Magic plays a big part in Elden Ring. From powerful offensive spells to effective healing magic, most players use at least one kind of sorcery or incantation in a playthrough. The range of different spells available in the game is also impressive. The variety on offer allows for many build types, from flame-heavy pyromancers to gravity-based sorcerers.


Elden Ring: 10 Best Flame Spells, Ranked

Elden Ring pyromancers will be especially interested in the following flame spells. Equip a variety of these spells for maximum damage!

Some of the most prominent spell types, found among the incantations, are lightning spells. Originating from the Ancient Dragons, these Dragon Cult Incantations are fast, deadly, and effective against many enemies. Faith users will often have at least one of these incantations always memorized, relying on their devastating power and effective range.

10 Vyke’s Dragonbolt

Summon the Power Of A Famous Tarnished

Elden Ring: Best Lightning Spells, Ranked Player summoning lightning to their weapon and body in Elden Ring

  • Spell Type: Dragon Cult Incantation
  • FP Cost: 35
  • Requires: 23 Faith

In the lore of Elden Ring, Vyke was a predecessor of the player. A tarnished that came extremely close to becoming Elden Lord, but failed when he became enamored with the Frenzied Flame. This powerful incantation buffs the player’s weapon and body with red lightning, similar to that seen wielded by the dragons Fortissax and Lansseax.

The spell imbues the player’s right-hand weapon with lightning attack power while reducing lightning damage by 35%. In addition, the spell increases the equip load by 15% while the incantation is active. This is an excellent spell to use against enemies weak against lightning and will be most effective for dexterity builds looking for extra attack power. Vyke’s Dragonbolt is found late in the game, in the Mountaintop of the Giants region, after defeating Roundtable Knight Vyke in the Lord Contenders Evergaol.

9 Lightning Strike

Attack Multiple Foes With Lightning

Elden Ring: Best Lightning Spells, Ranked Summoning a bolt of lightning killing enemies

  • Spell Type: Dragon Cult Incantation
  • FP Cost: 19
  • Requires: 28 Faith

Players may easily miss this Dragon Cult Incantation located in the Weeping Peninsula early in the game. Players will find the spell high up in the large crevasse that separates the region, dropped by a Teardrop Scarab. There are several bats protecting the area.


8 Most Overpowered Incantations In Elden Ring

Elden Ring’s faith-based spells, Incantations, have a few overpowered moves among their ranks. Here are the Incantations that trivialize the game.

This simple spell can be an excellent choice for early-game faith-builds, as it can take down multiple foes at once. The player summons a bolt of lightning that spreads across the ground. While the range isn’t large, using this when outnumbered can give players a big advantage. Using Lightning Strike in water will also create an additional AOE effect, dealing even more damage to nearby enemies.

8 Death Lightning

Summon Clouds of Death Blight

Elden Ring: Best Lightning Spells, Ranked Summoning a bolt of lightning killing enemies

  • Spell Type: Dragon Cult Incantation
  • FP Cost: 28
  • Requires: 47 Faith

Death Lightning is one of the most impressive-looking spells in the game, but will rarely be chosen over more effective spells in the category. Players will need to complete Fia’s questline first. After defeating the Lichdragon Fortissax and gaining the Remembrance of the Lichdragon, players can choose between this or Fortissax’s Lightning Spear.

Death Lightning summons multiple pillars of black and yellow lightning that strike the ground, creating clouds of death blight. While this is effective when surrounded by enemies, the secondary attack is useless throughout Elden Ring, as only other Tarnished are affected by death blight. The spell is more useful in PvP matches, but successfully casting Death Lightning against other players is difficult before getting hit.

7 Honed Bolt

Strike Down Enemies With A Single Bolt Of Lightning

Elden Ring: Best Lightning Spells, Ranked Summoning a large bolt of lightning in a forest

  • Spell Type: Dragon Cult Incantation
  • FP Cost: 12
  • Requires: 24 Faith

With its low FP cost, Honed Bolt is a useful weapon against single attacking enemies. The spell has a longer cast time than Lightning Spear but can be repeatedly cast, making it more and more dangerous. Players summon a lightning bolt onto a locked-on enemy, which, if in water, will create an additional AOE attack.

To get this spell, players should first find the Dragon Cult Prayerbook, dropped by a Leyndell Knight in Liurnia of the Lakes region. After acquiring this item, players can purchase the spell from Brother Corhyn or Miriel, Pastor of Vows.

6 Frozen Lightning Spear

Cover the Ground In Powerful Ice Lightning

Elden Ring: Best Lightning Spells, Ranked Spreading icy lightning towards an enemy

  • Spell Type: Dragon Cult Incantation
  • FP Cost: 29
  • Requires: 34 Faith

This powerful Dragon Cult spell can be found early in the game, in one of the underground regions of Elden Ring. This early-game spell can deal high amounts of damage and looks cool doing it. The player summons spears of icy blue lightning that strike enemies in front of the player. However, the main attack of this incantation is delayed and has a medium or close range. This means players will need good timing to use this spell effectively.


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When cast correctly, Frozen Lightning Spear can damage many enemies at once, making it effective when outnumbered. Against large bosses, the spell can hit multiple times at once and inflict frost build-up. Frozen Lightning Spear is acquired after defeating the Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella, in one of the best boss arenas in the game.

5 Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Spear

Wield the Secret Magic Of the Ancient Dragon Cult

Elden Ring: Best Lightning Spells, Ranked Summoning a large lightning spear towards enemies

  • Spell Type: Dragon Cult Incantation
  • FP Cost: 25
  • Requires: 32 Faith

With the Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Spear, players can fight with one of the secret incantations used by the Dragon Cults of ancient times. With this powerful spell, the player rises and stabs enemies with a spear of red lightning that spreads across the ground. The spell is effective at close range and is an excellent weapon for many boss battles; however, most players will choose stronger incantations over this.

Players can purchase the Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Spear from either Brother Corhyn or Miriel, Pastor of Vows. The spell unlocks after finding the Ancient Dragon Prayerbook. While this is a strong spell, it is outperformed by the more powerful Fortissax’s Lightning Spear incantation.

4 Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike

Pillars of Red Lightning Rain Down On Enemies

Elden Ring: Best Lightning Spells, Ranked Summon pillars of red lightning in Elden Ring

  • Spell Type: Dragon Cult Incantation
  • FP Cost: 36
  • Requires: 26 Faith

In the lore of Elden Ring, the Ancient Dragons were worshiped by the people of Leyndell. This alliance would bring powerful incantations to the world, spells that would use the Dragon’s power over lightning. This ancient past can still be seen in the game, through the many items, structures, and remains found around Elden Ring.

The Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike is one of these spells, left over from the time of dragons. With this powerful spell, players summon multiple pillars of red lightning that strike enemies from above. The incantation has a good range and high damage, which is increased when charged. This isn’t a spell to use mid-battle unless timed well. Its longer cast time will mean enemies can get in close, dealing damage. However, when cast correctly, each pillar deals damage, making this very effective against large enemies. Players will need to find the Ancient Dragon’s Prayerbook. The spell can then be purchased from Brother Corhyn or Miriel, Pastor of Vows.

3 Lansseax’s Glaive

Attack With the Power Of Ancient Dragon Lansseax

Elden Ring: Best Lightning Spells, Ranked Throwing waves of red lightning at enemies

  • Spell Type: Dragon Cult Incantation
  • FP Cost: 22
  • Requires: 40 Faith

While this impressive-looking spell is less effective against single enemies, its sweeping wave of red lightning is ideal for crowd control when the player is outnumbered. Lansseax’s Glaive has a relatively low FP cost, but a long cast time, making it an ideal spell for ranged attacks when multiple enemies are approaching.


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This extremely fun-to-use incantation is dropped after defeating Ancient Dragon Lansseax. Players will first encounter the Dragon when entering the Altus Plateau region, after the Rock-Strewn Precipice route. Players can choose to either engage or ignore the boss at this stage. Later in the region, players will be attacked by Lansseax once again. Here they will be able to defeat the boss and claim the spell.

2 Lightning Spear

Quickly Fire Lightning Bolts At Long-Range

Elden Ring: Best Lightning Spells, Ranked Throwing a bolt of lightning at an unsuspecting gargoyle

  • Spell Type: Dragon Cult Incantation
  • FP Cost: 18
  • Requires: 17 Faith

After finding the Dragon Cult Prayerbook, this highly effective spell can be purchased from Brother Corhyn or Miriel, Pastor of Vows. Most faith users will always have Lightning Spear memorized, for its fast cast time, long-range, and reasonable damage.

While there are plenty of spells that inflict greater damage, its quick use means it can be an effective attack over time, chipping away at a boss’s health from range. In addition, its speed means many of the game’s NPC enemies will fail to dodge the attack, meaning each hit will always find its mark. This makes the spell a go-to incantation that many players will consistently use. Charging the lightning Spear also increases its damage and range, and creates a small AOE effect.

1 Fortissax’s Lightning Spear

Summon The Power Of the Lichdragon

Elden Ring: Best Lightning Spells, Ranked Summoning red lightning that spreads across the ground

  • Spell Type: Dragon Cult Incantation
  • FP Cost: 35
  • Requires: 46 Faith

One of the best lightning spells in the game, Fortissax’s Lightning Spear, is a devastating weapon against many of the game’s enemies. This popular incantation is acquired after completing Fia, Deathbed Companion’s questline, defeating Lichdragon Fortissax, and gaining the Remembrance of the Lichdragon.

Casting the spell, the player rises from the ground, summoning two lightning spears that stab enemies from above. Enemies within close range will be hit by the powerful red lightning, dealing high amounts of damage. While the spell is strong up close, the range is limited, making this a better option against single enemies. The incantation perfectly blends high damage and fast casting time with a cool look that is simply fun to use. Fortissax’s Lightning Spear is a useful weapon against the many bosses in the Elden Ring and will take players far into the late game.

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