• Arc subclass in
    Destiny 2
    offers powerful Aspects to amplify player abilities for fierce kills in both PvP and PvE activities.
  • Best Arc Warlock Aspects like Electrostatic Mind can create Ionic Traces to provide ability energy but require Arc abilities to activate.
  • Hunter Aspects like Tempest Strike and Lethal Current offer unique melee abilities that can stun enemies and amplify movement speed.

Destiny 2 Guardians can become a current of Light, with Arc being a subclass that allows players to move faster and amplify their abilities to a literally shocking degree. Whilst Arc may not be the greatest subclass in Destiny 2, it still features some pretty powerful Aspects that will help players run a competent enough build to push through some harsh activities, whether that’s in PvP or PvE.


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Enemies are in for an electrifying surprise if players use the best Destiny 2 Arc aspects, harnessing the very power of the Light to cause a great bout of elemental damage, and even chain up some fierce kills against those who side with the Witness, or perhaps an allegiance even darker than that.

Best Arc Warlock Aspects

Stormcallers can harness the true power of Arc with these Aspects:

Electrostatic Mind

Create Ionic Traces

electrostatic mind

A long-forgotten experiment that draws strange adherents. Bring to mind the products of its charge.

Defeating targets with Arc abilities, or targets that are Jolted or Blinded, will create an Ionic Trace. This Ionic Trace can provide players with the Amplified bonus when collected. It’s a fine Aspect to use, as Ionic Trace will seek out the creator to provide them with ability energy. Yet, the dependency on Jolting, Blinding, or other Arc abilities, means it’s not going to pay off so well.

Lightning Surge

lightning surge

  • Fragment Slots (2)
  • How To Get: Spend 5,000 Glimmer At Ikora Rey in The Tower.

An improvised electro-magnet, coils crudely wound. Displace and electrify, forces beckon from within you.

Whilst sliding, players will activate a charged melee ability to blink forward, calling down a lightning strike to jolt targets whilst the Warlock themselves rematerialize. The ability to blink and momentarily avoid damage, whilst also providing a surge of Jolt that can stun Overload Champions and provide additional chain lightning damage, can come in handy in some occasions.

Arc Soul

Create A Rift With An Arc Soul

arc soul

  • Fragment Slots (2)
  • How To Get: Spend 5,000 Glimmer At Ikora Rey in The Tower.

An electric eel poised for attack. Electrons sing at your approach. Another familiar joins your ranks.


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Casting a Rift will create an Arc Soul that can fire at targets. Allies can also pass through the Rift to receive an Arc Soul. With Allies nearby, this Rift charges faster, and whilst Amplified, the Arc Souls are supercharged to fire at a faster rate. This is great for clearing out adds in intensive Raids or providing teammates with extra fire potential in PvP fights.

Best Arc Hunter Aspects

The Arcstrider Hunter holds a few powerful Aspects that can be found here:

Tempest Strike

Activate A Charged Melee When Sliding

tempest strike

  • Fragment Slots (2)
  • How To Get: Spend 5,000 Glimmer At Ikora Rey in The Tower.

The belt of a practiced master. Faster, faster, always faster. Unleash the tempest within.

Whilst sliding, players can activate their charged melee ability to unleash an uppercut, which travels along the ground in a forward motion to damage and Jolt targets that are hit by it. The Hunter Arc melee can be pretty risky, and being up-close-and-personal as a Hunter can be a dangerous game, so relying solely on a punch that doesn’t do all that much might not be the best.

Lethal Current

Lung, Jolt & Blind Targets With Melee

lethal current

  • Fragment Slots (2)
  • How To Get: Spend 5,000 Glimmer At Ikora Rey in The Tower.

A sliver of fulgurite carved by lightning. Strike precisely, and do not relent.

When players dodge with Lethal Current, their next melee attack will have an increased lunge range and the target is Jolted, which creates a damaging aftershock. If a target who is Jolted is attacked with melee, then they are Blinded, preventing enemies from firing weapons, and PvP Guardians will have no HUD and limited visibility. Blinded also stuns Unstoppable Champions, so this can greatly benefit the Hunters out there who love giving enemies a knuckle sandwich.

Flow State

Become Amplified When Defeating Jolted Targets

flow state

  • Fragment Slots (2)
  • How To Get: Spend 5,000 Glimmer At Ikora Rey in The Tower.

A gleaming amulet with a mantra inscribed. You control your breathing, and the world slows to a crawl.

When players defeat a Jolted target, they become Amplified. Whilst in this Amplified state, players can expect their dodge to recharge faster, and a better resilience whilst dodging, as well as an increase in reload speed. A faster Hunter is an efficient Hunter, so to be able to keep on top of the dodging abilities and reloads for intensive villainous battles, is going to feel great in the right hands.

Best Arc Titan Aspects

Striker Titans can find their best Aspects right here:

Touch of Thunder

Increase Functionality Of Grenades

touch of thunder

  • Fragment Slots (2)
  • How To Get: Spend 5,000 Glimmer At Ikora Rey in The Tower.

A bell that shakes with the remembrance of its final toll. It will sound again with the proper touch.


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Flashbang, Pulse, Lightning, and Storm Grenades will all have enhanced functionality, to which they can find the results for each Arc grenade below:

  • Flashbang Grenade: Emits an additional blinding flash on bounce.
  • Pulse Grenade: Creates Ionic Traces periodically as it damages targets and increases in damage over time.
  • Lightning Grenade: Grants an additional grenade charge, and jolts targets hit by the initial blast.
  • Storm Grenade: After detonating, creates a roaming thundercloud that tracks nearby targets and fires bolts of lighting at foes beneath it.

Whilst the extra damage and capabilities of these grenades seem like a great idea, players might want to hold back, specifically because they could be losing out on other bonuses to their character that don’t focus solely on grenades, especially when Arc grenades aren’t that good in comparison to other subclasses.


Gain A Frontal Shield While Sprinting


  • Fragment Slots (2)
  • How To Get: Spend 5,000 Glimmer At Ikora Rey in The Tower.

A championship ring, dented and dirtied. They’ll try to stop you in your tracks. Get up close and personal.

When players have full class ability energy and they are sprinting for a short time, they will gain a frontal shield that is capable of blocking incoming damage. When the shield breaks, they lose their class ability. If players are Amplified, the shield can block more damage, and it can be useful in fast-moving activities like PvP, or even some Raids, but the dependency on classic ability energy and the fact players must always be on the move leaves much to be desired.


Create Arc-Energy Melee Strikes


  • Fragment Slots (2)
  • How To Get: Spend 5,000 Glimmer At Ikora Rey in The Tower.

An orb of dancing plasma, you hold the power of raw lightning in your fist. One strike is all you need.

Breaking a target’s shield or critically wounding them will infuse the player’s melee attack with Arc energy, both increasing the melee range and damage of each punch for a short while. Enemies that are defeated with these melee attacks will start a health regeneration, and make players Amplified, thus increasing movement speed and weapon handling. It’s a useful Aspect, but the reliance on being a punching Titan might concern other safer players.

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