Following the new Blood Moon event in Dead by Daylight, a wave of new players are still figuring out cosmetics and unlockables for survivors and killers alike. With the in-game store offering codes for free cosmetics, knowing which codes never expire is key to getting at least a few cheap items.

Because these codes never expire, the rewards for redeeming them are all for the same type of cosmetic; charms. They are usable either for survivors as charms around the waist, or for decorating the hook for killers. These everlasting codes are great for players that favor either playstyle. The charms can offer players the chance to celebrate who they are or support, often with a DbD-specific flair. With 15 codes to redeem, there are plenty of new additions for even the newest player.


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A Memorial Charm


Dead By Daylight Puppers

Perhaps the most important free charm, the Warrior Puppers charm serves as a memorial and tribute to a Dead by Daylight streamer. PuppersTV, who passed from a battle with ALS in June 2023, has been immortalized in the game, and was honored with this charm in October 2022.

PuppersTV was one of the major streamers that brought attention to Dead by Daylight. The ability to always redeem and for any player to have access to this charm is a wonderful way to honor a community member.

D&D Dwight Charm


Dead By Daylight Dwight Charm

A Dungeons and Dragons-inspired charm, this cosmetic features one of the original survivor characters and one of the mascots of the game, Dwight. While one of the more unique charms to use for any character, and perhaps funniest when used with Dwight himself, this charm does offer a small tribute to one of the oldest survivors found in the game. Since every player has access to Dwight, the charm is even better.

Crow Pride Charm


Dead By Daylight Feathers Pride Charm

For most of the codes that never expire, the rewards given revolve around granting players a corresponding pride flag or pride object. For the code CAWCAW, one of the more ignored features of the trials got a makeover.

Turning the usually and logically dark crows into a rainbow of feathers adds a colorful touch of pride to the world of DbD, even as the birds in the trials remain with their iconic black feathers.

Glance Of Pride


Dead By Daylight Glance Pride

Similar to the rainbow crow, the Glance of Pride charm offers a unique and distinct charm that adds elements of pride to a common design seen in survivor and killer perk art. Using the image of an eye, the charm blends aspects of base game art.

Mimicking the appearance of perks like Déjà Vu, Nurse’s Calling, and Dark Sense, the charm fits in along with the Feathers of Pride, as both work with the general aspects of Dead by Daylight’s gameplay.

Pride Flag Charms

There are tons of pride flag charms in Dead by Daylight. Most of those mentioned below were added as part of the Pride 2023 collection, but a few are a bit older than that.

Rainbow Pride Flag: PRIDE

Dead By Daylight Rainbow Gay Flag

The first of many flag charms, the classic rainbow flag, was introduced in 2021 and offers players a way to celebrate LGBT pride. While there are several other flags in the game already, several more will be included in future Pride Month updates in June.

Progress Pride Flag: PRIDE2022

Dead By Daylight Progress Flag

An updated version of the rainbow flag was added in 2022. The progress flag offers another version of the gay pride flag charm, which can feel somewhat odd when seen dangling from the killer’s hook.


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Bisexual Pride Flag: FLAGB

Dead By Daylight Bi Flag

Added in June 2023, the bisexual pride flag adds a way for survivors to celebrate as they escape killers throughout game trials.

Transgender Pride Flag: FLAGT

Dead By Daylight Trans Flag

Another charm in the Pride 2023 collection, the transgender flag is one of the brighter color charms players can add to survivors or killers.

Genderfluid Pride Flag: GFLAGF

Dead By Daylight Gender Fluid Flag

The genderfluid pride flag feels even more appropriate given the presence of Chucky, who is known as the Good Guy in Dead by Daylight.

Genderqueer Pride Flag: GFLAGQ

Dead By Daylight Genderqueer Flag

The genderqueer flag continues the trend of the pride charms, and features the “Be you” description.

Intersex Pride Flag: ISFLAG

Dead By Daylight Intersex Flag

Another addition from Pride Month 2023 and featuring the fewest colors, the intersex pride flag is another pride charm code that never expires.


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Nonbinary Pride Flag: NBFLAG

Dead By Daylight Nonbinary Flag

The nonbinary pride flag adds the potential hope for a survivor or killer to be added at some point that identifies as such, especially with how unique either class of character has become in Dead by Daylight.

Pansexual Pride Flag: FLAGP

Dead By Daylight Pan Flag

Included with the other charms in Pride Month 2023, the pansexual charm code can be redeemed until the Dead by Daylight ceases to exist.

Agender Pride Flag: AFLAGG

Dead By Daylight Agender Flag

A code that redeems a charm well-suited for the newest killer, The Unknown, the agender pride flag was added alongside rest of the 2023 Pride event.

Asexual Pride Flag: AFLAGS

Dead By Daylight Asexual Flag

While no character in DbD outright identifies as asexual, the game does represent David King as openly gay and the Legion’s Susie as queer. The possibility definitely exists, and meanwhile, ace players can express themselves with this flag.

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