• Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile rakes in $1.5 million post-launch, though not as successful as CoD: Mobile debut.
  • US players are the top spenders on Warzone Mobile, with Chile, Germany, and Australia following closely.
  • Despite revenue success, Warzone Mobile lags behind CoD: Mobile launch hype and faces player engagement challenges.

The recent anticipation for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile has materialized into strong revenue numbers, with the game reportedly collecting close to $1.5 million just days after launch. Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is just the second Call of Duty game available on mobile, besides Call of Duty: Mobile.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is the mobile adaptation of the popular FPS battle royale game, known simply as Call of Duty: Warzone on PC and console. It was rolled out officially on March 21 across the globe, with certain regions getting access to Warzone Mobile servers ahead of time. Prior to that, only a handful of countries, including Australia, Chile, Germany, Malaysia, Norway, and Sweden, had access to the game.


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According to AppMagic (via PocketGamer), Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile has grossed more than $1.4 million in its first four days since launching on March 21. Accounting for the early rollout in some countries on March 20, the game has amassed over $1.6 million – an increase of $200K. Similarly, taking into consideration its revenue from the pre-release build, the number further goes up to $2.2 million. These numbers poured in despite players facing certain in-game issues in Warzone Mobile.

Among the fans who joined the Operation Day Zero Event, those residing in the US turned out to be the biggest spenders on Warzone Mobile so far. They comprised 47% of the revenue share, or roughly $1.1 million, for the game. The next biggest spender in the game is Chile with a 9% share, which translates into $202.5K. The South American country is followed closely by Germany and Australia, with both making up 8% of the total revenue – approximately $180K each.

Warzone Mobile Launch Still Pales In Comparison To That Of CoD: Mobile

Even though Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile posted strong numbers at launch, its reception is nowhere close to that of the previous CoD release on phones, Call of Duty: Mobile. For starters, Call of Duty: Mobile garnered over $4.2 million in revenue within the first four days of its launch in 2019, as per AppMagic. However, it must be noted that Call of Duty: Mobile was the franchise’s first game on mobile — hence, there was an unprecedented level of hype for it.

Besides a comparatively weaker hype, Warzone Mobile’s lag issue has also affected its player engagement. Keeping in mind that the game has a larger scope than any Call of Duty mobile game in the past, these rough edges can be seen as anything but avoidable. Hopefully, Activision will roll out fixes sooner than later, streamlining the Warzone experience on mobile.

call of duty mobile warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile

Activision’s Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is an Android and iOS battle royale game. Along with the traditional battle royale that supports up to 120 players, Warzone Mobile also has Resurgence mode. The FPS game can be played solo or in squads.

March 21, 2024

Activision Mobile


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