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Dragon’s Dogma 2 features multiple caves in different areas and regions in the game. These caves act as dungeons, which include various types of enemies as well as treasure chests that the players can loot for important materials and items. Some of the caves are home to challenging and unique bosses that you might not witness if you explore the open areas in the game.

Waterfall Cave is one of the early game caves players can access in Dragon’s Dogma 2. However, the cave has two bosses that are very challenging, and could take several attempts to overcome. This guide provides a detailed walkthrough of Waterfall Cave and all the rewards you can get from it.


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How To Get To Waterfall Cave In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Waterfall Cave in Dragon's Dogma 2

The Waterfall Cave is located on the northeast of Melve near the Borderwatch Outpost. To reach Melve, you will need to take an Oxcart from the Ox Station in Vernworth. After reaching Melve, head to Borderwatch on foot, then proceed further northeast until you reach the entrance of the cave. Being one of the bigger caves in comparison, be sure to bring Dragon’s Dogma 2 Wakestones, as there are a few challenging enemies inside.

Waterfall Cave Walkthrough In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Entering Watefall Cave in Dragon's Dogma 2

Once inside the cave, keep going straight, and you will encounter a Goblin and a few Asps once you reach the water. These Asps can cause Poison Debilitation, but thankfully, this can be cured using certain items, so you do not have to worry. The right side of the water is inaccessible, and approaching it will cause three Harpies to come at you. Deal with them, head back to the left path, and proceed further. The straight path proceeds further into the cave, but first, you will need to head right and jump across the small rock platform to reach a Chest containing Dried Fish.

Waterfall Cave 1F Map in Dragon's Dogma 2

Head back to the main path and deal with the single Goblin in your path. There are two paths here, and it is best to take the straight path first. Deal with the group of Goblins and jump across to reach the other side. Do not fall down, as you will explore that part later. Keep going straight, but be wary of the hole in the middle. Go around and head straight. There is a right path here that you will need to come back later, so head straight first. If you keep going straight, you will reach the exit of this Cave. There is also a left path that has a chest on the right with Detoxifying Decoction.

Do not bother with going straight, as there are only a few Asps that you will come across later. Head back from where you came from and take the right path near the hole this time. This will lead you to a bunch of Asps sleeping near the water. Deal with all of them and head east towards the passageway leading deep into the Cave. Keep going forward, picking up any Greenwarish and Pitywort you come across. On the right path, you will encounter a bunch of Asps who should be easy to kill. Once that is done, look to the left to spot a giant creature in the middle of an arena.


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Gorechimera Boss Fight

Gorechimera in Waterfall Cave in Dragon's Dogma 2

Gorechimera is the first boss that you will encounter inside the Waterfall Cave. The creature has five health bars and three heads that perform different kinds of attacks. The Lionhead is the main head of the body and performs claw attacks that hit like a truck. This head also takes the lowest damage out of all the heads, so it is best to focus on the other ones. It is also important to note that during the start of the fight, the Snakehead, which is basically its tail, will be inactive. However, once it becomes active, it needs to be the priority target as it can grab the player as well as Poison them.

The Sheephead located on top of the Lionhead is the one that takes the most damage, but it is harder to attack. Melee Vocations will have to climb the beast using the grab button, make their way to the Sheephead, and attack it. If you are playing as Thief, you can simply perform Helm Splitter or its upgraded version, Skull Splitter. These weapon skills allow the player to roll in the air and attack the creature with multiple strikes.

One of the attacks to watch out for is when the Sheephead casts a Magick Circle in a specific area. If by the the time the cast is complete and the player is standing in the circle, then they will be affected by Sleep Debilitation.

Path To Second Floor

Ore Vein in Waterfall Cave in Dragon's Dogma 2

After defeating the boss, loot the corpse, as there is a chance the boss might drop multiple Black Freakish Mane. Head east of the boss arena to enter the B1F, which is quite a small area but has a treasure chest at the end with a Wakestone inside. Head outside the boss arena and head west to an area with a few Oozes and a chest that you can open to acquire Dried Fish and 4510 Gold. Go back to the boss arena again and head north until you reach a dual path. The path on the left leads to a treasure chest with a Ferrystone inside.

Waterfall Cave 2F Map in Dragon's Dogma 2

The main path will take you to a few more Oozes and Asps, and sticking to the left path leads to the second floor. There are multiple Ore Deposits here that you can mine and acquire Silver Ore, Copperstone, and Whitecobble. Deal with the multiple Hobgoblins around this area and head straight until you reach a chest inside, which is the Lantern Oil, and a Stability Extract next to the chest.

Giant room in 2F of Watefall Cave in Dragon's Dogma 2

Following the other path and keep going straight until you reach another split in the pathways. First, head left and deal with the single Goblin and pick up the Seeker’s Token. There is a chest with Threshing Blaze and an Onyx that you can pick up. Going through the other path will lead into a room with a Harpy flying around and four Asps sleeping on the ground.

Deal with these first before opening the treasure chest located in the middle of the room.

Head towards the table on the left side of the room to find Winter’s Path, Fulgurous Lord, and a Threshing Blaze. Now head back to the chest in the middle and open it to acquire Nation’s Death Knell. Opening the chest will summon an Undead Sorcerer, who is the second boss in this cave.



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Wight Boss Fight

Wight in Waterfall Cave in Dragon's Dogma 2

Immediately after the chest is opened, Wight will spawn. The boss has three health bars, making it not as tanky as the previous boss you faced in this cave. Wight had quite a lot of attacks in his arsenal, but one of the most annoying things about him is that it can fly. This might not affect Ranged players like Archers or Mages, but the melee Vocations will have a hard time getting constant attacks on Wight.

Wight has a few attacks that you should look out for and dodge; otherwise, you might end up losing your entire health bar. One of these attacks is where it flies a bit higher than its usual stance and casts multiple lightning balls to rain down on the player. Another deadly attack is the Cyclone that covers a massive area, and getting caught inside will deal constant damage, resulting in death.

Both of the bosses in this cave are respawnable enemies, so you can come back again after a few days and fight them again for more XP or acquire the loot they drop.

Exploring The Rest

Defeating the boss will drop Rift Crystals, a chance for body armor for Mage and Sorcerers, and a chance to drop Black Crystal, which is an enhancement material.

Follow the north path to reach a treasure chest with Peltflayers inside. Head back to the other path that leads to a ladder that you can lower down. Before heading down the ladder, head right and break the boxes behind which is a Seeker’s Token. This is the last item that you will acquire, and you can leave the cave after this.

Waterfall Cave Rewards

Seeker's Token in Waterfall Cave in Dragon's Dogma 2

After fully exploring the Waterfall Cave, you will come across quite a lot of loot for your Arisen as well as your Main Pawn. Here are all the rewards you can acquire inside of the cave.

  • Dried Fish x2
  • Seeker’s Token x2
  • Detoxifying Decoction
  • Black Freakish Mane
  • Rift Crystals
  • Eminent Coat
  • Wakestone
  • Whitecobble
  • Onyx
  • Silver Ore
  • Copperstone
  • Threshing Blaze x2
  • Ferrystone
  • Winter’s Path
  • Fulgurous Lord
  • Nation’s Death Knell
  • Black Crystal
  • Pelflayers

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