• Legacy characters like Jaheira and Minsc could make cameos in future Baldur’s Gate installments, delighting long-time fans.
  • Players may get to explore other iconic D&D cities like Waterdeep and Neverwinter in the next game, offering diverse locations and unique NPCs.
  • As Wizards of the Coast focuses on “One D&D” instead of a new edition, the next Baldur’s Gate game may follow these updated rules and subclasses, replacing 5th Edition.

Baldur’s Gate 3 proved to be a near-perfect RPG, earning critical acclaim from gamers and critics alike, praising the intricate story, complex characters, and gameplay that faithfully facilitated a pen-and-paper D&D game through the medium of a video game.


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With such success, a sequel, or at the very least another Larian-themed D&D game is inevitable, as it will no doubt be acceptable. BG3 built upon the foundations of the first two games, innovating and modernizing the gameplay for a newer audience. With that in mind, what might fans expect when the next Baldur’s Gate or equivalent game finally reaches shelves?

1 The Return Of Baldur’s Gate 3 Characters

Legacy Characters Serve To Make A Game Feel Like Home

portrait of high harper jaheira the druid companion from baldur's gate 3

Fans of Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2 already recognized some of the NPCs scattered throughout the world, as they were returning from the previous installments in the series. Previous companions such as Jaheira and Minsc and Boo appeared, though they couldn’t be outright recruited as the origin characters could. Still, their inclusion would undoubtedly have made long-time fans of the series happy.

As such, popular origin characters from Baldur’s Gate 3 such as Shadowheart or Astarion could make similar cameos in future installments, fulfilling similar roles to Minsc or Jaheira, even if they can’t be recruited as traveling companions.

2 More Cities To Explore

Baldur’s Gate Is Just One Of The Many Famed Cities In D&D Lore

Baldur's Gate 3 city screenshot

D&D lore is rife with many different locations that have become staples in many campaigns, such as the titular Baldur’s Gate, Waterdeep, Neverwinter, and Candlekeep. Of course, with the name being in the title, the city of Baldur’s Gate cannot be skipped, but why should game companies just limit themselves to one of these iconic cities?


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Since the city is based on the Sword Coast, it is very doable to include these other cities players could visit, which could open the doors for a potential Waterdeep series, or bring in famed characters from the Neverwinter game franchise. Each of these locations is disparate from one another, meaning they would all be fun to explore, and are packed to the brim with unique NPCs D&D players would recognize.

3 One D&D Rules

With Wizards Pedalling One D&D Material, It Could Be The Next Edition


5th Edition seems like it is here to stay. The game is in good shape, there are plenty of supplementary books offering unique experiences, and the streamlined rules have helped ease new players into the seats of DMs or players. As such, WotC has been working on One D&D as opposed to D&D 6e, which changes some rules of the base games, and alters classes and subclasses.

Each Baldur’s Gate game follows the most recent version of D&D at the time it was being made, which for BG3 was 5e. Now that there are plentiful One D&D creations reaching fans, players could potentially see the next Baldur’s Gate game following One D&D, as by the time a follow-up game is released, it might replace 5e entirely.

4 More Classes & Subclasses

With Fans Clamoring For Missing Classes And Subclasses, These Will Likely Return In A Sequel

Baldur's Gate 3 Astarion rogue dagger

BG3 offered plentiful choices when it came to character customization, though the omission of certain classes and subclasses didn’t escape the notice of most players, who were left disappointed by these exclusions. Whether they wanted to limit the number of classes and subclasses to avoid overwhelming non-D&D players, or whether there were some licensing issues, no one knows, but players are adamant they will see classes and subclasses added as DLC.


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With no announced DLC so far other than Larian stating they want to do more, it is more likely fans will see more class choices available in the follow-up game, with Artificer being very likely. Though Blood Hunter is another popular choice, it is a class that was homebrewed by Critical Role’s Matthew Mercer, which could lead to issues licensing that particular class.

5 New Villains

The Mind Flayers Took Center Stage In Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 Mind Flayer

Mind Flayers were perhaps the biggest aggressors of Baldur’s Gate 3, as their machinations are what spurs the events of the game, and seeking a cure for the Mind Flayer parasite is the characters’ main objective. They team up with others inflicted in the same way and travel across the Sword Coast in the hopes of finding one who can help.

As such, the tale of the Mind Flayers has been well and truly told, leaving the stage empty for another famous D&D monster to take the leading antagonist role. With a rich menagerie to choose from, it is impossible to predict with certainty, but beholders, dragons, undead, and demons are likely choices.

6 Larian Returning As The Developer

The Studio Has Proven Itself Capable

baldur's gate 3 elminster aumar appearance fake simulacrum discovery

Larian proved themselves as a capable team of developers with both Divinity: Original Sin and their take on the Baldur’s Gate series. BG3 was a smashing success, beloved by even the harshest of critics, and most struggled to find fault besides bugs and their personal taste towards some origin characters.

Earning perfect scores across the board, fans now undoubtedly trust Larian with the beloved franchise, and would likely have no complaints if they were put forward as the developers for Baldur’s Gate 4.



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