• Gameplay mods can enhance the experience by improving various aspects, such as quicker movement and quality-of-life enhancements.
  • Mods like “More Monsters’ Spawns” and “Combat Sneak” provide unique challenges and new possibilities for combat.
  • Mods like “Level Up All Equipment” and “Free Pet Pal” offer solutions to common issues, such as obsolete gear and the need for a specific perk.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 has recently gained some traction due to the studio’s incredibly successful release of Baldur’s Gate 3. The game is still appreciated as one of the best RPGs on the market, and it’s not hard to see why. However, as is usually the case, things can always be made better with mods.


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Gameplay mods can improve the overall experience with many aspects of the gameplay, from quicker movement to other quality-of-life enhancements. As always, players are highly encouraged to carefully read the description of every mod to avoid any unwanted bugs and compatibility issues.

1 More Monsters’ Spawns

Endorsements – 493

More Monsters' Spawns

This mod is an interesting approach to increasing the difficulty. Without altering any stats, such as attack, health, and defense, the game is made noticeably more challenging without going overboard. In the vanilla version, difficulties like tactician can oftentimes drag out fights due to high health and lower chances to hit.

One should be careful though, as in certain locations there are significantly more enemies, and every single fight has been altered by the mod. But it can be quite fun and rewarding (more experience points) to take on this unique challenge.

2 Combat Sneak

Endorsements – 591

Combat Sneak

Sneaking is a great option for players who want to try options other than combat, but when it comes to using it in actual fights, the game is found somewhat lacking. The high cost of AP makes it almost always worth it to use other abilities instead, so players rarely do so in an encounter.


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This mod lowers the cost to 2 AP, making it much more feasible to try and slither around confused enemies. This opens up many new possibilities for combat, especially for naturally sneaky classes.

3 Level Up All Equipment

Endorsements – 769

Level Up All Equipment

There are a lot of items in the game. As players level up, certain pieces of gear will quickly become obsolete, even the rare and legendary items. It can quickly become overbearing, especially given the amount of great and expensive pieces that will need to be constantly sold or discarded.

But with this mod, players can continue to level up their favorite belongings, allowing one to handle a favorite sword all the way to the end. It is a neat and effective solution to the hoarding problem that can otherwise occur.

4 Weight And Level Cap Mod

Endorsements – 972

Weight and Level Cap mod

As previously mentioned, there is quite a lot of stuff to carry. From necessary gear to miscellaneous items to a collection of extremely heavy statues and paintings. So it’s no wonder that a weight capacity remover is a very popular mod, but the author went a step further in tweaking the settings.


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From extended spell range to allowing characters to use weapons above their level without penalty. It might be a little balance-breaking, but players are free to choose whatever aspects of the mod they prefer.

5 8 AP Max

Endorsements – 1,505

8 AP Max

AP economy in the game is very balanced and thought-out, but some fans may want to play around with a few more options. This mod increases the maximum character’s AP to 8, allowing players to generate a little more juice before unleashing a devastating barrage.

It is important to note that the mod does not affect the AP regeneration rate, but only the maximum allowed, meaning players will have to approach the new limit tactically and conserve their actions if they want to reach the maximum potential.

6 Barter Master – Shared Discount

Endorsements – 1,445

Barter Master - Shared Discount

Oftentimes, whether players are playing in co-op or on their own, characters will split their proficiencies among different aspects. One might be great at stealing, another excel at brute force, while someone else can do the talking.


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But given how many NPC interactions there are in the game, and the party’s tendency to occasionally split, it can be a hassle to bring over the “negotiator” every time. With this mod, every party member shares the highest barter skill, allowing everyone to shop in peace by themselves.

7 Expanded Party Size

Endorsements – 1,866

Expanded party size

The game’s follower characters each have deep and interesting personalities, and detailed, well-written backstories. However, upon ending the first Act in the game, players will have to choose a limited number of those that can accompany them on their journey.

With this mod, however, players are free to grab the entire roster for a ride, leaving no one behind. It can be quite balance-breaking, but there are many ways to balance it out, from other mods to increasing the difficulty of the game.

8 Free Pet Pal

Endorsements – 2,577

Free Pet Pal

Pet Pal might be one of the most popular perks in the game, allowing players to talk to the many animals that are scattered throughout. From basic conversations to entire questlines, there is quite a lot of great content hidden behind the perk.


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But not everyone wants to spend a precious perk point just for the novelty of it. With this mod, no one has to. By default, all characters will get this ability and can begin to freely harass particular squirrel knights.

9 Fast Run Speed

Endorsements – 2,384

Fast Run Speed

Given the size of the game’s map, the mod’s popularity is not surprising. There is a lot of ground to cover, and returning players might want to clear the basic walking and backtracking faster.

A great thing about this mod is that it doesn’t affect the combat at all, only affecting speed when traveling the overworld. It is a great mod that can save a lot of time on an otherwise not-so-fun aspect of the beloved RPG.


Divinity: Original Sin 2
September 14, 2017


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