The revamped Disney Plus app could soon feature always-on channels dedicated to Star Wars and Marvel shows, according to a report from The Information. The channels, which are reportedly similar to those on free ad-supported streaming services like Pluto or Tubi, could take away the choice when it comes to picking out what to watch next.

In addition to Star Wars and Marvel series, Disney’s lineup of channels could feature stations that continuously stream Disney’s classic animated films or movies from Pixar, The Information reports. Even though viewers would need a Disney Plus subscription to tune in to the channels, they will likely still contain ads — just like traditional television.

There still aren’t any details about when the new channels could launch, and Disney declined to comment. However, the rumored move aligns with Disney’s goals of keeping viewers glued to its Disney Plus app, which now includes a tile for Hulu.

It also reflects the growing popularity of free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST). Last week’s report from Bloomberg revealed that viewers are spending more time watching the Fox-owned Tubi when compared to Peacock, Max, and Paramount Plus. Part of the appeal of FAST services is that you can just tune in to a random show without having to worry about hanging onto every single word like you would when watching something like Fallout.

Amazon also houses always-on channels within Prime Video through its FAST service Freevee. Unlike what Disney’s reportedly planning, though, anyone can watch Freevee without a subscription through the service’s dedicated app (as long as it sticks around). The cableification of streaming will likely become a broader trend in the future, as Disney also plans to launch a streaming-only version of ESPN along with a live sports streaming package with Warner Bros. Discovery and Fox.


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