with skills like Extra Attack and Divine Smite. If Anders gets the first hit, and he often does, he can easily down players in one turn, leaving a party of three to defeat not only him but also his allies.

2 Waving To Vlaakith

It’s Not Wise To Upset A God

Baldurs Gate 3 Creature Size Guide Vlaakith Meeting Creche Large

Feel free to save scum this scene just for the fun of it, as it is with so many of the jaw-dropping turns these stories often take. Someone thought it would be funny to wave at the God-leader of the Githyanki, Vlaakith, during their terse meeting in the Creche beneath the ruined monastery.


Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Find the Githyanki Patrol (And What to Tell Them)

Lae’zel is certain the githyanki can cure the party of their parasites in Baldur’s Gate 3, and the first step is to find their nearby patrol.

That’s not a joke. Instead of bowing or staying silent during the dialogue choices, there’s an option to wave to Vlaakith or tell her to kill the being inside the Astral Prism herself. This level of disrespect elicits instant death for the entire party, even Lae’zel, but it’s too funny to pass up.

3 Taking A Flying Leap Into The Underdark

Even With Feather Fall, This Can Mean Instant Death


There are a few places where it’s possible to take this dangerous but thrilling shortcut, but some are less safe than others, and there’s no way to find out until it’s too late. That little “death” icon doesn’t always appear, and if players get pushed or knocked back in the wrong place at the wrong moment, they’re going down anyway.

A common place for this is Whispering Depths, a cave system beneath the Blighted Village in Act 1. There are a few suspicious holes and pits here that lead both to the Underdark and total oblivion and if the spiders and ettercaps take fans by surprise, it’s too easy to tumble down one and die before they even get to the minotaurs or beholders far, far below.

4 Setting Off The Monastery Trap

Worth It

blood of lathander trap bg3

Players could waste the whole day poking around in the Monastery for the right weapons to solve the stained-glass window puzzle, obtain the Monk’s hidden seal, travel through the Githyanki Creche, and take the Blood of Lathlander mace without breaking a sweat. On the other hand, why do that when it’s possible to just grab it and run while the whole place gets blown up?


Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Maces, Ranked

Maces are an ancient and noble weapon, and in Baldur’s Gate 3, these are the best ones a player can get their hands on.

The trap that’s triggered when the mace is simply plucked from the elevated platform is impressive, but it’s also capable of killing every character in the whole party. The game shifts into turn-based mode to give players a much better chance of escaping, and they can run through the portal that opens so the weapon can fire. The hissy fit that Astarion throws if players kill and resurrect him after this event is priceless.

5 Fighting Orin As A Squishy Dark Urge

Sorcerers And Wizards Beware

Oculata Sorcerer vs the slayer dark urge run bg3

Those that have taken on the Dark Urge, one of the Origin characters with a mysterious background that connects them to the main plotline, will have to face Orin as the Slayer in a one-on-one fight in Act 3. The prize is the favor of their mutual parent, Bhaal, the Lord of Murder, and if one’s character is wearing light or no armor, Orin can easily destroy them in one turn.

Paladins and Fighters are examples of classes that can survive her first attack, and Rogues or Rangers can either stay at a ranged distance or use natural Stealth abilities. Squishy classes, like Wizards and Sorcerers, need to be more strategic to even have a chance in this fight.

Not only is this a quick and shocking way to die, but losing to Orin in this fight eventually results in one of the worst possible endings for any character in the game. It’s wise to gather some potions, Feats, and scrolls to avoid getting killed this way.



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