You can visit the Elven hometown of Sacred Arbor at any point after leaving the tutorial area of Dragon’s Dogma 2. However, the real introduction to elves​​​​​ begins with buying a bow for an elf in Vernworth. After that, you can be invited to visit Sacred Arbor during the quest “A Trial of Archery.”

However, that quest isn’t the only one in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that involves Sacred Arbor. After you complete the quest, you can visit the town again to start the quest “The Ailing Arborheart.” If any part of this quest has stumped you, read on to learn more.


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How to Start The Ailing Arborheart

Dragons Dogma 2 Arborheart Doireann

The first thing to do for this quest is to return to Sacred Arbor and find Doireann, the Elven woman you helped save during the events of “A Trial of Archery.” You can find her in front of the large shrine that’s on the way to Taliesin’s private quarters. She’ll speak to you in Elvish at first, but then quickly switch to the human language.

She mentions that the giant tree at the heart of Sacred Arbor is in trouble, but a dwarf once stopped by and gave them something that helped the tree for a time. She doesn’t know what the human word for the substance is, but its Elvish name is “gwyfencha.” Your first task for this quest is to figure out what “gwyfencha” is.

How to Translate Gwyfencha

Dragons Dogma 2 Arborheart Woodland Wordsmith

There are two ways you can translate “gwyfencha.”

  • Doireann’s brother, Glyndwr, has a solid grasp of both Elvish and the human language. If you speak to him after starting this quest, he’ll explain what the word means. However, you may have trouble finding him, since he sometimes shows up in Vernworth to ask you to start an escort quest.
  • One of the Pawn specializations is “Woodland Wordsmith“. When you hire a Pawn who has this, all Elvish subtitles will appear in your chosen language. They can also translate “gwyfencha” for you if you go speak to Doireann again. If you had one in your party when you started this quest, you’ll complete this step of the quest on the spot.

Where to Find Scalecinder

Dragon's Dogma 2 Arborheart Sara

The word turns out to mean “scalecinder,” which is a byproduct of Dwarven forges. Doireann mentions that the dwarf who helped came from Battahl, and so you can’t continue the quest until you’ve reached the neighboring kingdom.

Specifically, when you’re in Bakbattahl, you should head south past the merchants to find a smithy. The quest should point to it, and it has a name and an icon on the city map. The dwarf in charge won’t say much, but you can speak to his apprentice, Sara, to learn about scalecinder. She mentions that elves and dwarves don’t see eye-to-eye, but her master, Brokkr, could be convinced to help if you give him the Elven food “nutriabh.”

This conversation completes “The Ailing Arborheart,” and it begins the follow-up quest “Out of the Forest, Into the Forge.” Your reward for getting this far into the story is 1,600 XP.

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