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Elden Ring allows you to apply a variety of Ashes of War to your armaments, enabling you to create moves and add affinities to your liking. While many of these Ashes of War serve offensive purposes, aiding players in their fights across The Lands Between, some are specifically designed to bolster attack capabilities, such as the Golden Vow, Determination, and notably, the Royal Knight’s Resolve.

Out of all the weapon buffs from Ashes of War, the Royal Knight’s Resolve stands out as the strongest due to its enormous buff. This skill amps up the weapon’s next attack by a whopping 80%, making it the best skill to have for one-shot builds. When activated alongside other buffs like Bloodboil Aromatic, Red-Feathered Branchsword, and so on, weapons boasting high attack ratings like Prelate’s Inferno Crozier and Giant Crusher become capable of defeating nearly any boss with just one strike.

Even if you are not planning to one-shot enemies, the Royal Knight’s Resolve can deal an impressive amount of damage, making the fight a little easier. You are given a 10-second time frame to land the hit before the buff fades away. Here’s how you can find the Ash of War: Royal Knight’s Resolve in Elden Ring.


Elden Ring: 15 Best Ashes Of War, Ranked

Ashes of War provide essential buffs for Elden Ring players, but some are more powerful and more useful than others.

Elden Ring: Royal Knight’s Resolve Location Guide

To acquire the Ash of War: Royal Knight’s Resolve, you must first reach Volcano Manor in Altus Plateau. There are several ways to reach this legacy dungeon, but the easiest is to assist Rya in Liurnia and receive an invitation to Volcano Manor from her. Then, you can enter Altus Plateau and speak to Rya to be teleported to Volcano Manor.

Now, talk to Tanith and become a member to obtain the Drawing Room key. After acquiring the key, proceed to the hallway on the west and open the first door on your right to find a corpse lying on the floor. Strike the wall in front of the corpse to reveal a hidden path with serpent snails and a Bloodhound Knight towards the end. You can run past all of them while sticking to the right wall to discover the Prison Town Church site of grace.

From the Prison Town Church, traverse the town to locate a lift leading to an area with a Black Flame Monk. Continuing past it will bring you to the Temple of Eiglay, where a Godskin Noble boss resides. You must defeat the Godskin Noble to gain access to the rest of the Volcano Manor area, which includes the location of the Royal Knight’s Resolve skill.

Elden Ring - Get to Imp Statue in Volcano Manor

After defeating the Godskin Noble, you can unlock the Temple of Eiglay site of grace. Take the lift to the east and proceed westward. You will need to navigate through pools of lava, an iron maiden, and a few humanoid serpents to reach a large room with many serpents, including a mage-serpent. Upon entering this room, climb the stairs on the left side and head west to find an area sealed by an imp statue. Insert two stonesword keys to dispel the fog wall and gain entry to an area with prison cells suspended from the ceiling.

You must drop down to the floor by jumping from one prison cell to another. After three cells, leap onto a wooden beam and then descend from three more cells. From the last cell, jump onto the broken beam on the left side. You can then safely drop to the floor without sustaining any damage. Now, head northeast to find the room containing the Royal Knight’s Resolve. While here, be careful of the albinaurics hiding in the dark corners.

How to Use Ash of War: Royal Knight’s Resolve

Elden Ring - Royal Knight's Resolve on a claymore

Once you have obtained the Royal Knight’s Resolve, rest at any site of grace to access the Ashes of War option. Select it and choose the armament onto which you want to apply the new skill. Then, choose the Ash of War: Royal Knight’s Resolve and select the affinity of your choice. By default, the Royal Knight’s Resolve comes with the Quality affinity, but feel free to use affinities suited to your build.

Royal Knight’s Resolve consumes 15 FP for casting the buff. You do not need any investment in Mind to use this Ash of War effectively. It provides you with 10 seconds to land the attack, which should be sufficient time against most bosses in Elden Ring. The 80% extra damage from Royal Knight’s Resolve also applies to critical hits. You can utilize the Royal Knight’s Resolve skill just before executing a riposte on an enemy to deal high damage.

Players engaging in PVP should be aware that the Royal Knight’s Resolve deals less damage compared to PVE targets, providing only a 40% damage buff to PVP enemies. Nonetheless, for hard-hitting weapons, a 40% damage buff on the first hit is nothing to be underestimated and worth considering in melee builds.

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