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Survivability becomes a more pressing issue once players reach the later stages of Diablo 4. With everything dealing more damage in Nightmare and Torment modes, players will need to find a way to live through against incoming hits while making sure their own attacks are dealing enough damage. Luckily, there are a multitude of ways to achieve both.


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The Conceited Aspect is a legendary power that plays into both of these needs in Diablo 4. It incentivizes the use of Barriers by increasing the damage players deal while one is active. Barriers are great for absorbing damage, and every class can generate it for themselves one way or another. Here’s how to get this Legendary Aspect, as well as some tips on how to make a build around it.

Updated March 26, 2024 by Marc Santos: Even after multiple seasons and balance passes, the Conceited Aspect has remained a solid legendary power for defense-oriented builds in Diablo 4. It continues to find a spot in the builds of players who rely on Barrier for survivability, granting them both offensive and defensive boons to help keep the demon-slaying going. While this Aspect has remained more or less the same over the course of Diablo 4’s seasons, it did receive a much-needed fix that’s made it viable for Barbarians again, as well as an interaction with the Seneschal companion that’s made it more valuable than before.

Diablo 4: How to Get the Conceited Aspect


Unfortunately, the Conceited Aspect can only be obtained randomly through legendary gear drops. None of the game’s dungeons feature this Aspect, making it impossible to unlock in the Codex of Power. However, Conceited Aspect is considered a “general” power, and it can appear on most legendary items while playing as any character class.

One of the best ways to get any random Legendary Aspect is to farm Helltides. The Tortured Gifts of Mysteries within Helltide regions have guaranteed legendary item drops once they gather enough Aberrant Cinders to open one. Players can open as many mystery chests as they can find around Helltide-afflicted areas, though each subregion can only have two active chests at a time (except for Kehjistan, which can have up to three).

While farming Helltides, make sure to bounce between event zones for even more chances of getting legendary drops. Events also drop Murmuring Obols, which can be used to buy random gear from Purveyors of Curiosities within cities. These vendors have a relatively high legendary drop chance, though this seems to scale with character level.


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Conceited Aspect Builds and Notes

Diablo 4 Barbarian with Iron Skin active

The Conceited Aspect works best with Barbarians, Druids, and Sorcerers since they all have Barrier-granting skills (Iron Skin, Earthen Bulwark, and Ice Armor respectively). These abilities are on relatively low cooldowns, which means players can enjoy the Aspect’s damage bonus more frequently. The following are builds that players can alter in order to sneak in Barriers and the Conceited Aspect:

Rogues can generate Barrier by using the Snap FrozenAspect together with their Ice-related skills or the Penitent Greaves Unique. Meanwhile, Necromancers can get a Barrier by hitting enemies with the Bone Storm ultimate while having the Aspect of Shielding Storm equipped on one of their items. The Temerity Unique pants lets all classes gain Barrier by healing beyond their max Life.

Previously in patch version 1.0.4, the Conceited Aspect failed to properly apply its bonus to Barbarians using the Iron Skin ability, hampering the class from making ideal Barrier builds. As of Season of the Construct, Conceited Aspect now works as intended. In addition to that, the season’s featured Seneschal companion can provide players with Barrier, triggering the effects of Conceited Aspect without forcing players to use Barrier-creating abilities or effects. This opens up opportunities to slot in different skills for the builds mentioned above, allowing players to use more damage-dealing or utility skills in place of a defensive one.

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