• A new patent suggests Electronic Arts is working on a new game creation and marketplace software similar to Unreal Engine and GameMaker.
  • The software would provide users with assets, source code, and game editing tools to create and develop their own video games.
  • This software aims to make game development more accessible and could be useful for aspiring game developers.

According to a recently published patent, Electronic Arts is working on a new game creation and marketplace software. The patent shows that this software would function similarly to Unreal Engine, GameMaker, and even the building games in Roblox. While there is no official confirmation on what EA is planning to do with this software, it does reveal what the company has been working on.

Founded in 1982, Electronic Arts is an American video game company. EA became popular for its development of the Sims franchise, as well as multiple sports game series such as FIFA and Madden. The company acts as both a publisher and developer, with a number of classic titles in its wheelhouse. While EA produces a number of games in-house, this in-development software may offer fans the opportunity to make games themselves.


Electronic Arts Patents Process Which Turns 2D Images Into 3D Virtual Objects

Electronic Arts files for a patent based on a technology that invites gamers to bring new models to digital life using only a picture.

In this latest EA patent publication, details are given for software that would provide users with source code, graphics, sounds, and more, all of which would be available in a marketplace where these assets could be acquired through trades, currency, tokens, or credits. Game editing and creation tools would also be provided, allowing users to take their acquired assets and use them to develop video games. It is noted that users could make original games or edit preexisting games, expanding opportunities for creativity and welcoming communities who enjoy mods in video games. However, companies frequently file patents that are never used, so there is no guarantee this game creation marketplace from EA will ever be fully developed.

EA Game Creation Marketplace Patent Details


The above graphic gives a detailed breakdown of how this EA software would function. Users would first find content, or assets, that they want to use, add that content to an original or existing game, save their creation, and then either play it themselves or share it with others. The image notes “for-pay content,” which suggests users could make games that are free-to-play or charge others for their games. The patent mentions how game development can prove cumbersome, with a high bar of entry, and promises to alleviate this issue. In short, EA would like this software to make game development more accessible by allowing users to create and distribute video games within an online space. While there is no guarantee EA’s game creation marketplace will ever be made available, it does open up an interesting conversation about the accessibility of game development.

As noted in EA’s patent details, game development can prove difficult for newcomers, with many struggling to find ways to gain experience. If finalized, this game creation marketplace could prove useful to the future of hopeful game developers, though the industry as a whole remains rocky amidst continued video game studio layoffs. For now, fans may want to keep an eye on Electronic Arts, though there is no guarantee EA will announce this software any time soon.


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