• Destiny 2 unveils Prismatic subclass, allowing players to mix and match both Light and Darkness abilities into one powerful version.
  • The developer reveal also showcased new exotic class armor which lets players take perks from other gear and combine them.
  • The Final Shape developer stream also showed off a new enemy faction called The Dread.

Bungie reveals tons of new information about Destiny 2 The Final Shape in a new developer stream, including the Prismatic subclass, exotic armor that can take perks from other gear, as well as new enemies for players to fight. April 9 is a big day for the Destiny 2 community, with the Into The Light experience finally launching for all players. As previously revealed, the update adds a new PvE-style game mode called Onslaught, the Hall of CHampions social space, as well as 12 fan favorite returning weapons like Hammerhead, Recluse, and Mountaintop as part of a larger set called the Brave Arsenal.

In addition to Into The Light launching, Bungie also teased that it was ready to showcase the upcoming expansion, The Final Shape. Although the experience was originally slated to launch this past February, The Final Shape is aiming to close the chapter on a 10-year journey that Destiny 2 players have gone on, effectively bringing the Light and Darkness Saga to a close. However, the studio does have more plans for the game and franchise, though in a new livestream, the studio showcased a lot of new content coming in The Final Shape.


Destiny 2 Announces Big Changes to Brave Weapons for Into The Light Event

In response to player feedback, Bungie announces a few changes to the Brave weapons coming to the Destiny 2 Into the Light event.

As it turns out, The Final Shape does have a new subclass called Prismatic, though it doesn’t work in the traditional sense. As the name implies, players can combine Light and Dark powers together, adding 2 bars under the super meter for both light and dark. Once both are filled, players transcend with a mix of powers. Showcasing how dynamic and unique the class is, the stream opens with a fast-paced battle between the player and the new enemy types, including a Subjugator, inside a twisted version of the old Tower space from the original Destiny. The player utilized a collection of abilities from Solar, Stasis, and Arc classes to quickly and efficiently defeat the enemies.

What are the Prismatic Transcendant Class Combinations?

  • Hunters: Solar and Stasis
  • Warlocks: Stasis and Void
  • Titans: Strand and Arc

In addition to the highly customizable Prismatic subclass, The Final Shape also introduces an enemy faction called The Dread, based on The Witness. While also including the previously revealed Tormentors, this new faction features the Stasis and Strand Subjugators, as well as the flying “gun bat” Grim, and sword-wielding Husk that has a deadly surprise once it is killed.

However, one of the bigger surprises was the reveal of new exotic class items, which allow the player to essentially steal perks from other gear and combine them together. The exotic gear is intended to fit well with the Prismatic class, giving players another way to highly customize their build both with subclass abilities as well as combining perks. Bungie confirmed that the intention is to make the item feel a little broken and overpowered.

While the three new subclass abilities revealed last year were not showcased at all, it seems the leak of a “red” subclass for Destiny 2 was real after all. The Prismatic subclass features a red/magenta hue to it, strongly suggesting that the leaked image players saw was in fact the beginnings or a version of the Prismatic subclass.

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