Throughout Baldur’s Gate 3, Astarion seems like a typical vampire, confessing to living more than two centuries and needing blood to survive. But the most heartbreaking downside of being a vampire is not being able to see himself in the mirror. It got to the point where he can’t even remember what he used to look like before turning into a vampire.

Luckily, there’s a method players can follow to make Astarion see himself in the mirror, but it comes at a cost. You need to make a huge sacrifice concerning many people for Astarion to see himself again.



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How To Make Astarion See Himself In The Mirror In Baldur’s Gate 3

astarion doing the ritual in baldurs gate 3

To make Astarion see himself in the mirror, players must allow him to ascend and become a true vampire. By following the Pale Elf Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will eventually arrive at Szarr Palace in Act 3 where an important decision must be made.

After the huge fight where players need to defeat Cazador before ascending, Astarion asks them to connect their tadpoles to become one person. Agreeing to do so allows him to see the scars on his back and crave them on Cazador’s. On the other hand, refusing or interrupting results in Astarion leaving the party or turning hostile, respectively.

astarion seeing himself in baldurs gate 3

Once the ritual is over and Astarion has killed all of the vampire spawns that Cazador collected over the years, he becomes a true vampire. From now on, he will not require blood to survive, he can walk in the sun without the tadpole, and, most importantly he regain back his reflection. After leaving the Palace, head to any mirror and use it to see Astarion’s reaction.

astarion complementing himself in baldurs gate 3

Sadly, there’s no special cutscene or reward for doing so as the Pale Elf will only get sentimental and expresses how much he misses his reflection. He might also flirt with himself a bit, but that’s normal for Astarion.

How To Make Astarion Ascend


To make Astarion ascend, you need to reach Szarr Palace to interrupt Cazador’s ritual. First, head to the Lower City Central Wall waypoint and go to this coordinate: X:-50 Y:-65 to find a door that leads to where Cazador’s soldiers are patrolling the area. Proceed forward until one of them asks what business you have here, which players can answer with persuasion or intimidation to get the guard off their backs.


Once inside, there will be a huge door with weird writing on it, and you need to find a special book to translate it. Go right through the red curtains and find a door emitting harmful necrotic magic at X:-1298 Y:969. Go inside and search the wardrobe next to the bed to find the Kozakuran Dictionary. Read it and then head to an illusionary door at X:-1293 Y:986 to speak with Godey and get the Szarr Family Ring. Go back to the huge door and open it to trigger a combat.

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Walk to X:-1302 Y:986 and use the elevator to start exploring the Palace’s dungeons. Head straight to find a room with three gates and some spawns locked away behind bars. Speak with them, then proceed forward to the gate in the middle to finally find Cazador. Fight him and choose to help Astarion see the scars on his back to make him ascend. Also, make sure not to interrupt him when he’s doing the ritual.



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