• Guardians must unite against the Witness in
    The Final Shape
    , with potential sacrifices from key characters like Ikora, Zavala, and Osiris.
  • The fate of the Traveler hangs in the balance, as the Witness aims to bring about eternal nothingness in the universe.
  • Crow, formerly Uldren Sov, could play a crucial role in the final battle, potentially making a sacrifice to aid fellow Guardians.

Destiny 2’s saga of Light vs Dark is set to end with The Final Shape, the potential last expansion for Destiny 2. With the said expansion, players are gearing to enter the Traveler and take the final fight to the Witness, teaming with allies new and old for the fight that will have every Guardian banding together, regardless of allegiance or class.


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The end of the universe is at stake, and as such, tension has never been higher for the potential of a character to die. Destiny 2 has not shied away in the past, as players have had to say goodbye to characters like Cayde-6 and Amanda Holliday since not everyone is an immortal Guardian, and sometimes still, a Ghost can be killed. With that said, who could die in The Final Shape?

7 Ikora Rey

The Warlock Vanguard Deserves Purpose


Ikora’s character development has been a tad stiff since Destiny 2’s debut. Whilst the character received a great spotlight in The Red War base campaign, in which she questioned her powers and the purpose of Guardians, she’s seemed to dwindle a tad and has hardly anything to do in the expansions. It would make for a triumphant moment for the Warlock Vanguard to lead the charge against the Witness, and sacrifice herself for humanity.

Ikora is a great character, but one who deserves more things to do. Whilst she and her Hidden try and deduce the manipulation of Savathun, it’s not enough, and sitting idle in the shadows won’t do her any good. Hopefully, she heads into the Traveler and gets up to some true heroics with her Fireteam, Cayde and Zavala.

6 Zavala

The Loss Of Lance Reddick Remains In The Titan Vanguard

destiny 2 commander zavala

Speaking of that Fireteam, Zavala is unfortunately a candidate who could be taken from Guardians. It’s no secret that Zavala’s relationship with the Traveler has been tested in recent years, as the Traveler resurrected Savathun and caused much doubt about the purpose of this great and obscure entity that gives him and countless others powers. Yet, Zavala is headstrong, and he will always fight for the Last City and its people, no matter the cost.

This bravery could come at a sacrifice, and if anyone is going to be the hero, it’s Zavala. On top of it making sense for his character, behind the scenes, Lance Reddick tragically passed away in 2023, and whilst Zavala will live on through Keith David’s performance, will it be permanent or just for this Titan Vanguard’s goodbye?

5 Osiris

A Talented Mentor Who Has Lost The Light


The legendary Warlock that was once exiled from the Last City, Osiris has spent too many years obsessed with the Vex, divulging into research and other grand powers. Osiris has only recently come back to Guardians of the Last City, but it came at a cost, as his Ghost, Sagira, sacrificed herself to save him. Without a Ghost, Osiris’ powers from the Traveler diminish, but he can still utilize some of the Darkness through Strand, and he’s shown that he doesn’t fear death nor risks despite being on his final life.

Osiris is brash over-confident, and extremely smart. Osiris could easily calculate that his death could be a valiant sacrifice to stop the Witness, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him give a farewell within The Final Shape, as his role as a mentor must come to a close soon.

4 The Witness

The Final Villain In The Light vs Darkness Saga

Witness Eyes the Void Destiny2

The Witness is the collection of billions of minds with one singular purpose: to see the Final Shape come to fruition, and bring about the eternal state of nothingness. For eons, the Witness has pursued the Traveler across the universe to create this one goal, and it seems that the time is now. In essence, the Witness is the big bad of Destiny 2, and the final villain for the game’s expansion.


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It would make plenty of sense to beat the bad guy and roll the credits, and as the entire fleet of Guardians prepare to fight the Witness inside the Traveler, it’s only a matter of time before it falls. Whilst it may take more than 6 Guardians with Gjallahorn, the Witness must surely fall for humanity, and life in the universe to survive.

3 The Traveler

The Reason Guardians Have Their Powers, But Is It Permanent?


The Traveler has been dormant over the Last City for a long time, and with the return of the Witness, the Traveler wakes to fight for humanity and defend itself in a valiant last stand. Unfortunately, the Witness didn’t exactly win, and it’s been subdued by the Witness, placed into a catatonic state above Earth’s orbit with a portal inside the surface. Could this spell the end of the Traveler?

Even when Guardians go inside and discover the secrets of the Traveler, could it be too late? The Traveler might be inactive, a relic among the stars with what the Witness has planned. After all, The Final Shape is the end of the Light and Darkness saga, so with that conclusion, must the Light end with the Witness and Traveler’s deaths?

2 The Guardian & The Ghost

The Fate Of The Protagonist Has Been Decided In Time

Hunter in Destiny 2 Riding on a Skimmer

Season of Dawn showed players that through the Corridors of Time, the future presents death for the Guardian. Whilst the story can be a tad confusing to Destiny 2, due to the fact that every player is the protagonist, the underlying fact of the matter is that Guardians were shown their funeral, their tomb, in which both they and their Ghost had fallen in battle, a memorial provided by Saint-14.


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The death of the Guardian and the Ghost has been teased before, especially in Lightfall, in which the Guardian couldn’t bring themselves to shoot the Ghost and stop the Witness from linking the Veil, but perhaps The Final Shape will be that final death. It’s unknown how the Guardian died, but is it a set future, or inevitable?

1 Crow

Uldren Sov May Have Been Redeemed, But Will He Make A Sacrifice Play?

destiny-2-season-of-the-hunt-Crow in-game Screenshot

The Crow has had a great redemption story through Destiny 2. As once Uldren Sov, the murderer of Cayde-6 and brother to Mara Sov, his death at the hands of the Guardian saw him reborn as a Guardian, void of memories to start anew. Uldren became Crow, and even when he recovered his memories, he felt nothing but guilt, and confusion, understanding that he is not Uldren Sov, not anymore, but a new man: Crow.

Crow has gone into the Traveler and is the only hope of opening the portal to let Guardians through to breach the forces of the Witness. Crow is a new Guardian, and whilst it’s likely he will become the new and absent Hunter Vanguard with Cayde-6’s death, it could still be likely that he sacrifices himself, as he has done so in the past for Zavala and would do so again in a heartbeat.

destiny 2 cover


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