• Bungie introduces a new reward system for Destiny 2 players, allowing them to earn Bright Dust each week by visiting the Eververse store.
  • 700 Bright Dust can be earned each week up to the launch of The Final Shape starting on March 5.
  • Changes to rituals and features include the return of Iron Banner and adjustments to the Transmog Armor Synthesis feature by reseting Threader Bounties to earn more Synthweave.

Bungie announces a new reward for Destiny 2 players where they can earn Bright Dust each week starting on March 5 simply by going to the Eververse store in-game. With Season of the Wish’s storyline now complete, Bungie’s new challenge will be keeping players invested over the next few months. Originally, the anticipated Final Shape expansion was set to launch later this month, but an unfortunate delay pushed those plans out into June, leaving Destiny 2 players with a sizable content drought and a much longer season than was planned.

Some parts of the Destiny 2 schedule have been shuffled around, with Guardian Games coming in March and Moments of Triumph being currently live now. Bungie also introduced Riven’s Wishes, a weekly quest where players complete a Dreaming City related challenge and can earn Lightfall exotics, Last Wish raid weapons, and more. Starting in April, Destiny 2 players can also take part in a new event called Into The Light, which aims to be some sort of precursor event to The Final Shape expansion. However, to further entice players to continue logging in, Bungie announced a new plan to reward players with Bright Dust starting in March.


Destiny 2 Releases Final Prime Gaming Rewards

Bungie reveals the final set of Prime Gaming rewards for Destiny 2, bringing the free content program to an end after four years.

Inside of Bungie’s weekly update, the studio announced new plans to reward Destiny 2 players with Bright Dust simply for logging in. Starting on March 5, players can head to the Eververse Store at the Tower to claim 700 Bright Dust. Better yet, Bungie mentions that players can claim this bonus each week leading up to the launch of The Final Shape in June, so it stands to reason that a lot of in-game currency can be acquired for those dedicated enough to log in each week.

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Other Destiny 2: Season of the Wish Ritual Changes

In addition to the Bright Dust reward, Bungie also confirmed a few other ritual changes taking place due to the extended season. Typically, Iron Banner only arrives three times during each Destiny 2 season, but for Season of the Wish, Lord Saladin’s PvP mode is coming back on April 2 and 30 alongside the reprised Multimach CCX SMG and the new Tusk of the Boar grenade launcher.

In addition, Bungie is also changing the rules around the Transmog Armor Synthesis feature, which has a hard cap on the amount of bounties players can turn in each season. Also kicking off on March 5, the Threader Bounties will be reset, meaning players can once again turn in 10 additional bounties per character to help earn more Synthweave to unlock more armor styles.

The extra Bright Dust could come in handy with the anticipated Destiny 2 crossover on the horizon with Mass Effect. The event is bringing a ton of cosmetic gear with it, including armor sets inspired by characters like Garrus Vakarian, Commander Shepard, and Dr. Liara T’Soni. While players can no doubt purchase this gear with the premium Silver currency, it’s unknown if Bright Dust will be accepted, as Bungie has added parts of armor sets and gear over a series of weeks and months throughout seasons in the past, giving players a drip feed way to purchase newer cosmetics with Bright Dust, just at a much slower rate.

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Destiny 2

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August 28, 2017

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