Steal the powerful Hammer of the Just from the gods in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 has all kinds of armor and weapons for you to fine-tune your build. The Hammer of the Just is a unique hammer that can only be found in Act 3. This is the game’s final act. The hammer is very powerful and comes along with some decent combat bonuses. It has the chance to inflict Radiant Damage on your enemies and deals additional damage to Fiends and Undead. This will be very handy in some of the upcoming fights in Act 3. Here is where you can find the Hammer of the Just and how you can steal it without angering the gods.


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Stormshore Tabernacle

The Stormshore Tabernacle is labeled on the map baldur's gate 3

The Stormshore Tabernacle is a building devoted to making offerings to the gods of Faerun. It can be found directly to the east of the Basilisk Gate fast travel point. It’s to your right after you enter the city for the first time. Offering gold to the different gods will reward you with temporary buffs. Vicar Humbletoes maintains the tabernacle and sells items.

Infiltrate the Tabernacle Basement

Astarion crouches in front of the ornate wooden hatch bg3

You can sneak into the basement by using the Ornate Wooden Hatch located at coordinates (X:103,Y-30.) Use hide or distract Vicar Humbletoes with a conversation to pick the lock and descend into the basement.

Pressure and vent traps baldur's gate 3

The basement is protected by a series of traps. Carefully push down the hall while disarming the pressure plates and vents. If they go off you will receive damage from the Holy Fire that spews from the vents. Open the door at the end of the hall and enter the room with all the chests.

How to Steal the Hammer Without Getting Cursed

The chests in this room contain offerings and other valuable items. The Hammer of the Just is in the first small chest to the right. The chest is labeled Offerings to Tyr. Stealing the items from any chest in the room will result in the Castigated by Divinity curse.Any characters that open a chest will receive this curse.

The gods will punish the cursed character the next time they go down by killing them. A powerful enemy will then spawn and fight the party regardless of location. Attempting to heal the character will spawn two enemies. If you want to avoid this, destroy the chests with bludgeoning weapons. You can then loot the items off the floor and the gods will not be aware of your crimes.


Baldur’s Gate 3
Baldur’s Gate

August 3, 2023

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