Now that E3 is fully dead, Summer Game Fest has taken on its mantle as the go-to event for big video game release announcements. This past weekend’s Game Fest delivered, with companies from Microsoft to horror studio Blumhouse sending honchos to LA to show off new gear and new titles.

News out of the event came in all sizes, from quick teasers for games that still don’t have release dates, to console upgrades, to official entries in beloved series. If you missed the weekend-long event, no need to sweat. We’ve got the most interesting announcements right here for you.

Blumhouse Set to Release 6 (!!!) Horror Games

Blumhouse’s gaming division is cooking. The publisher has six horror titles on the way, including projects from indie studio Half Mermaid, which made Immortality and Her Story, and is currently working with Brandon Cronenberg. It’s also working with Eyes Out, the developer founded by Cory Davis (Spec Ops: The Line) and Nine Inch Nails’ Robin Finck.

During its Friday presentation, the publisher revealed Fear the Spotlight, Crisol, Theater of Idols, Grave Seasons, Sleep Awake, The Simulation, and Project C via a two-minute sizzle reel—the trailer was short, but the lineup looks quite promising.

A Doom Prequel

Bethesda and Id Software are releasing a prequel to 2016’s Doom and its 2020 follow-up, Doom Eternal. An origin story called Doom: The Dark Ages, the game has a more fantasy feel to it—they added chainsaw blades to a shield!—but still seems to be packing all of the firepower of previous iterations. And blood. Also maybe a dragon? I think?


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