• A Reddit user in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 created a torture device, sticking enemies to the wall for continuous damage.
  • Despite Spider-Man’s tendency not to kill, the irony of the torture device provides a fate worse than death for the enemies.
  • The game is known for its Easter eggs, glitches, and secrets, offering players the opportunity to discover new gameplay nuances and keep the game enjoyable.

A Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 player has crafted a brutal torture machine in-game. Many players come up with unique ways to defeat their opponents while playing the game. Some devise creative methods to use the environment, while some end up discovering glitches that lead to insane combo scores in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The fighting system helps create moments that help gamers feel like their favorite web-slinger.

The fan-favorite protagonists are known to not exercise lethal methods when battling their enemies. This is even prevalent within the game as none of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 main antagonists die at the heroes’ hands. Comparatively, series anti-hero Venom is more known for using brutal ways to take care of those who stand in the way. Still, one Reddit user came up with a genius way of creating what seems to be a combination of torture devices to take care of several thugs.


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Player Spots ‘Supervillain’ When Walking Around NYC

A Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 fan takes a break from swinging through New York City only to stumble upon a civilian that looks a lot like a teased villain.

The Reddit user posted a Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 video that showed Peter in his Spider-Punk outfit sticking a few enemies to the wall as they continuously take damage from a self-made self-activating trap of some sort. Most of the comments section agreed that while Peter does not kill, it feels ironic that the torture device is like a fate worse than death. Many made light of the situation and inserted some comedic responses as to why the video was funny and awesome at the same time. One commenter even said that, per the video, Batman seemed more merciful by comparison. Characteristically though, it seems like the kind of thing that Hobie Brown, better known as Spider-Punk, would do.

To those unfamiliar with the multiversal character, Spider-Punk comes from a dystopian reality. Hobie Brown is an anti-establishment character who isn’t afraid of getting his hands a little dirty. This version of Spider-Man killed Norman Osborn in the Earth-138 timeline, so most would assume that he has a knack for a little violence here and there. Still, it’s not officially Hobie in the suit, but just a skin of Peter wearing the Spider-Punk outfit so most fans should take the video lightly.

Granted, the clip does show what may look to be an infinity torture device. One of many possible infinite tricks that users have come up with. One Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 user even discovered a glitch that allows multiple air tricks without touching the ground. The game has a lot of Easter eggs, secrets, bugs, and glitches which have entertained many players. It’s no wonder that the game is receiving a lot of praise in terms of enjoyabilty with the open-world as many possibilities are present. Less than a year out, many gamers hope to still discover new clips of interesting gameplay nuances that may help keep the game fun.

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October 20, 2023

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