• Dead by Daylight revealed the Lights Out Modifier, which will make the game’s maps significantly darker, leaving a significant impact on gameplay.
  • The Lights Out Modifier might be one of many new features added based on a survey conducted by Dead by Daylight, including potential new modes like a 5v5 mode and a Swapped Perspective mode.
  • The future of Dead by Daylight includes regular updates in 2024, with changes to killers, perk updates, quality-of-life improvements, and the release of a new spin-off game called The Casting of Frank Stone.

Dead by Daylight revealed the Lights Out Modifier, which will significantly alter gameplay. The unreleased Modifier will be the first of its kind within Dead by Daylight, and fans might see additional ones added in the future.

Dead by Daylight releases new updates throughout the year that usually implement new characters, events, or gameplay adjustments. Dead by Daylight‘s newest addition will be an Alan Wake crossover, with the titular character set to arrive on January 30. The new Survivor comes with three unique perks that improve flashlights, increase the frequency of Skill Checks, and reveal generators and chests. However, Alan Wake’s arrival isn’t all that Behaviour Interactive has planned for the game’s future.


Alan Wake 2, Dead by Daylight Devs Explain Why Alan is a Perfect Fit for a New Survivor

Alan Wake joins Dead by Daylight’s roster of survivors on January 30, and developers of both games think the crossover is a natural fit.

ComicBook.com shared an exclusive clip that showcased Dead by Daylight‘s Lights Out Modifier, which alters the game’s maps by making them much darker. This will presumably make it much harder for players to spot each other and will probably have a significant effect on how matches play out. Other than the 30-second teaser, Dead by Daylight did not share any additional information on the new feature but promised that more details would be shared on January 30.

What is Dead by Daylight’s Lights Out Modifier?

  • Makes the map significantly darker

In December, Dead by Daylight issued a survey that asked users to rate various ideas for potential new modes. One of the survey’s questions asked about the Disgustingly Scary mode, which would implement thicker and darker Fog. It seems that the Lights Out Modifier might be a successor to this idea, and seeing that it’s being added to the game soon, Dead by Daylight might add more ideas from this survey in the future. Other potential modes included a 5v5 mode where each team consists of four Survivors and one Killer, and a Swapped Perspective mode that sees Survivors play in 1st person while Killers play in 3rd person.


Until the Lights Out Modifier is explained in greater detail, it’s probably too early to say how much the new feature could shake up the rankings of Dead by Daylight‘s best Survivors and Killers. It seems likely that ranged Killers will be at a disadvantage unless there are additional changes that help balance that aspect.

As for the game’s future in 2024, Dead by Daylight fans have plenty to look forward to. The game plans on releasing regular updates this year that include Killer changes, perk updates, quality-of-life improvements, and more. The Dead by Daylight franchise is also releasing The Casting of Frank Stone this year, a new spin-off game developed by Supermassive Games.

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Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game in which one player takes on the role of a Killer and the others play as “Survivors.” The Killer must hunt the Survivors, while the Survivors must escape.

June 14, 2016

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