• Bring a shovel, lockpicks, and high-perception characters to find the best gear in
    Baldur’s Gate 3
  • Seek hidden treasures like the Club of Hill Giant Strength, Smuggler’s Ring, and Bonespike Gloves for bonuses.
  • Locate unique weapons like Sorrow, The Blood of Lathander, and the Infernal Rapier for powerful abilities.

Baldur’s Gate 3 offers players a plethora of opportunities for loot and reward, and players can even stumble upon the best gear in Baldur’s Gate 3 if they have the perception and smarts to figure out just where to look. It’s best to bring a shovel, plenty of lockpicks, and some high-perception characters to the party, as the best-hidden treasure in Baldur’s Gate 3 can provide a bounty of bonuses.


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Whether players are seeking riches or more power to create the best builds in Baldur’s Gate 3, these piles of hidden treasure are worthy of seeking out, regardless of their findings. Players can discover holes in the ground, dirt mounds in need of digging up, and hidden areas that others might deem inaccessible at first glance, all to gain more gear.

9 Club Of Hill Giant Strength

Found By Breaking The Suspicious Stool On The Top Floor Of The Arcane Tower In The Underdark

club of hill giant strength

  • Splinters of a Giant’s Might: Increases Strength to 19
  • 1~7 Damage (1d4-1 Bludgeoning) (+1d4 Fire)

A rotting chair leg doesn’t exactly possess the greatest confidence when it comes to weaponry, but the vibrating splinters showcase an elite power within the wood itself. The Club of Hill Giant Strength may not be the greatest weapon for players to find, but it is an illustrious hidden treasure that can be found to those who explore the depths and heights of the Underdark.

This club will provide players with an increase to 19 Strength, which will alter their ability score as long as they have the Club of Hill Giant Strength equipped. This can be useful for athletic and attack rolls, as well as increasing the jump distance, carry weight, and shove potential, so long as players are brave enough to reach the top of the Arcane Tower to claim it.

8 Smuggler’s Ring

Looted From A Skeleton Hidden In A Bush Under The Risen Road Bridge

The broken bridge leading to Risen Road in Baldur's Gate 3

  • Stealth +2
  • Sleight of Hand +2
  • Charisma -1

Venturing the Risen Road can be a dangerous one thanks to the hyenas preparing to birth gnolls onto the battlefield, but if players were to ignore the ghastly sight and venture below, succeeding in a perception check to discover a hidden skeleton, they will find a delightful Smuggler’s Ring, allowing players to pursue further covert arts to whoever decides to wear this accessory.

In addition to both stealth and sleight of hand checks are perfect for those who love to loot, steal, and otherwise be one with shadows and thievery. This ring is nearly essential to those who want to invest heavily in a pickpocketing character, but the loss of charisma just means they’re best kept in the dark rather than at the forefront of the conversation.

7 Bonespike Gloves

Looted From Strangler Luke In The Undercity Ruins (Must Be Looted Before Completing The Trial)

baldur's gate 3 temple of bhaal main menu visual bug patch 6

  • Exoskeletal Reinforcement: Your attacks ignore Resistance to Slashing, Piercing, and Bludgeoning damage.

Embark down below Baldur’s Gate in the Get Orin’s Netherstone quest, where players will need to fight through a deadly trial in order to enter the Temple of Bhaal. With most facing this challenge just expecting to run through, players might miss a certain enemy, Strangler Luke, as well as the fact that they can loot his body mid-turn. It is essential to loot this NPC, otherwise, they’re missing out forever on some godly loot.

Players can find this hidden treasure and expect to wear some brilliant gloves that were soaked in the marrow of a Dragon Turtle. The gloves themselves are perfect for melee-focused characters, as they can run in and ignore those resilient to damaging types that would make their weapons null and void.

6 Sorrow

Found Within The Druid Grove’s Hidden Vault Using The Stone Slab At The Wolf Altar

sorrow glaive

  • Sorrowful Lash: Bonus Action Transmutation Cantrip
  • 2~14 Damage (1d10 Slashing) (+1d4 Fire)

Every drop of blood spilled with Sorrow may destroy parts of the soul, but it’s well worth it for those seeking a glaive that can provide them with extra reach for their opponents. This weapon is grand, especially early into its findings of Act One, in which players can return to the Emerald Grove and use a stone slab at the wolf altar to open up a hidden vault within the library.

Within the treasure, players can find Sorrow, a rare and priceless glaive, that will aid players in searching for something with greater reach. The fact that players can use Sorrowful Lash as a bonus action, allowing them to pull targets even closer, adds a great effect for an impressive weapon.

5 The Blood of Lathander

Found Inside The Secret Chamber Within The Githyanki Creche

the blood of lathander

  • Lathander’s Blessing: Once per Long Rest, when your hit points are reduced to 0, you regain 2~12 hit points. Allies within 9m also regain 1~6 hit points.
  • 4~12 Damage (1d6+2 Bludgeoning) (+1d4 Fire)

The Blood of Lathander is a unique quest in Baldur’s Gate 3, providing players with the opportunity to follow a mystery and stumble upon a holy relic, or certain doom. Whilst the path may be filled with bloodshed and traps, it’s well worth it, for no gold can amount to the great prize of The Blood of Lathander, a legendary weapon worthy of praise.


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So early into the game, and with bonuses that guarantee the wielder is revived, The Blood of Lathander provides a holy genius of weaponry, especially with Lathander’s Light and Sunbeam, ensuring that the player can smite down foes with ease as they embark on the journey to Act Two.

4 Infernal Rapier

Bring Wyll Into The Mind Flayer Colony And Free Zariel’s Asset With A Persuasion Check

infernal rapier

  • 3~10 Damage (1d8+2 Piercing)
  • High Spellcasting: You gain a +1 bonus to Spell Save DC.
  • Melee Caster: Instead of its Dexterity Modifier, the affected entity adds its Spellcasting Ability Modifier to Attack Rolls.
  • Planar Ally: Cambion (Level 6 Conjuration Spell)

An easily missable hidden treasure in Moonrise Towers is the Infernal Rapier, a reward that players can claim, but only if they have Wyll on board their party at the end of Act Two when they embark the depths below Moonrise Towers into the Mind Flayer Colony after deciding the fate of the Nightsong. From here, they need to bring Wyll, find Zariel’s asset, and then pass a DC 14 Persuasion Check to convince the asset for a reward, which is the Infernal Rapier.

Not bringing along Wyll is something many may miss, and this secret treasure will be lost forever. The Infernal Rapier is a pretty decent weapon too, thanks to its +1 bonus to Spell Save and Melee Caster modifiers. As a plus, it looks pretty cool, too.

3 Stillmaker

Picked Up From Within The Cave Mouth’s Secret Hole At Wyrm’s Crossing

stillmaker dagger

  • 8~11 Damage (1d4+7 Piercing)
  • Hold Person (Level 3 Enchantment Spell)

A light dagger, the Stillmaker is great for the rogues and the assassins out there who want to get close to their targets. The twisting blade design is unique, with well-placed carvings to nick the flesh as many times as possible. There’s a paralytic poison to the blade, which comes in handy with every attack, which may evoke the Hold Person Enchantment Spell on the victim, forcing them to skip a turn, or many.

Players will have to wait till Act Three to obtain this dagger, but it’s great on more shadowy characters who don’t mind disguising themselves in shadow, obscuring themselves to get close enough to targets to ruin their day, and perhaps life. Just be careful to pass the necessary perception check, and kill the doppelgangers who seek the same weapon.

2 Band Of The Mystic Scoundrel

Win The Djinn Akabi’s Jackpot By Stealing His Ring, Then Loot The Backpack At The Broken Tent In The Jungle Of Chult

band of the mystic scoundral

  • Illusion Quickening: After hitting a creature with a weapon attack, you can cast an illusion or enchantment spell as a bonus action.

Cheating a Djinn out of its loot is never a good idea unless there’s something really good involved. When players head to Act Three’s Rivington, they should immediately charge forth to the Circus of the Last Days. This location is filled with fun for everyone, but the Djinn is the real prize seeker, and players will want to pickpocket his ring and then play for his jackpot. Upon doing so, they are teleported to the Jungle of Chult, where they must fight dinosaurs. Yet, the XP isn’t the reward, but the loot itself.


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Players can discover many things, such as Nyrulna, a great trident, but most importantly, the Band of the Mystic Scoundrel, which will allow players to cast illusion or enchantment spells as a bonus action after hitting a creature with a weapon. This opens up great potential for builds, providing strong opportunities to those who know how to use it.

1 Haste Helm

Found Inside A Locked Chest In The Blighted Village

haste helm

  • Smooth Start: At the start of combat, the wearer gains Momentum for 3 turns.

With the Haste Helm, those who have a desire for close-quarter combat will be able to increase their Movement Speed by 1.5m. This is a whopping increase, allowing them to cover large distances for 3 turns at the start of combat, ensuring that they don’t have to waste an action or even a bonus action on a dash to get to their target, so no foe is safe from whoever wears the Haste Helm.

Players can find this handy loot in Act One’s Blighted Village, where a chest will be pressed near a wagon. It’s worth bringing a few lockpicks, and those without a skill, or luck, for lockpicking, might ignore this chest altogether, but for the Barbarians, Fighters, and Monks, the Haste Helm is pretty much essential as they head off to the larger world.



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