Diablo 4 offers players a breadth of content that gives some variety to the game on the endless journey for better and better gear. Some Diablo 4 events can only be completed one time, like Strongholds, but others – like Helltides and World Bosses – respawn on a relatively regular basis and give unique rewards suited for the endgame.


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Legion Events are one such activity that regularly pop up throughout the day and encourage players to group up and take on legions of enemies – as the event’s name might imply. These events are timed and offer better rewards if players can take down the waves of foes fast enough.

Updated April 3, 2024 by Erik Petrovich: The Legion event Diablo 4 introduced to the series has not changed too much since the game’s launch, but over time, patches and updates have updated some of the specifics. Compared to release and Season 1, D4 Legion event popups occur much more frequently nowadays, and this guide has been updated with the new event timings. Additionally, a few locations where Legion events can spawn were left out of the listing below, and have now been included. Some of these areas require a Stronghold to be cleared before being able to spawn Legion events, so be sure to check which ones are available from the get-go, and which have this pre-requisite.

What Are Diablo 4 Legion Events?

Diablo 4 Legion Events Explained Gathering Legions Timer Servant of Hell Overlord

Legion Events take place over a relatively large area on the world map in a few locations around Sanctuary. Once the event starts, players should see red dots and points of interest pop up on their mini-map, and a timer pop up. The objective of a Legion Event in Diablo 4 is to bring down the Servants of Hell that only spawn once enough of their underlings have been defeated.

The timer has several stages, and if players kill enough enemies to spawn a Servant of Hell, a new timer will begin upon its defeat. There tend to be three Servants of Hell per Legion Event.


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However, if players run out of time before getting all three, the final boss – an Overlord – will spawn alongside a standard end-of-Dungeon boss, like the Khazra Abomination. The more Servants of Hell that players defeat before the Overlord spawns, the better the loot at the end, with full Mastery typically earned for killing all three.

It’s important to have a large group of players when taking on a Legion Event. Players don’t need to be in a group, just ensure that there are plenty of others around to make the job of summoning Harbingers much faster. More players means more ground can be covered, and less time traveling between hordes in the Legion zone.

How To Find Legion Events In Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Legion Events Explained Gathering Legions Begins Timer Countdown

On the full-size map in Diablo 4, Legion Events are highlighted with a circle that, when hovered over, describes the basics of the event and how much time remains until it begins. Like World Bosses, a notification will pop up when a Legion Event countdown begins if you are close by.

No matter where you are in Sanctuary, though, the icon should appear on the mini-map once one appears. Thanks to changes to the D4 Legion event timing, players can find a Legion event happening somewhere in the world about twice an hour, though you will still have to open your map to see exactly where the next one will be.

Diablo 4 Legion Event Times & Locations

From launch through Season 1, Legion events spawned relatively infrequently, but at the beginning of Season 2 Diablo 4 Legion event times were simplified. From then on, a Legion event Diablo 4 players could participate in would pop up every 25 minutes. Such is still the case for Season 4, and Legion events will likely continue to follow that timing for the foreseeable future.


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Legion Events can spawn in a variety of locations throughout Sanctuary, but several of them only become accessible once a Stronghold has been cleared. Common places for Legion Events to spawn include:

  • Crusader’s Monument and Haunted Wreckage in Hawezar.
  • Alcarnus and Dilapidated Aqueducts in Kehjistan.
  • Norgoi Vigil and the Temple of Rot in the Dry Steppes.
  • Carrownest Ruins in Scosglen
  • Kor Dragan in Fractured Peaks

Of these eight different Legion Event locations Diablo 4 offers, four will not spawn Legion events until you clear a Stronghold. Crusader’s Monument in Hawezar, Alcarnus in Kehjistan, the Temple of Rot in the Dry Steppes, and Kor Dragan in the Fractured Peaks will not become Legion Event areas until the associated Stronghold is cleared.

Possible Legion Event Rewards

Diablo 4 Legion Events Explained Gathering Legions Quest Complete

Monsters defeated throughout the progression of a Legion Event will reward XP, Gold, and items as normal. After defeating the Overlord and dungeon boss, up to three Radiant Chests will spawn, depending on the group’s Mastery over the Legion Event.

One Servant of Hell defeated means one Radiant Chest, and three defeated rewards three. Inside these chests is loot from a special Legion Event loot table that contains the standard fare of high-level items and materials, as well as the chance for unique cosmetics and Mounts. The Ghastly Reins, which unlocks the Spectral Charger, can drop from Legion Event chests.

Just keep an eye out for the white item label – cosmetics, new mount breeds, and mount armors can look like common equipment when it drops. Be sure to check the Stash every so often as Diablo 4 will recover missed Legendary, Unique, and cosmetic items here.

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