Enhancing equipment in general is a must in Dragon’s Dogma 2 to increase the chances of survivability while exploring the wild and fighting dangerous monsters. By equipping upgraded weapons and armor, you will withstand more damage and cause even greater damage to the opponents.

However, upgrading equipment and weapons doesn’t come cheap as you must have the proper materials for each item as well as the requested amount of Gold. The first step is to reach an area that possesses a shop with a forge as it’s where Arisen will learn how to enhance equipment in Dragon’s Dogma 2.


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How To Enhance Equipment In Dragon’s Dogma 2

where to enhance equipement in dragons dogma 2

Once you find a shop with a forge, speak with the owner to see some options like buy, sell, and talk. Among the usual options, there will be one more: Enhance Equipment. Choosing it will unlock a tutorial log for players if it’s their first time enhancing. The first blacksmith you will encounter will most likely be in Vernworth as it’s one of the main destinations you will visit while completing the Main Quests.

Once the upgrade menu opens up, you will be greeted by a list of all the weapons and armor you have in inventory for the Arisen as well as the main Pawn in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Clicking on the desired armor or weapon allows you to see the Required Materials and the Enhancement Cost (Gold/WLC) you need to collect for the upgrade process.

There’s also something called Smithing Style where you can gain different stats for your equipment according to where you did your enhancement. It’s something you want to keep in mind if you wish to gain a specific stat in your upgrade.


materials required from enhancement in dragons dogma 2

Each piece of equipment, whether it’s armor or a weapon, calls for certain upgrade materials like Greenish Slime, Miasmite, Copper Ore, Poison Pinion, and so on. Additionally, all equipment pieces have three enhancement levels. The first one only costs Gold without the need for materials.

materials for enhancement in dragons dogma 2

The materials are found plentiful all over the world in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Some are enemy drops from small monsters like the horn, tooth, and tail, and they may also ask for materials only acquired by killing giant monsters like Cyclops or a Minotaur. In contrast, other required materials are collectibles found in the wild, like certain types of rocks and plants. Gold, on the other hand, is obtainable in huge amounts via completing quests, combing through people’s homes, or examining corpses. As for WLC, it’s a special currency only accepted by Dragonforged, who is a merchant in Battahl.

Styles of Smithing

types of smithing in dragons dogma 2

There is more than one style of smithing to enhance equipment, so players can consider them according to the Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2.







Moderately enhance all attributes of all types of equipment



Sacred Arbor

Greatly increases Magick and Mag Def, but has little effect on Strength and Defense




Greatly increases Strength and Defense, but has little effect on Magick and Mag Def




Greatly increases efficacy and halves the weight


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