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Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a mythical action RPG where players can freely roam a vast fantasy world and forge their own paths. As you explore the world, you’ll meet and interact with NPCs who have exciting quests for you to pursue. One of the first quests in the game is given to you by Glyndwr, a lone elf wandering the streets of Vernworth. He can be easily recognized thanks to his white hair and bow.

Glyndwr is often seen admiring the bows on display in Roderick’s Smithy, the weapons shop in Vernworth. If you stop and talk to him, he reveals that he’s quite a fan of human-made bows. He will then task you with bringing him one, thus initiating the “Gift of the Bow” quest.


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Where To Find The Human-Made Bow For Glyndwr In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Since most of the bows in Dragon’s Dogma 2 are made by elves, you can’t simply give Glyndwr a random bow from your inventory. Thankfully, you won’t have to venture far to find a bow crafted specifically by humans.

Human-made bows can be purchased from Roderick’s Smithy in Vernworth. All you have to do is buy one and give it to Glyndwr. An example of a human-made bow is the Hunter’s Bow, which costs 4,240 gold.

Once you give Glyndwr the human-made bow, he’ll request you to join him at his training place to test it out. Accepting his request will begin the next stage of the “Gift of the Bow” quest.

How To Complete Gift Of The Bow In Dragon’s Dogma 2

gift of the bow quest dragon's dogma 2

Before heading out to Glyndwr’s training range, make sure to change your vocation to Archer. You can only demonstrate how to use the Bow if you have the Archer Vocation. Changing your vocation is pretty straightforward; you just need to locate the Vocation Guild.

Glyndwr’s training range is located in the north of Vernworth, just past the Trevo Mine. Here, Glyndwr will ask you to help him train with the new bow. Make sure you have swapped to the Archer Vocation, or you will not be able to help Glyndwr.

Once you demonstrate how the bow works, the “Gift of the Bow” quest will be completed. The rewards for completing this quest are:

  • 8,500 g
  • Ring Of Proximity

Completing this quest also unlocks another one called “A Trial of Archery.” If you head back to Vernworth, you will once again find Glyndwr near Roderick’s Smithy, and speaking to him will initiate this subsequent quest.

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