This new ‘Ult’ button on the Ult Wear is responsible for increasing sound pressure and bass depending on how many times it’s pressed. My early concern was that this might be a marketing gimmick, but I was so happy to be proven wrong.

This button adds a shocking amount of bass to your music and amplifies the low-end already present in it. Songs that I never considered punchy came through with surprisingly powerful bass. The difference was so noticeable that I even felt it on podcasts, though that wasn’t very pleasant. Activating the Ult button made the speaker’s voice much thicker.

The only disclaimer here is that you shouldn’t expect anything besides bass and power from this button. It will certainly not make your music sound nicer. If anything, it reduces clarity and detail. Be prepared for the bass to fully take over all other orchestra elements — especially when you press the button twice. The treble will no longer be able to cut through, and there’ll also be a considerable drop in the overall airiness of your soundscape.

This button is for situations, such as the gym, where all you care about is bass and power, and the quality of your music doesn’t matter as much.

I like that there’s a middle ground — pressing the button once — for when you want some power but not enough to overshadow everything else. And the fact that you can turn both settings off and use these as regular headphones that sound excellent is always an option.


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