• Mythical Pokemon are rare and have a mystical quality, making them fan favorites in the Pokemon world.
  • Each Mythical Pokemon has unique abilities and characteristics that make them stand out.
  • Mew is the original and most iconic Mythical Pokemon, known for its cuteness and importance in the Pokemon lore.

Whenever fans talk about rare Pokemon, the Legendaries are often a focal point, as well as the powerful, more elusive Shinies. From Mewtwo to Lugia, powerful Pokemon line everyone’s memory and add an allure to the game. Then there are Mythical Pokemon, which aren’t always as powerful in stats — but they have a mystical quality to them, and are usually just as rare (if not rarer). With the introduction of the term, Pokemon like Mew and Arceus received this tag and have become fan favorites in the category.


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In Pokemon lore, Mythicals stand out due to their scarcity and mystical powers. Many in the vast Pokemon universe don’t even believe them to really exist, hence their fitting title. Some Mythical Pokemon are so strong that they manage to be creators of the entire universe. Ranking most of these fantastical creatures is no easy task, but this piece will seek to do just that while highlighting some of the details and great qualities surrounding them.

Updated December 1st, 2023 by Stephen LaGioia: It’s hard to deny the vast appeal of Pokemon, with its rewarding progression and expanding roster of colorful monsters to collect and fight. Much of its charm lies in the exciting prospect of seeking out highly rare and strong Pokemon — especially Mythicals, which still number under two dozen.

Even after the release of Scarlet & Violet, just over 20 monsters fall into this elite, exclusive group. But with the rumors growing of a unique new “peach” Mythical featured in the anticipated Scarlet and Violet DLC, The Indigo Disk, it seemed fitting to revisit and refresh this list of the notable Mythical beasts in Pokemon.

20 Diancie

Jewel Pokemon

pokemon diancie posing in Pokemon Snap

Coming from the Pokemon X & Y lands of France-inspired Kalos, this Rock-Fairy Pokemon combines majesty and beauty with a rock-solid defense. This unique creature emerged as a larger, mutated form of the far less intimidating Carbink.

The lavish creature sports a white cloak, punctuated by a golden collar around its neck, a shimmering pink diamond on its chest, and a gem headdress that resembles a crown. Said to be the ruler of the underground jewel kingdom called the Diamond Domain, this product of Poke-royalty can elevate even further in status and extravagance with Mega Evolution.

19 Meloetta

Melody Pokemon

Pokemon Meloetta card art with dark sky and moon background

This musical enchanter shifts form to an alternate form known as Pirouette, morphing from a Psychic-type to an even more powerful Normal-Fighting-type. This Pokemon’s story is tinged with a bit of tragedy, as the once joyful singer lost their melody (and red shoes) after feeling the influence of an increasingly dark, sorrowful world.

Aside from this Gothic-style backstory, though, this melodic fairy can be deceptively brutal when it comes to special attack and special defense. These abilities set the stage for potent special moves like Uproar, Relic Song, and Signal Beam. This siren should not be underestimated, as they can quite easily lure their opponents into a false sense of security.

18 Marshadow

Gloomdweller Pokemon

marshadow the pokemon in super smash bros ultimate using a ghost move from the pokemon games.

Elusive, quick, and powerful, this shadowy Mythical can truly spook opponents despite being unnecessarily shy. Not unlike a ghostly Ditto, Marshadow can fittingly become the shadow of others and imitate them, while managing to grow stronger than the figure they “shadow.”

When this apparition isn’t staying shrowded from view, the Fighting-Ghost-type can swiftly end a fight. Its powerful moves include Spectral Thief and Drain Punch, which can KO opponents quickly.

17 Zeraora

Thunderclap Pokemon

Zeraora Gigantamax raid battle

One of the many enticing additions to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is this electrified beast. This energetic Electric-type Pokemon strikes an intimidating look, with its sharp claws and furry body laced with lightning bolts and spiked designs.

Zeraora can summon a potent magnetic field with little effort by radiating electric currents from their hands and feet. Even among Electric-types, this creature is distinct in that it lacks an organ that produces electricity. Instead, they opt to accumulate and store this power source from other sources, which they convert as their own electric charge.

16 Zarude

Rogue Monkey Pokemon

pokemon anime zarude holding jungle boy

Zarude was the first Mythical Pokemon added in Pokemon Sword and Shield. As the featured monster of the movie Secrets of the Jungle, there’s a lot for Zarude to live up to. In its stats, it isn’t quite as balanced as other Mythicals. It actually has strengths and weaknesses, which is a surprise. Plus, its design is pretty cool as a mysterious, dangerous beast.

Zarude is capable of summoning vines from its body, using them for various purposes. It’s a smart Pokemon, using every tool it has to succeed in battle. This is reflected in-game through its solid offensive presence, although its Dark-Grass typing leaves a bit to be desired. Its ability is also pretty much useless, which will likely be the one thing holding it back from higher tiers of play.

15 Genesect

Paleozoic Pokemon

Pokemon Genesect

One of many Mythical Pokemon added in Pokemon Black and White, Genesect is typically locked to Uber tier due to its stats. It has typing that’s both a blessing and a curse and an ability that is situationally very good. On top of that, it has several different aesthetic forms that don’t actually do much to alter its battle power, just its appearance.


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Genesect is actually an ancient fossil Pokemon, having been revived and modernized with a cybernetic cannon. Its design is probably one of the coolest parts about it; there’s just something awesome about seeing giant robot bugs. Even if it has trouble competing in the Uber tier it’s locked in, it is a cool Mythical Bug-Steel Pokemon.

14 Shaymin

Gratitude Pokemon

Pokemon Legends Shaymin in Floaroma Meadow Cropped

Shaymin is a hilarious little Pokemon. It’s is an appropriately hedgehog-sized Grass-type with a pretty standard stat line for a mythical. Shaymin has the power to cure the land of toxins, transforming the land into a garden of flowers. It also has an alternate form that looks more like a deer, which is a bit odd but more effective in battle.

Classic Shaymin, however, is funny because of how it typically gets used in competitive battles. Its movepool is actually ideal for performing an offense-oriented moveset, inflicting tons of damage with some of the strongest moves in the game.

It even has self-recovery with Synthesis, and its ability is pretty nice to have as well. One would think there wouldn’t be much to fear when it comes to a tiny hedgehog, but Shaymin can bring a reckoning.

13 Keldeo

Colt Pokemon

member of the swords of justice.

Keldeo is the secret fourth member of the Swords of Justice, which was styled after The Three Musketeers. It aims to learn from its betters and learn the secret of its power: the move Secret Sword. Although not a Mythical-level move, the move was key to getting Keldeo to change into its Resolute form, which is just a cosmetic change to this little creature.

In battle, this Water/Fighting type wears a lot of different hats with its movepool. It can focus on a special attacker moveset, using powerful techniques in conjunction with Choice Specs. Alternatively, it can play the role of a bulky Water-type, bringing Taunt to counter certain Pokemon and Calm Mind to boost its own power.

It’s an adorable little Pokemon, and can even be found without the use of a major event. This majestic monster was recently added to Pokemon GO by way of a special event, enticing players to return once again to the expansive AR epic.

12 Volcanion

Steam Pokemon

Volcanion battle stance in Pokemon anime

Boasting the highly unique Fire-Water combination, this paradox of a Pokemon is mysterious and alluring by its very nature. While these opposing types would seem to make Volcanion vulnerable to several other types, the Pokemon is in fact only weak to Ground, Rock, and Electric, while being immune and resistant to a handful of others.

This Mythical beast can be ominous — not just with its monstrous quadrupedal design, but also its offensive might (specifically Special Attack). Its scorching hot interior allows it to vaporize water it absorbs in seconds.

This converts to a weapon-like steam projectile, which has the power to blow away entire mountains as if they were made of sand. Humans will want to tread carefully around Volcanion, as it’s not too fond of the species. Its centuries-long lifespan ensures a Volcanion can remain a threat for quite some time.

11 Magearna

Artificial Pokemon

Magearna from Pokemon anime

Magearna is a bit odd-looking but is seriously powerful. This Steel/Fairy type is the result of ancient technology, being crafted by an ancient civilization and brought to life using a Soul-Heart. This Soul-Heart is the source of Magearna’s power, allowing it to bring either peace or ruin.


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The Soul-Heart is also the source of Magearna’s power in competitive battles. The ability functions similarly to a Beast Boost, and in conjunction with Shift Gear allows it to buff itself and steamroll an opponent. It may look friendly, but Magearna is not here to make friends. A proper trainer can indeed rain destruction upon the realm with Magearna.

10 Jirachi

Wish Pokemon

Jirachi from Pokemon anime

It’s hard to deny the sheer cuteness of Jirachi. It allegedly grants wishes that are written on the notes attached to its head. Others can write and attach the notes while Jirachi sleeps and when it wakes, their wish is granted. Interestingly, it has automatic self-defense and will fight when it is asleep. Then again, it supposedly sleeps for a thousand years.

Jirachi is likely based on the Arabic myths of Jinn (more widely known in the Western world as “genies”), mixed with the idea of “wishing upon a star.” Jirachi comes equipped with a potent moveset — with supercharged attacks like Last Resort — and a pretty neat type combo of Steel-Psychic.

9 Deoxys

DNA Pokemon

Pokemon ORAS Deoxys

Deoxys actually boasts some origins in real science. The name itself is a direct reference to deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), while the shape of this Psychic-type Pokemon directly references DNA’s double helix. If that isn’t enough, three of the forms it can take are named Defense, Normal, and Attack (DNA).

The post-game chapter of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Delta Chapter, allows the player to meet and catch Rayquaza, taking it into space to fight and capture a Deoxys that is threatening Earth. Yes, players are graced with both a Legendary and a Mythical during the main event!

8 Manaphy/Phione

Seafaring And Sea Drifter Pokemon

Manaphy from Pokemon movie

This Water-type Pokemon duo gets a special place on the list for their unique breeding capabilities. Manaphy is definitely a Mythical Pokemon, and it is the only one that has breeding capabilities. Its uniqueness goes even further, as the Pokemon that emerges from its eggs is an entirely different variety.

That’s where Phione comes in. It is disputed in multiple official sources and among fans whether Phione is, in fact, a Mythical Pokemon, but it will be counted here for the purpose of discussion. Neither Manaphy nor Phione is very strong when compared to others in Gen 4, but that hardly matters when it’s so charmingly cute.

7 Darkrai

Pitch-Black Pokemon

Darkrai in the anime

This rather eerie Pokemon can be viewed as an even more twisted reference to the nightmarish killer Freddy Krueger. It’s believed that the ghost girl in the Gen 5 games was killed due to being stuck in endless dark dreams from a Darkrai.


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Hex Nut Pokemon


Meltan first appeared in Pokemon GO, introduced during a short surprise event after one of the monthly Community Days. If a player tried to catch it during the event, they’d turn into Dittos. After that, Professor Willow and Professor Oak had a few story-based videos to introduce the new Pokemon.

By opening a special event box that was directly tied to Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, players could catch Meltan. By getting 400 candies, it became the only Mythical out there that could evolve. Melmetal, the final form, is a hulking mass of what appears to be several Meltan as one.

5 Arceus

Alpha Pokemon

pokemon go these gen 4 pokemon are still missing from the game

Somehow, the literal God of all Pokemon isn’t “legendary status” and is instead considered “Mythical.” This Pokemon created the Creation Trio, the Lake Guardians, the Sinnoh region, and possibly the entire universe. This is Pokemon’s creation myth — perhaps leading to its mythical status.

Known as “The Original One” in the lore of the games and anime, Arceus’ Normal typing can be altered with special plates or Z-Crystals to be any type. Arceus’ creations Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina comprise the Creation Trio, and control time, space, and antimatter. When they were unruly, Arceus created the Lake Guardians to calm them.

4 Victini

Victory Pokemon

As fans are aware, Pokemon battles are all about overpowering and outlasting an opponent. But what if players could get a Pokemon that ensured victory at all times? Victini may not look like much more than a cute little rabbit-like entity, but looks can be quite deceiving.


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Along with being the champion of victory, the energy held within this small creature is supposedly unlimited. Touching it will grant its user an energy boost as well. Victini also serves as a special slot in the Pokédex, being listed before the starters of its own generation. A particularly strange, interesting fact is that Victini gets to be considered #000 in the Unova Dex.

3 Hoopa

Mischief And Djinn Pokemon

Confined Hoopa in Pokemon GO

While Jirachi is based on the Jinn, Hoopa and its alternate form take on a look that really looks like a genie. Hoopa presents an interesting talent with its rings, being able to teleport people and things from anywhere.

In the Pokemon X and Y games, Hoopa also seems to be the reason for all of the appearances of Legendary Pokemon, such as Mewtwo. By entering portals that are suspiciously similar to Hoopa’s rings, one will be transported to different places that may be in different regions to face these rare Pokemon.

2 Celebi

Time Travel Pokemon


This Grass-type comes from Generation 2 (which many fans still swear is the best generation), and the little onion-like fairy is adorable to boot. While it may not be powerful, the time-traveling abilities are really neat to add to the lore. In the anime, the fourth Pokemon movie was entirely focused on these abilities.

By the time the Gen 2 remakes, Pokemon HeartGold, and SoulSilver came out, a special event was introduced that allowed players to defeat Giovanni in his secret hideout. Celebi is a truly cute green onion that many fans just can’t help but want to eat up — not literally of course, although it could be a great side to a Farfetch’d dish.

1 Mew

New Species Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Mew terastallize power in front of building

Diehard fans might not be too surprised about this placement, but yes, Mew is emphatically the top here. Mew may be the “origin” of all Pokemon in the lore, but not including this cute pink ball of a kitten would be a travesty to all Pokemon fans. Mew was the very first Mythical Pokemon, and it rightfully took its place in the story as one of the cutest and most promising Pokemon.

The Pokemon was shrouded in mystery back during the days of Pokemon Red and Blue, only being officially available as an event that fans had to actually attend. What’s more, Mew was cloned to craft the world’s strongest Pokemon, Mewtwo, making for a pretty awesome story in the lore.

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