Cookie Run Kingdom is the sixth game in the Cookie Run series. Developed by Devsisters, it’s an action-packed role-playing gacha game where you collect cool cookies and build your own kingdom. Everything about this game is fantastic; from the storyline to the characters, from strategic gameplay to visuals.

Like the previous games of the Cookie Run series, Cookie Run Kingdom also has its own materials, all of which help you build a perfect cookie kingdom. Sugar Crystals are one of the resources in the game. If you don’t know how to get Sugar Crystals in Cookie Run Kingdom, here is how you can get them.


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Sugar crystals are an important resource in Cookie Run Kingdom used to make Magic Candies and even upgrade them. These candies improve your cookies’ skills, which can be super helpful in combat.

As of now, the game has four variants of Sugar Crystals: Strength, Swiftness, Purity, and Arcane. There are various ways to obtain these crystals. You can get these Sugar Crystals when you complete Tower of Sweet Chaos levels, World Exploration levels, and Balloon Expeditions. But here’s the catch: these sources might not be the best for getting lots of Sugar Crystals. That’s because they’re just part of the reward, not the reward itself. So, you might only get a few, or maybe none at all.

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Besides the Tower of Sweet Chaos and World Exploration, there’s another way to get Sugar Crystals – check out the Today’s Bounties section. You can often find plenty of crystals there, so don’t forget to check it every day. On Wednesday and Saturday, you’ll get Swiftness Crystals. Strength Crystals come on Monday and Thursday, and Arcane Crystals on Tuesday and Friday. Sundays are extra special because you get all types of Sugar Crystals on that day.

Another way of getting yourself some Sugar Crystals is by visiting trade avenues like Seaside Market. You can also try your luck in the Cookie Alliance or Guild Gacha – who knows, you might find some crystals there if you’re lucky. Lastly, they can also be made in the Magic Laboratory, but this method might not be free.

The simplest ways to grab Sugar Crystals in Cookie Run Kingdom are the ones we talked about first; completing different levels and claiming daily rewards. The other ways might need some spending, but they can still help you get the much sought-after crystals.


Cookie Run Kingdom
January 21, 2021


Action RPG


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