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While playing Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will have the luxury of creating your own character and customizing the Arisen however you like. The customization process gives players the freedom to create and almost re-create any character they want. After completing the creation part and exploring Dragon’s Dogma 2 for a bit, Arisens eventually have to create their main Pawn as well.

In some cases, players may want to re-customize the Arisen or even their Pawn after playing for a while. Once players visit the capital Vernworth, they will discover NPC shops that may help them change characters’ appearance in Dragon’s Dogma 2, at the cost of a pretty penny.


Dragon’s Dogma 2: How to Create and Transfer Pawns (Character Creator and Storage Tool)

Dragon’s Dogma 2’s character creator is available for free. Here’s how to use it, and port characters into the full game once it comes out.

How To Change Character Appearance In Dragon’s Dogma 2

barberie shop in dragons dogma 2

To change your character’s appearance, you must visit a barberie shop, which is represented by scissors on the map, and pay the requested amount of Gold. Upon reaching the shop, speak with the shop owner to open the available options. Essentially, these are the choices found at the shop alongside the required gold:

  • Change Hairstyle – 10,000 Gold
  • Adjust Makeup – 10,000 Gold
  • Give Markings – 10,000 Gold
  • Change Multiple – 25,000 Gold

The prices at the shops are quite expensive, so make sure to save some Gold in Dragon’s Dogma 2 if you wish to change the character’s appearance.

art of metamorphosis location in dragons dogma 2

If Arisens are short on Gold, head to the Grand Riftstone of Vermund and buy the Art of Metamorphosis item for 500 RC. This book can only be used once at any barberie shop to change the Arisen’s appearance as well as the Main Pawn for free.

Where To Change Character Appearance In Dragon’s Dogma 2

barberie shop locations in dragons dogma 2

There are two barberie shops; one in Vernworth, west of the Merchant Quarter called Clovis’s Barberie, and the other is in Bakbttahl called Mettefere’s Cosmetics, located west of Flamebearer Palace Road.

How To Reach Vernworth

how to reach vernworth in dragons dogma 2

The first shop is in the capital, and to reach it, players need to go through Melve first. It can be considered the first official area players visit to regain their lost memories.

Upon completing the mundane tasks given in Melve, Officer Gregor will speak with Arisens and ask them to head to the capital together. After being escorted to the capital by Gregor and fighting monsters together along the road, players are now free to roam around.

How To Reach Bakbttahl

how to reach bakbattahl in dragons dogma 2

Bakbttahl is found in Battahl and the region is accessed from the gates in Checkpoint Town Rest. You will need an entry pass to enter the area, which is given by Brant after progressing in the main Quests. Another way to reach it is by taking a detour and going through a dangerous cave full of dangerous enemies.

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