Elden Ring is an expansive and sprawling open world that rewards risk-taking by offering players rare crafting materials, level upgrade items, and enemy item drops. Often this may lead to a cluttered inventory, underutilized resources, or both.


Elden Ring: 11 Items You Should Buy Immediately From Merchants

Having the best tools for the job is essential to one’s survival in Elden Ring. These items should be purchased immediately from merchants.

Coming to players’ rescue are a host of merchants stationed at many points in the Lands Between. Although selling some types of items will come intuitively to players, others may not be straightforward given the scope and sheer complexity of item management in a deep RPG like Elden Ring. The following examples are valuable suggestions for selling particular resources to merchants that players can benefit most from.

Updated on March 25, 2024, by Waseem Muhammad: Elden Ring has a lot to offer when it comes to weapons, armor sets, and consumable items. These are scattered throughout The Lands Between, allowing players to explore and loot at their pleasure. However, having a huge amount of resources and other items that can stack raises the question of whether or not one can sell them for Runes early on. As Runes is the main currency in the game and farming can be a bit tedious at the start of the game, this is where selling items that the players do not need comes in handy. This update adds a new entry as well as changes to the existing sellables.

7 Rowa Raisin

Food For Torrent But Runes For Tarnished

Rowa Raisin in Elden Ring

Rowa Raisin is a consumable not for the player but for the trusty steed Torrent. It is a healable item that restores quite a lot of Torrent’s health if there is ever a need to do so. However, this does not mean that it is a useful item. Most of the time, players will not get hit on the horse, making the use of this consumable impractical.

Rowa Raisin can be crafted using Rowa Fruit, which can be found almost anywhere in The Lands Between. This means that players will have huge amounts of the item if they scavenge and loot a lot. The item, in general, does not sell for a lot of Runes but can still be a great help early on in the game when aiming for those level-up requirements.

6 Duplicate Gear

Duplicate Helmet pieces in Elden Ring.

This one is a no-brainer. Multiple copies of a weapon or armor piece serve no purpose or use in the game except for being sold for Runes currency. It can be argued that some dual-wielded weapons like Katanas and Whips, which require players to have a duplicate weapon of the same type equipped in their other hand, are an exception to the given rule of selling.

It should be noted, however, that paired weapons, like Claws and Starscourge Greatsword, will automatically spawn a second copy of the weapon in the other hand when pressing the ability button. So in this case, a duplicated weapon is of no use and can be sold safely to the merchant. Similarly, almost all unnecessary armor pieces can be sold to merchants except for quest-specific ones, particularly the Twinned armor during D’s questline which involves Fia.

5 Remembrances

Offers A Tremendous Amount Of Runes When Sold

Remembrance of the Rot Goddess in Elden Ring.

Whenever players bring down a boss enemy, they are rewarded with special souls called Remembrance. These are specific to the bosses defeated and can be sold at merchants for a great deal of Runes, each one netting between 20,000 to 50,000 Runes. Alternatively, Remembrances can be traded at Finger Reader Enia to obtain the respective powers of the boss. These are either a weapon or a sorcery ability but not both as players must make a choice between the two.

A useful approach is to duplicate the remembrance by seeking walking buildings with bell structures on them, known in-game as Wandering Mausoleums. Each one of these seven will allow players to duplicate the Remembrance giving them the option to obtain both powers through trading, selling for a whopping profit, or something in between. In any case, boss Remembrances are key items that are worth selling to merchants for Runes-heaven!

4 Unusable Weapons

Unusable Weapons in Elden Ring.

Another class of items that would be obvious selling options at merchants are unusable or unwieldable weapons. These refer to weapons that have requirements that do not align with the player’s current attribute stats. As a result, players can either hold onto them long-term when considering respec of stats, or they can earn some quick Runes by the good old tradition of selling.


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Unusable weapons will differ widely for each player based on their playstyle and build. Players opting for a sorcery-focused build will naturally lean more towards attributes of intelligence and arcane, and as a result, they may sell unusable weapons such as those with high strength or dexterity stat requirements.

3 Excess Ashes Of War

Better To Use A Few Ashes of War And Sell The Rest

Black Knife Tiche Ash of War in Elden Ring.

There is a staggering number of Ashes of War abilities in Elden Ring, a total of 91! Each armament, whether it’s a weapon or shield, has one slot for Ashes of War, with special armaments having their unique slots locked in. This means that at any given point of the game, players will have more Ash of War abilities than needed.

Different scenarios and situations will require slotting these Ashes of War abilities in and out. From raining arrows from above to unleashing an agonizingly loud beast roar to committing seppuku for increased bleed damage output, players should not shy away from experimenting with the many unique animations and effects these special abilities follow. After players have made the choice to retain a few, they can sell the unused or uninteresting Ashes of War abilities to merchants for a quick and easy route to obtaining Runes.

2 Excess Enhancement Items

Unwanted Upgrade Materials Are Free Runes

Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone in Elden Ring.

Not too different from the previous entry, just like how certain Ashes of War items will become obsolete and lose relevance for the player’s decisions in different situations, the same applies to bolstering materials and crafting ingredients. For upgrading weapons, shields, and Ashes of War, items such as Smithing Stones, Somber Smithing Stones, Grave Gloveworts, and Ghost Gloveworts will be required depending on the rank and uniqueness of the item. Upon reaching an upgrade level, bolstering materials below that level can be sold. For instance, once all armaments in the player’s inventory have been upgraded to +7, any Smithing Stones ranked 7 or below can be sold to merchants.


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Similarly, for crafting materials that will be utilized to make ammunition and consumables, excess ones can be sold. Due to the sheer amount of crafting resources that players can gather from the environment, a huge unwanted stock of them can be sold at merchants for a good price.

1 Golden Runes

Better To Sell Them And Save Time Than Individually Use Them

Golden Rune in Elden Ring.

Finally, Golden Runes, as counterintuitive as it may sound, can be sold to merchants instead of being consumed on the spot to generate Runes for the player. The obvious question arises of why players need to go through the additional step of selling when they can just navigate to the inventory menu and click the corresponding button to consume the Runes.

The best answers are sometimes also the simplest, which in this case, it’s just to save time. Golden Runes in Elden Ring can only be consumed one at a time, followed by a noticeably long animation upon each use. Opening the menu at the merchant, however, simplifies this to a mere bulk-select option. This would allow players to sell all Golden Runes in their inventory at once with no loss in the amount of Runes generated.

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